Truck driving can mean long trips and even longer days, and this makes a lot of truckers lonely. What better way to make the trek than with man’s best friend? 

Yes, a lot of truckers have their four-legged companions hit the road with them. According to Factor Finder, 40% of truck drivers travel with their pets. Trucking with a dog make truckers safer and happier drivers. Here are tips to trucking with a dog. 

Qualities for the Perfect Trucker Dog: 

A dog that is no bigger than 50 pounds allows for extra space for food and water bowls.
A short-haired dog leaves less cab clean-up and maintenance.
A lazy breed or old dog that does not require constant exercise. 

Pet Proofing Your Truck:

Train your dog to steer clear of your clutch and brakes.
Create a designated spot for your truck that is safe and comfortable.
Store important items in compartments that are out of your dog’s reach.
Always keep water available for your dog in the truck, especially on hot days. 

Dog Tools to Bring on the Road: 

Keep a leash handy for truck stops along your route.
Make sure to bring enough food and treats to last the duration of your trip.
Keep cleaning supplies and poop bags stocked for any accidents that may happen.
Bring toys and rawhide chews to keep your pup occupied.
Buy a travel crate in case you deliver to a facility that does not allow pets inside.
Pack extra blankets in case of cold temperatures.
Keep a copy of all vaccination and registration papers for your dog with you in your truck. 

Best Breeds for Truckers: 

Labrador Retriever
Miniature Pinscher
Miniature Poodle
Basset Hound
Boston Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier 

Important Info for Truckers: 

Research shows that just 15 minutes spent with your dog can improve your mood.
Dog owners are known to have lower cholestrol and blood pressure.
Dogs are proven to relieve stress.
Owning a dog helps boost immune systems by exposing households (or trucks) to more germs.
Dogs encourage a more active lifestle since they will need daily walks. This is perfect for truck stop exercise. 

Many trucking companies allow drivers to bring pets along in the truck, but always check policies before loading a canine in the truck. Enjoy the journey with your furry co-pilot! 

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