Top Hat Trailers make heavy-duty goosenecks, and they are a great value on the trailer market. The Top Hat Heavy Hauler Gooseneck will bring you long-lasting service on many hauls to come.

Weight Specifics 

The Top Hat Heavy Hauler Gooseneck has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 14,000 pounds. The gross axle weight rating is 7,000 pounds for each axle.

Dexter Axles 

The Heavy Hauler Gooseneck has two 7,000 pound Cambered E-Z Lube Dexter Axles. Dexter Axles is a progressive and trusted leader in the automotive industry. Dexter Axles are designed and crafted to last for years. Since the Heavy Hauler Gooseneck has Dexter Axles, that means it is safe and more durable. It will last you for years to come.

The Heavy Hauler Gooseneck does come with Electric NEV-R-Adjust All Wheel Brakes. The brakes of a trailer require quality and attention. The heavier the loads you haul, the more frequently you will have to perform adjustments on your trailer’s brakes.


The Heavy Hauler Gooseneck comes in a variety of lengths. It comes in 16-foot, 18-foot, 20-foot, 22-foot, and 24-foot. The flatbed is 102 inches wide, and that is standard in the trailer industry.

The floor is 2 inches thick, and it is made of treated pine.

Frame & Neck 

The frame on 16-foot to 20-foot Heavy Hauler Goosenecks are 5 X 3 X ¼. The frame on 22-foot and 24-foot Heavy Hauler Gooseneck are 6 X 4 X 5/16. The neck and risers are 8-inch channels. The uprights are 3 x 2 x 3/16. The top rail is a 3-inch square tube.

Adjustable Couplers 

The Heavy Hauler Gooseneck comes has two 5/16 round adjustable couplers. Adjustable couplers offer a range of height adjustments to assure level operation as your trailer is being pulled by your truck.

Drop Leg Jacks 

The Heavy Hauler Gooseneck has two 10,000 pound drop leg jacks. The jacks have a combination of working gears on them as well as the drop leg feature. The drop leg jacks allow for an easier time and smoother ride when you are shifting gears.

Cross Members 

There are 3-inch formed channel cross members on the Heavy Hauler Gooseneck. The cross members are about 90 inches long, and they are applied to the understructure of the trailer’s frame for support.


The Heavy Hauler is equipped with a slipper spring suspension. The slipper springs act as part of a trailer’s suspension system. The spring flexes to resist shock almost like a cushion. This helps keep your cargo safe and prevents damage.

LED Lighting 

The Heavy Hauler has sealed flush mount LED Lights in the rear tailboard. Your trailer has to have lighting to ensure it is properly lit.

Since the lighting is sealed, it is always protected from the incelement weather. 

Reflective Tape 

The Heavy Hauler already comes with Department of Transportation (DOT) approved reflective tape. This means the reflective tape is legal across the United States and Canada. This will give hotshot truckers peace of mind knowing they do not have to spend extra money on getting DOT approved tape.

Breakaway Kit & Charger 

The Heavy Hauler Gooseneck comes standard with a breakaway kit and charger. The breakaway kit is designed to bring your trailer safely to a stop by activating its electric breaks if it becomes disconnected while being towed. A charger is included so you do not have to worry about the breakaway kit holding a charge.


There are HD Diamond Plate Straight Fenders on the Heavy Hauler Gooseneck. The diamond plate fenders give the trailer a sleek look while still getting years of use.

Valspar Paint

Each Top Hat Heavy Hauler Gooseneck is painted with Valspar paint. Valspar is a quality paint brand. The Heavy Hauler comes in standard red, black, storm gray pearl metallic, and Arizona beige pearl. There are other optional colors, but that is considered an upgrade.

Two 5/16 Round Adjustable Coupler 
10,000 pound Drop Leg Jack
Dexter Cambered E-Z Lube Axles 
Electric NEV-R-Adjust Brakes (All Wheel) 
Breakaway Unit with Charger 
HD Diamond Plate Straight Fenders 
2-inch (Thick) Treated Pine 
Slipper Spring Suspension 
DOT Reflective Tape 
Sealed Flush Mount LED Lights in Rear Tailboard 
Frame on 16 foot – 20 foot: 5 X 3 X 1/4 
Frame on 22 foot – 24 foot: 6 X 4 X 5/16 
Toprail: 3-inch Square Tube 
Crossmembers: 3-inch Formed Channel 
Neck & Risers: 8-inch Channel 
Uprights 3 X 2 X 3/16 
Two 7,000 pound Dexter Axles 
ST235 / 80 R / 16 Load Range E Tires 
GAWR: 7,000 pounds 
GVWR: 14,000 pounds 
Valspar Paint 
Color Options: Standard Red, Black, Storm Gray Pearl Metallic, Indigo Blue Metallic, & Arizona Beige Pearl 

4-Foot Slide-N-Ramps 
5-Foot Slide-N-Ramps 
6-Foot Slide-N-Ramps 
4-Foot Fold Up Channel Ramps 
5-Foot Fold Up Channel Ramps 
6-Foot Fold Up Channel Ramps 
Spring Assist on Fold Up Ramps 
6,000 pound Axles 
Monorail Option 
Spare Tire 
Additional Color Options

Factory Outlet & Distributors 

Top Hat Trailers are manufactured in Naples, Texas. You can buy them at their factory outlet in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Top Hat Trailers has W-W Cattle, Horse, & Cargo Trailers and Titan Trailers as distributors. 

Editor’s Rating: 7/10

The Top Hat Heavy Hauler Gooseneck trailer is a great trailer, but there are a lot of features that should be included in the trailer. Features like ramps, a dovetail, and a torque tube are all upgrades, and they will cost you extra money.

With that being said, the Top Hat Heavy Hauler Gooseneck would be a great trailer for any hotshot trucker. You can also get one at an affordable price.

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Let us know what you think about the Top Hat Heavy Hauler Gooseneck trailer. 

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