Are you looking for a flatbed with dovetail? With numerous options available in the market, choosing the right one can be tough. We have rounded up 6 of the top dovetail hotshot trailers to help you make the right choice.

6. Top Hat GOOOSENECK 159

Top Hat is also one of the brands that make some of the best dovetails in the market. With 36-inch deck height, their Gooseneck 159 features a dovetail that is equipped with fold-over-spring assist ramps if you are getting +5 models. For the mainframe and neck, it utilizes a 12-inch I-beam which is considered a tougher option compared to a C-channel. And just like all the other dovetails in this list, it is fitted with Dexter brand axles, in particular, two 7K Dexter E-Z lube axles. Dexter is the top choice by most manufacturers because of its durability as well as the quality of ride it produces.  

Some of the standout equipment of this dovetail includes two electric Nev-R-Adjust brakes for safety, sealed flush mount LED lights and DOT-compliant reflective tape.

  Big side steps with grab handles facilitate easy access to the utility area.
  With two 10K drop-leg jacks for added stability

  Spare tire is not included in the standard equipment
  Anti-flex torx tube only available on 32′ and longer models
  Available only from dealerships which oftentimes charge a big markup

Key Features:
  Standard Equipment
  Coupler: 2 5/16 round adjustable couplers
  Break Away Unit w/Charger
  2-inch treated pine for flooring
  Spare tire rack
  Lockable Toolbox Between Risers
  3-inch formed channel crossmembers, 24-inch on center thru frame
  Side rails with stake pockets and rubrail


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5. PJ Trailers Low-Pro with Hydraulic Dove (LY)

This low-profile gooseneck comes with a 10-foot hydraulic dovetail with hauling capacity of 4K lbs and lift capacity of 10K lbs from the center forward. The long dovetail allows for easier and more gradual climb up and down the trailer. Moreover, just like other PJ Trailers flatbeds, it uses Ball Bulldog coupler with 25,000 lbs capacity. This brand makes some of the toughest couplers in the market. On top of that, its mainframe, riser and neck are made from super duty 12-inch  I-beam.

As standard features, the Low-Pro with Hydraulic Dove is fitted with DOT reflective tape and flush-mount LED lights, lockable front toolbox for storage space, electric breakaway kit with charger for safety and two drop-leg jack with a capacity of 10,000 lbs for added stability during loading and unloading while the trailer is detached from the vehicle.

  With 5-year Dexter axle warranty. Dexter is one of the best brands available.
  Sand-blasted, acid-washed and powder-coated finish for a longlasting effect
  Uses 3” channel crossmembers on 16” center that gives the deck added strength

  Available only from dealerships which oftentimes charge a big markup

Key Features:
  GVWR: 25,000 lbs.
  Safety chains
  Two (2) Dexter oil bath brake axles
  Self contained hydraulic unit
  Rubrail and stake pockets to secure cargo
  2” Treated pine lumber deck for flooring which has excellent traction
  All-weather 7-way RV
  14-inch I-beam neckher wiring harness to protect the wires from the elements


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4. Big Tex 25GN-Heavy Duty Tandem 

As one of the big names in the industry, Big Tex did not fail to impress with its hydraulic dovetail 25GN-HDTS. It has a 9-foot hydraulic dovetail with 6″ channel side rails and wood between channels. This dovetail has a lifting capacity of about 8,000 lbs and a carrying capacity of approx 4,000 lbs.

Equipped with 12K heavy duty axles and Dexter brand 30K lbs adjustable suspension, it runs smoothly on the road. It also uses a 12-inch I-beam for its mainframe and neck which is considered more durable than a C-channel frame. Other standard features include DOT LED lights for optimum and longer-lasting lighting, adjustable dual jacks to keep the trailer stable when not hooked, and a torque tube to reduce flexing and swaying when hauling.

  Grommet-mount sealed lighting. Wirings are protected to make them last longer.
  Spare tire and wheel as standard equipment

  Decorative and protective finish is not as long lasting as a powder coat
 No powder coat finish – powder coat has long lasting effect than regular paint.
  Available only from dealerships which usually charge high markups

Key Features:
  GVWR: 25,900 lbs.
  Oil bath hubs to keep the bearings completely lubricated
  Lockable toolbox to protect the battery and pump from theft and damage
  Radial tires which are fuel efficient and result in a softer ride
  Complete breakaway system with charger
  3″ Channel crossmembers
  2″ Treated Pine or Douglas Fir for flooring
  8″ Channel with rub rail, tie down pockets and chain spools for securing the cargo
  Safety chain
  Two side steps and handles


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3. Load Trail GL22 – Gooseneck Low-Pro

If you are looking for a low-profile dovetail, the GL22 trailers from Load Trail are also worth considering. The most basic unit of this model boasts of having a 9-foot hydraulic dovetail. It also comes equipped with two 10K Dexter spring electric brake axles for safety and two 10K drop leg spring return jack for added stability during loading and unloading when the trailer is detached from the vehicle. Its neck and tongue are constructed from a 12-inch I-beam which is generally more superior compared to a regular C-channel.

Moreover, the GL22 trailers also come with several other notable features as part of the standard fittings. For one, it has DOT-approved stop, tail, turn and clearance LED lights. It also has treated wood for flooring which offers good traction. This helps keep the cargo stay in place during trips.

  Polyester TGIC Gloss Powder Topcoat for a longer lasting finish
  Uses 3-inch channel crossmembers with 16” at the center which makes the frame stronger

  Small side steps which makes it difficult to acess the bed.

Key Features:
  GVWR: 22,000 lbs.
  Two (2) 5/16″ 25K Adjustable round couplers
  Double-acting hydraulic power unit
  Safety chains
  Multi-leaf slipper spring (HDSS) suspension
  16-inch radial tires with spare
  Front toolbox
  16 Ga. 5-way Double insulated wire harness with 7-way plug


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2. Kaufman Hydraulic Tilt Flatbed Trailer

Kaufman Trailer’s hydraulic dovetail boasts of a fully tilting deck, allowing you to load heavy equipment without ramps. The bed is lifted and lowered by self-contained hydraulic pump dual cylinders that easily move with a push of a button. The dovetail is 2.5 ft. long with wedge shaped lay-flat ramps. When laid over, the ramps extend the length of the bed to a full 30 feet.  All of these are supported by a 12-inch pierced I-beam frame with 3-inch channel crossmembers, 15 inches on center. The deck height is about 36 inches with side steps as a standard equipment.

This dovetail also comes with a range of other standard features including electric brake on all wheels for safety, 16-inch radial tires for smoother ride and 2-inch treated wood for flooring which has excellent traction.

  Has ssealed modular harness to protect wires from the elements
  Tilting bed allows for convenient loading and unloading without ramps

  Comes with a single 12,000-lb drop foot jack. Dual jacks are optional.
  Automotive grade enamel finish. This is not as durable and longer lasting than powder coat.

Key Features:
  GVWR: 25,000 lbs.
  6-inch channel side rail
  3x8 heavy wall tubing tongue
  Pintle eye adjustable coupler
  Safety chains
  Stake pockets and rubrail
  Two 10,000-lb oil bath axles
  Slipper springs suspension

Editor’s Rating: 9/10

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1. Gatormade Gooseneck Trailer with Hydraulic Dovetail

As one of the industry leaders, Gatormade also has its own version of super duty dovetail trailer. This trailer is fitted with a 10-foot hydraulic dovetail that lifts and lowers with a push of a button. What’s more is that it uses a 14-inch 30K rated I-beam for its main frame and neck. This material has exceptional durability and strength compared to other materials. To add to its stability, it was designed with a 35-inch low profile pierced frame deck height. Moreover, two 25K heavy duty dual speed spring loaded jacks support the trailer if not attached to a vehicle.

  Extra durable I-beam for mainframe and neck
  With aerodynamic headboard to protect your load
  With anti-flex system that includes a 6-inch torque tube
  Bracing under the trailer bed for added strength

 One Factory Location. Depending on where you are located, you might have to drive a long distance to the factory (located in Somerset, Kentucky), or one of their factory-direct pickup locations.
Servicing is Only Done at the Gatormade Factory. If you need to have your trailer serviced or repaired, you can only do it at the factory. 

Key Features:
  GVWR: You can choose your GVWR
  Front mounted big steps with handles for easy access to the utility area
  Two 10K drum Dexter axles which are considered one of the best brands in the industry
  HDSS Suspension
  DOT- approved LED lights
  Light bar on top of the neck
  2x8 wood for flooring. The wood is pressure-treated for extra durability
  Locking chain box on front
  Standard equipment also includes mud flaps, ratchet rail, winch plate, spare tire and fire extinguisher
  16-inch 10-ply radial tires for a smoother ride
  Weather-resistant preformed wire harness
  DOT-approved safety breakaway kit which is legal in the US and Canada
  Stake pocket and rub rail

Editor’s Rating: 9.5/10

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Editor’s Pick

GATORMADE Gooseneck Trailer with Hydraulic Dovetail

You’ll never go wrong with this hydraulic dovetail trailer from Gatormade. It comes equipped with the following features that make it stand out:

  • Reliable anti-flex system which helps reduce sway and flex. This feature also extends the life of the trailer.
  • Weather-resistant wire harness
  • Two 25K dual speed spring-loaded jacks. Other trailers of the same size have single jacks.
  • Big steps and handles and in strategic locations to facilitate easy access to the bed
  • With DOT approved lights and safety breakaway kit
  • 10-foot hydraulic dovetail is well-designed. It does not cause drag and easily lowers and lifts.

If you are looking for a dovetail with super-duty frame and neck, reliable anti-flex and safety features, this flatbed is worth checking.