A tilt-bed flatbed can be a great addition to your fleet as it allows for easier and more convenient loading and unloading of any kind of cargo. We have rounded up five of the best tilt beds in the market to help you pick the right one for your needs.

5. Kaufman 25000 GVWR Flatbed Tilt Gooseneck Trailer

The 25000 GVWR Flatbed Tilt Gooseneck Trailer is a heavy-duty deluxe flatbed with a one-piece fully tilting deck, eliminating the need for ramps when moving your cargo. It works using a self-contained hydraulic pump with dual 3-inch cylinders that lift and lower the bed without exerting much effort on your part. It is also fitted with 2.5-foot wedge-shaped ramps that when laid over extend the length of the bed to a full 30 feet with a maximum width of 102 inches. With this length, it is ideal for hauling poles and other long cargos as well as equipment.The wiring in this deluxe gooseneck is a sealed modular harness with lifetime LED lights.

  High GVWR which gives you more allowance to load heavy equipment and cargo
  Electric brakes on all wheels, offering optimum safety on the road
  Two 12K drop foot jacks, offering stability when the trailer is not attached to a vehicle
  Slipper suspension springs that allow for a smoother ride

  Coated with automotive grade enamel which is is not as durable and long-lasting as powder coat

Key Features:
  GVWR: 25,000 lbs
  12-inch pierced I-beam with 3-inch channel crossmember frame. I-beams are generally more durable than C-channels
  Toolbox for storage
  10K dual wheel electric brake axles for safety
  Radial tires. These tires are more fuel efficient and yield a smoother ride than non-radials
  Stake pockets with rub rail to secure your load
  Two 5/16″ gooseneck couplers that are easily adjustable
  2-inch thick treated wood for flooring. A wooden floor has good traction which helps keep the load stay in place


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4. Big Tex Tandem Axle Car Hauler Tilt Trailer

This is the only bumper pull tilt-bed trailer on this list. The 70CT Tandem Axle Car Hauler Tilt Trailer from Big Tex will make your loading and unloading more convenient and reliable. It is ideal for loading UTVs, ATVs cars and small trucks. The standard features of this flatbed include two 3,500-lb Dexter EZ Lube axles with one electric brake. You can never go wrong with a Dexter brand as it is superior in quality. EZ Lube hubs are also easy to maintain. You can safely attach it to your vehicle with a forged 7,000 lb coupler which is built for durability and secure connection. Moreover, it comes with a LED lighting package which produces better illumination than regular bulbs.

  Forged 7K lbs coupler which is a highly durable coupler built for a secure connection
  Nev-R-Adjust electric brakes which automatically adjust to proper clearance during trips to ensure your safety
  DOT approved LED lights for stop, tail, turns and clearance which are brighter and last longer

  Decorative and protective finish. This is not as durable as a powder coat finish
  Low GVWR which means you will not be able to haul heavier cargo and equipment
  Available only from dealerships which charge high markups

Key Features:
  GVWR: 7,000 lbs
  Two 3,500 EZ Lube axles. EZ lube hubs are easy to maintain with no disassembly required.
  Dexter axles outperforms other brands for strength
  One 2K bolted on jack
  2-inch thick treated pine or douglas fir for flooring
  5″ x 3″ x 5/16″ angle frame
  9″ x 72″ bolted on tear drop fenders
  Multi leaf spring suspension with equalizer
  3″ x 2″ x 3/16″ angle crossmembers
  Tie down pockets along the sides and front to keep your cargo in place


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3. PJ Trailers 6″ Channel Equipment Tilt

PJ Trailers’ 6″ Channel Equipment Tilt is a much smaller trailer compared to Kaufman’s and even Gatormade’s, but boasts of many durable fittings. It has a 17’ 2” long and 74″ wide deck with an 11-degree tilt pitch. It uses two 7,000-lb Dexter E-Z lube brake axles, considered one of the best brands in the industry. On top of that, you’ll also get a 10-year Dexter torflex axle warranty. All its lights are DOT-approved flush-mount lifetime LEDs which are top of the line for quality and brightness.

  Reliable safety features which include an electric breakaway kit with charger and safety chains
  Sandblasted, acid washed and powder coated for a long-lasting effect
  With Torsion suspension axles, known to increase rigidity and reduce flex

  One-drop leg jack. Dual jacks provide better stability.
  Available only from dealerships which oftentimes charge a big markup

Key Features:
  GVWR: 14,000 lbs
  2-inch thick treated pine deck floor which has good traction to help your cargo stay in place
  Two adjustable 5/16” Bulldog couplers, considered the toughest coupler in the market
  Stake pockets and rub rail to secure the cargo
  6″ channel frame and tongue
  3″ channel crossmembers and 16″ on center for increased deck strength


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2. Loadtrail Tilt-N-Go Gooseneck 

Load Trail is one of the fastest growing trailer brands which produces one of the top tilt-bed trailers in the market, the Tilt-N-Go Gooseneck. It uses an 8″ I-beam for the frame and 10″ I-beam for the neck. I-beam is far stronger than the regular C-channel. The deck has a stationary part which is 8 feet long. You can choose the length of your deck from 20 to 26 feet. To keep this trailer more stable on the road with less flexing, it uses torsion axle suspension, unlike many that use coil.

  Has a solar panel charger which is an energy efficient feature
  Two 7K lb Cambered Dexter Torsion axles. Dexter is one of the best brands of axle in the market.
  Two 10K-lb drop leg spring return jacks keep the trailer stable when it is not attached to a vehicle

  Available only on dealerships with high markups
  Not powder coated to give long-lasting effect

Key Features:
  GVWR: 14,000 lbs
  Two electric Nev-R-Adjust brakes as a safety feature
  3″ channel crossmembers with 16″ on center, which makes the frame stronger
  3″ standard D-rings to secure the cargo
  Gloss powder topcoat for a durable finish
  Treated wood floor with good traction
  DOT-approved LED lights
   Front toolbox for storage


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1. Gatormade Tilt-Bed Gooseneck

This tilt-bed gooseneck from Gatormade is one of the super duty models available in the market. It comes with a 19’ 10” tilt deck which makes loading and unloading of vehicles and equipment more convenient. This tilt deck has an auto-dual latching system with dual cylinder and safety lock. It doesn’t require much effort to pitch or level the deck. It was also designed with an aerodynamic nose plate which helps reduce load-specific fuel consumption. On top of these two great features, this gooseneck is fitted with Gatormade’s signature anti-flex system which offers optimum sway prevention. This flatbed also features electric brakes on all wheels and complete safety breakaway kit which you’ll need for optimum safety.

  Heavy-duty powder coat finish which is considered to be more durable and longer-lasting than wet paint
  All LED lights which are brighter and they also last longer than regular lighting
  Gatormade anti flex system which reduces swaying and helps you avoid fishtailing
  Two 12k spring-loaded jacks which are more reliable than a single jack in keeping the trailer stable while not attached to a vehicle

  One factory location located in Somerset, Kentucky. Depending on where you are, you might have to drive a long distance to their factory
  Servicing is only done at the Gatormade factory

Key Features:
   GVWR: You can choose your GVWR
   Deck has two parts: 4-ft stationary area behind the neck and 16-ft tilt bed for easy loading and unloading
   12” I-beam neck. I-beam necks are stronger than C-channel necks
   Two 7K lb Dexter axles. Dexter brand is one of the best available
   16” radial tires. Radial tires offer fuel efficiency, a softer ride and they also last longer than non-radial tires.
   Safety steps on each side of the bed. They let you easily climb up and down the trailer
   Lockable steel toolbox
   Work light bar. This is very useful if you are loading or unloading during nighttime
   Rub rail with stake pockets for securing the cargo


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Editor’s Pick


This flatbed stands out among the rest of the heavy-duty tilt bed trailers in the market for the following top of the line features:

  • Powder-coat finish is longer-lasting than regular paint
  • Gatormade anti-flex system works like no other when it comes to preventing sway
  • LED light bar, spare tire and fire extinguisher included as standard equipment
  • 12” I-beam neck which is stronger than C-channel necks
  • Two spring-loaded jacks keeps the trailer stable while not attached to a vehicle

Gatormade produces some of the best hotshot trailers in the market and this flatbed is no exception. It does give you more value for your money.