Bumper pull trailers offer a number of advantages especially if you are new to trailering. Typically, these trailers are smaller than goosenecks, are less intimidating and usually cost less than the latter. Also, you don’t need a pick-up to tow a bumper pull. Depending on the design, you may tow a bumper pull using an SUV or CUV among others.

If you are looking for the best bumper pull in the market, we already did the research for you. Hence, we came up with this list of top 10 super duty bumper pulls.

10. Kaufman Trailers Deluxe Wood Floor Tilt Equipment Trailer

If you are one who considers having a tilt deck, this bumper pull from Kaufman Trailers is worth checking. It is fully equipped with heavy-duty features including a 22-ft deck with 14-ft 6-inch tilt deck that you can easily operate with a hydraulic cylinder. It also runs on a heavy duty slipper spring suspension, 7k-pound 8-lug axles and 16-inch radial tires for smooth performance.

On top of the already tough main features on this tilt equipment, it also comes with a toolbox with lockable lid for storage, rub rail on the stake pockets to secure your load, full reflective tape, and a sealed modular wiring harness with LED lights for visibility.

  Low deck height contributes to added stability of this trailer
  Tilt deck makes loading and unloading easy and convenient

  Crossmember measures 17-inch on centers. Many trailers use a tighter 16-inch spacing for added deck strength
  Automotive grade enamel finish. This is not as durable and longer lasting than powder coat

Key Features:
  GVWR: 15,000 lbs
  Frame: 6-inch channel, with 3-inch channel cross members on 17-inch centers
  Floor: 2-inch treated wood floor
  Jack: Single 12k drop foot jack
  Finish: Automotive-grade enamel, pinstriped
  Deck: 22 ft. (8 ft. + 14 ft. 6 in. tilt deck with hydraulic cylinder);
26-inch height and 82 inches wide in between fenders
  Electric brakes on all wheels
  Axles: Two 7,000-lb e-z lube axles

Editor’s Rating: 7.2/10

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9. Load Trail CH16 – Carhauler 16,000 Lb w/6″ Channel Frame

The CH16 Carhauler from Load Trail is more than just for hauling vehicles. With its great design, you could also use it for loading other types of equipment and cargo. It comes with 5-ft slide-in ramps for easy loading and unloading. This bumper pull uses wooden floor with good traction and is fitted with 3-inch standard D-rings to help secure your load during trips.

When it comes to providing a smooth ride, this flatbed also got you covered. It comes with two 8,000-lb cambered Dexter spring axles and is geared with a multi-leaf slipper spring suspension that offers a better quality ride. Two electric Nev-R-Adjust brakes are also installed for safety.

  The frame is extra tough as it uses 3-inch channel 16 inches on center crossmember
  Uses Dexter-brand axles known for their durability and smooth riding performance

  Uses a channel frame that is not as strong as I-beam

Key Features
  GVWR: 16,000 lbs
  Frame: 6″ Channel frame, tongue and neck
  Floor: Treated wood floor
  Jack: Single 10k drop leg spring return
  Finish: Polyester TGIC gloss powder topcoat
  Deck: Available in 16- to 40-foot deck lengths
  Coupler: adjustable 2 5/16″, allowing level towing with different vehicles
  215/75 R17.5 LRH tires
  16-Ga. 5-way double insulated harness with 7-way plug wire harness
  Removable diamond plate fenders


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8. PJ Trailers 10″ Pro-Beam Super-Wide Equip (H7)

This bumper pull is perhaps one of the widest hotshot flatbeds in this list, measuring about 102 inches. It also has a low center with a deck height of approximately 28 inches. A low center of gravity can add stability to the trailer.

Moreover, it comes with several other strong features including the use two 10k Dexter Oil bath axles, reputed to be one of the best in the industry. To ensure your safety in case the trailer separates from the towing vehicle, you can rely on its complete electric breakaway kit with charger. The standard equipment of this bumper pull trailer includes DOT-approved flush-mount lifetime LED lights, weather resistant 7-way RV wiring harness, and rubrail with stake pockets for securing the cargo. Its 5-inch channel ramps with holder come in handy during loading and unloading.

  Wide deck allows you to haul wider equipment that will not otherwise fit in many bumper pull trailers
  5-year Dexter axle warranty. This is one of the best deals you can get.
  Uses an I-beam frame which is considered stronger than C-channel

  Uses torsion suspension which may produce smoother rides but are generally not repairable and are expensive to replace than spring suspensions
  Available only from dealerships which oftentimes charge a big markup

Key Features:
  GVWR: 20,000 lbs
  Frame: 10” x 19-lb I-Beam main frame and tongue
  Floor: Treated Southern Yellow Pine deck
  Jack: Single 10k drop leg jack and dual bulldog rear support jacks
  Finish: Sand blasted, acid washed and powder coated
  Deck: 102-inch wide deck
  Coupler: 3-inch Pintle Eye Face Mount Coupler


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7. Big Tex Trailers 10OA Pro Series Bumperpull Trailer

The 10OA Pro Series might have a low GVWR rate of less than 10K but it’s a good choice if you are looking for a smaller bumper pull. It is ideal for hauling pallets as well as other medium-weight equipment. Its features include an I-beam frame and 102-inch wide and low profile bed and integral tongue, a combination that guarantees extra strength and durability.

With your comfort and safety in mind, this bumper pull also comes equipped with features such as two 5,200 EZ lubes with electric brake axles, multi-leaf spring suspension with equalizer, and R-15 Load Range D tires. Standard equipment includes stake pockets and rubrail on both sides as well as front and rear side rails to help keep the cargo in place, DOT-approved LED lights, and a 7-way RV electric plug.

  Uses multi-leaf spring suspension with equalizer for smoother ride
  I-beam frame is extra durable

 No powder coat finish. Powder coat has long lasting effect than regular paint.
  Available only from dealerships which usually charge high markups

Key Features:
  GVWR: 9,990 lbs
  Frame: 8-inch I-Beam
  Floor: 2-inch treated pine or Douglas fir
  Jack: Single 8k drop leg jack
  Finish: Decorative and protective finish
  Deck: 102-inch low-profile bed
  Coupler: Adjustable forged 2-5/16-inch which allows for multiple mounting positions on a variety of vehicles


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6. Top Hat Trailers TILT DECK SHOCK 14K

Top Hat is another brand known for their heavy duty bumper pulls. One of their most popular hotshot trailers is the Tilt Deck Shock 14K which comes with a range of great features. For one, it has a durable 6-inch channel tongue and frame, with the deck frame reinforced by a 3-inch channel 16-inch on center crossmembers. If you are a dovetail fan, yes, it comes fitted with an inverted dovetail that allows for easy loading and unloading.

Safety wise, this tilt deck bumper pull also boasts of having electric brakes on all wheels as well as a reliable breakaway unit with charger. Other features that come standard include sealed flush-mount LED lights which offer better illumination than regular bulbs, cushion shock absorber with control valve for quality travel experience, a spare tire rack, and stake pockets for securing your load.

  Tilt deck allows for quicker and more convenient loading and unloading
  Fitted with two 7000-lb Dexter axles that produces smoother performance

  D-rings for securing the cargo are not part of standard equipment
  No powder coat finish
  Channel frame is not as strong as I-beam
  Available only from dealerships which oftentimes charge a big markup

Key Features:
  GVWR: 14,000 lbs
  Frame: 6-inch channel
  Floor: 2-inch treated pine floor
  Jack: Single 10k drop leg jack
  Finish: Valspar paint
  Deck: For 20-ft trailer – 2-ft stationary at front, for 22-24-ft trailer – 4-ft stationary at front
  Coupler: adjustable 2 5/16″ with 5 positions; allows for level towing on a variety of vehicles


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5. Gatormade Tilt Bed 16k Aardvark

This tough bumper pull is designed for hauling equipment that are difficult to load with a standard ramp, allowing you to load and unload equipment much quicker and easier. One of its notable features is its dual cylinder tilt bed with an auto-latch mechanism for easy access. And just like all of Gatormade’s trailers, it is fitted with Dexter brake axles, known for their durability. For your safety on the road, you can rely on its complete safety breakaway kit and electric brakes on all wheels.

As for standard equipment, you’ll never go wrong with what this super-duty bumper pull has. It is fitted with grommet-mounted sealed LED lights as well as two work lights on the headboard which comes in handy if you are working with loading or unloading at night. It also has reflective marker tape for added visibility and side stake pockets with rub rail for strapping and securing the load.

  Spare tire as standard equipment
  Tilt deck allows for easy loading and unloading
  Comes with a mega toolbox for storage
  With big safety steps and handle on the side

  C channel frame is not as strong as I-beam
Servicing is Only Done at the Gatormade Factory. If you need to have your trailer serviced or repaired, you can only do it at the factory. 

Key Features:
  GVWR: 16,000 lbs
  Frame: 10-inch C-channel frame aardvark neck style, 6x2-inch square tube main frame design
  Floor: Treated wood floor – screwed down boards
  Jack: Two 12k stationary spring-loading jacks for stability
  Finish: Heavy-duty black powder coat paint
  Deck: 4-ft stationary plus 16-ft tilt bed
  Coupler: 2 5/16” heavy duty adjustable/interchangeable
  16-inch radial tires for smoother and long-lasting performance

Editor’s Rating: 8.5/10

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4. Kaufman Trailers 62000 GVWR Heavy Equipment Flatbed Trailer

If you are looking for a bumper pull that can accommodate very heavy equipment, this flatbed from Kaufman Trailers is a good choice. This bumper pull has a GVWR of 62,000 lbs, measuring 30 feet in length and 102 inches wide with a deck height of above 35 inches to accommodate different types of heavy equipment and cargo. Also, it has a high tensile main beam with pierced crossmember construction for extra durability. It’s worth mentioning that it is fitted with oil-bath axles and rides with spring brakes on all axles as a safety feature.

There’s even more to this Kaufman bumper pull. It also uses an all-weather modular wiring harness, a lockable tray for safekeeping your tools, long-life Hutchens slipper suspension and D-rings for securing your cargo. Not to mention that it also comes with wood-lined swing-up spring-assist ramps to let you conveniently load and unload.

  High GVWR allowing you to load extra heavy equipment and cargo
  With dual jacks for stability when not attached to a towing vehicle
  Pierced I-beam frame is extra strong and durable

  Heavy ramps which could cause drag on the trailer
  Automotive grade enamel finish. This is not as durable and longer lasting than powder coat.

Key Features:
  GVWR: 62,000 lbs
  Frame: 14-inch pierced I-beam frame, with 4-inch channel crossmembers, 16-inch on center
  Floor: Oak floor
  Jack: Two 25,000 lbs dual speed
  Finish: Primed, two coats of automotive-grade enamel
  Deck: 30 ft. (25 ft. flat + 5 ft. dove).
  Coupler: 72 x 28” Heavy duty wood lined, swing-up with spring assist
  DOT-approved lightings, connectors and sealed wiring harness

Editor’s Rating: 8.7/10

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3. Texas Pride Trailers Bumper Pull Lowboy Equipment Trailer 30,000 lb GVWR

Texas Pride Trailers also has their own super duty bumper pull. The Bumper Pull Lowboy Equipment Trailer boasts of a heavy duty slipper suspension which is easy to maintain and produces a smoother ride than other types of suspension. Moreover, it has a complete package of security equipment which includes the required break-away kit, reflective tape and LED lightings. For securing the equipment, it also has stake pockets with rubrail.

It is worth mentioning that this flatbed comes with a US-made sealed modular wiring harness. Its 5-foot long (fold-up or slide-in, your choice) loading ramps and 4-foot tread plate dovetail allow for easier loading and unloading.

  High GVWR which allows you to load heavier equipment and cargo
  Wooden floor is pressure-treated which makes it extra durable
  Comes with  dovetail and ramps
  Low-profile deck makes this flatbed more stable

  The 10-inch channel frame and tongue is not as durable as an I-beam
  No powder coat finish which is more durable than regular paint
  Small side steps
Automotive grade acrylic enamel finish. This kind of finish does not last longer as powder-coat finish.

Key Features:
  GVWR: 30,000 lbs
  Frame: 10″ channel
  Floor: 2-inch pressure treated pine
  Jack: Single 12k-lb spring loaded drop leg jack
  Finish: 2 coats of automotive-grade acrylic enamel
  Deck: 20- to 40-foot deck length, 102 inches wide outside of fenders, with an approximate height of 24 to 29 inches
  Coupler: 4-hole adjustable height, 2 5/16″ pintle ring
  Axles: Triple 9,000-lb Direct Lube 8 lug and electric brakes on all axles

Editor’s Rating: 9/10

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2. PJ Trailers Deckover Tilt (T8)

Looking at this bumper pull, one of the first things you’ll appreciate is its 22-ft tiltable deck with a 15-degree tilt pitch. It is powered by a self-contained hydraulic unit and comes with a 2-button wired remote for simpler tilt operation. The tilt is a great feature as it makes loading and unloading quicker and more convenient. It also uses a 6-leaf slipper spring suspension that does an excellent job in absorbing shock. As part of its safety feature, it is equipped with an electric breakaway kit with charger.

Aside from the standout key features of this trailer, it also has many other reliable fittings including rubrail and stake pockets to secure the cargo, DOT reflective tape and Lifetime LED lights for extra visibility, a tool tray and lockable toolbox for storage space, and an all-weather wiring harness.

  I-beam mainframe is more durable than a channel frame used in many trailers
  Crossmembers are tightly spaced for added strength
  Powder coat finish for a long-lasting effect
  Tiltable deck makes loading and unloading easy

 Dealer-Mark Ups.You have to buy a PJ Trailer at a dealer. When you buy trailers from a dealer, there is a dealer markup. 

Key Features:
  GVWR: 14,000 lbs
  Frame: 8” x 10 lb. I-Beam main frame
  3-inch channel crossmembers, 16 inches on center
  Floor: 2-inch Southern Yellow Pine treated floor
  Jack: Single 10,000 drop leg
  Finish: Sand blasted, acid washed, powder coated
  Deck: 96” wide
  Coupler: Adjustable 2 5/16” ball Bulldog

Editor’s Rating: 9.2/10

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1. Gatormade +2 Series 14k GVWR

Gatormade’s +2 Series bumper pull is a medium-sized trailer that comes with a range of high end features. On top of that is its use of a tubular frame which is typically more durable than a channel and I-beam frame. It is also fitted with a 24-inch self-cleaning dovetail plus a wide heavy-duty ramp system to facilitate easy loading and unloading. In addition, it uses two heavy duty 7,000-lb Dexter axles with brakes on all wheels for superior stopping power. With its 16-inch 10-ply radial tires, you’ll also experience a smoother ride with lesser bumps.

This bumper pull is well-designed to the last detail. In fact, its standard equipment also includes dirt- and dent-resistant fenders, DOT approved reflective marker tape LED lights that are legal in all 50 states and Canada, and grommet-mounted sealed lighting. Moreover, with the user’s safety in mind, it comes with a complete breakaway system with charger. Stake pockets with rub rail are also installed for securing the equipment.

  Uses tubular frame which is one of the most durable materials for a trailer frame
  Screwed down treated floor has good traction and is extra durable
  With powder coat finish for long-lasting effect

Servicing is Only Done at the Gatormade Factory. If you need to have your trailer serviced or repaired, you can only do it at the factory. 

Key Features:
  GVWR: 14,000 lbs
  Frame: A-frame tongue design  6″x2” tube frame, eliminating weak points in the frame
  Floor:  2x8 treated wood floor
  Jack: Single, stationary spring loaded jack
  Finish: Heavy duty black powder coat finish
  Deck: 16+2 ft, 18+2 ft, and 20+2 ft deck lengths
82 inches between the fenders
  Coupler: 2 5/16” adjustable/interchangeable coupler
  Axles: Two 7k axles with electric brakes on all wheels

Editor’s Rating: 9.5/10

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Editor’s Pick

Gatormade’s +2 Series 14k GVWR

This bumper pull is our top choice as it combines tough and reliable features with a well-crafted design. Some of its standout components include:

  • Tubular frame which is far more superior than I-beam and channel frame
  • Heavy duty axles and brakes on all wheels for optimum stopping power
  • Self-cleaning dovetail to prevent dirt and mud from being carried to your trailer deck
  • Uses treated wooden floor for better traction and durability
  • Powder coat finish for a long-lasting effect

No doubt, with the above features, the 2 Series 14k GVWR from Gatormade is the best value bumper pull trailer worthy of your investment.