Before you kickstart your hotshot business for this new year, we thought it’s a great idea for you to check out our top 10 hotshot trailers for 2020. Whether you are buying your first trailer or getting a new one to expand your business, you may find what you are looking for from our list.



Some hotshot truckers prefer a bumper pull while others choose a gooseneck. If a bumper pull is your thing, you should check out this trailer. PJ Trailers’ H7 is a wide trailer, measuring about 102 inches with a deck height of 28 inches. With its low center of gravity, it is considerably more stable than those with a higher deck height. As for its deck length, you can choose from 20 to 40 feet, depending on your specific needs. 

Moreover, the GVWR rating for this trailer is from 20,000 to 23,000 lbs with a load capacity of 12,000 to 16,600 lbs. While we mentioned that it is a bumper pull, PJ Trailers also offers alternate options for those who prefer a gooseneck or a pintle coupler.

This trailer comes with several strong features such as its use of two 10K Dexter axles which are one of the best brands available. This type of axles does not wear out easily and is reliable on the road. It is worth mentioning that the axle comes with a 10-year Dexter Torflex axle warranty. Another strong feature of the H7 is its DOT-approved LED lights which help illuminate your vehicle for a safer trip at night.

  With complete electric breakaway kit with charger as a security feature
  Has 5-inch channel ramps to make loading and unloading easier 
  Uses an I-beam frame which is considered stronger than a C-channel
  Powder coat finish is durable and does not easily get scratched
  Uses radial tires which are fuel-efficient and do not easily wear out

  Uses torsion suspension which is generally not repairable and is expensive to replace than spring suspensions.
  Has only one jack. Having two jacks provides better stability.
  Available only from dealerships which oftentimes charge a big markup

Key Features
  2″ Treated pine lumber deck
  Safety chain with clevis hook
  3-5/8″ x 1-1/2″ (ID) stake pockets
  HD drive over 1/4″ diamond plate fenders
  10″ I-beam tongue
  3″ Channel crossmembers on 16″ centers
  All-weather wiring harness (7-way RV)


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This Kaufman tilt gooseneck is a heavy-duty flatbed with a fully tilting bed to allow for an easier way of loading your cargo. A self-contained hydraulic pump with dual cylinders powers the tilt. The hydraulic pump and its battery have their own lockable toolbox to keep them safe. There is also a second lockable toolbox where you can store your binders and chains. 

The flatbed of this trailer measures 27.5 feet plus a 2.5-foot dovetail and 2.5-foot wedge-shaped layover flat ramps. When you lay over the ramps, the full length of the flatbed would become 30 feet. This is the standard length but you can also request a 35-foot or 40-foot length deck.

If you are looking for a tilt bed, this Kaufman trailer is worth considering. Aside from its heavy-duty I-beam frame, it is fitted with parts that are made to last.

  I-beam frame is generally one of the toughest materials available
  Uses slipper spring suspension which is reliable in keeping the trailer stable in uneven surfaces
  High GVWR of 25,000 lbs which allows you to haul heavier loads
  With electric brakes on all wheels for maximum stopping power
  With two 12,000-lb drop foot jacks that provide additional stability when the trailer is unhooked from the vehicle

  Coated with automotive-grade enamel. This is not as durable and long-lasting as a powder coat.

Key Features
  Sealed modular wiring harness with LED lights
  6-inch channel side rail
  Radial tires
  2-inch treated wood floor
  Stake pockets and rubrail


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This gooseneck is your best choice if you are looking for a long trailer with a high GVWR. It is available in 16 to 44 feet lengths with a GVWR of 30,000 lbs. However, you need a CDL to tow this trailer.

To support the weight of the trailer, the GH30 uses a 12-inch I-beam frame and neck which is more tough and durable when compared to the commonly used C-channel. From its frame, you can tell that this trailer is designed for heavy-duty use. On top of that, the frame is reinforced by a 3-inch channel crossmember with a 16-inch center. 

Moreover, its deck is made of treated wood which is durable and easy to maintain. And to make your job easier, it also comes with 8-ft slide-in ramps that you can easily unfold for convenient access to the deck.

  High GVWR which gives you more flexibility on what you can haul
  Uses I-beam frame which is very durable
  Uses DOT-approved LED lights which last longer and offer better illumination than regular bulbs
  With two drop-leg jacks for stability

  Available only through dealership who may charge high markups

Key Features
  Two 5/16″ adjustable coupler round (30,000 lb)
  Sherwin-Williams Powdura OneCure primer w/ polyester TGIC gloss powder topcoat
  DOT -approved LED lights
  48,000 Lb 1/2 x 42 G#80 safety chains
  Multi-Leaf Slipper Spring (HDSS) suspension
  235/80 R16 LRE tires (with spare)
  Front tool box
  6 Ga. 5-way double insulated harness w/ 7-way plug


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Another excellent option if you are looking for a long trailer with high GVWR is the Big Tex 25GN. This gooseneck is 102 inches wide and is available in 35 and 40-foot length models. These lengths already include a 9-foot hydraulic dovetail that easily lowers down if you need to load or unload. The dovetail has a lifting capacity of 8,000 pounds and it comes with a 6-inch channel side rails. The 25GN is supported by a 12-inch I-beam frame and neck as well as a torque tube that works to reduce flexing. 

Going down to its heavy-duty parts, the Big Tex 25GN has two 12,000-pound dual wheel axles with oil bath electric brakes on each axle. Compared to greased bearings, oil bath requires less maintenance and they last longer; however, the brake shoes tend to be on the expensive side.

In front of the trailer, there are also two two-speed landing gears bolted on jacks that come in handy if you are working while the trailer is not attached to the vehicle. These jacks provide stability while loading or unloading. As for its lights, they are all DOT-approved LED with grommet mount seal to prevent water from leaking in. All the wires are also protected from the elements as they are installed either inside the framing or in protected channels.

  High GVWR which allows you to load heavier equipment
  It is a long trailer which you can use to haul extra long loads
  Combination of I-beam and torque tube makes this trailer extra durable

  Decorative finish is not very durable
  Available only through dealerships and they typically have high markups

Key Features
  Lockable side mount toolbox houses power unit
  2-5/16-inch ball adjustable coupler – square crank type 
  Lockable toolbox between gooseneck uprights 
  Two side bed steps and handles 
  3/8-inch heavy-duty rub rail 
  Tie down pockets 
  Spare tire and mount 
  Complete break-a-way system and charger 
  Radial tires 
  2-inch Treated pine or Douglas Fir 


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6. BIG TEX 14GP Lowboy 

Looking for a pipe-top trailer? If you are, the 14GP is worth checking out as it is one of the most popular options in the market. It is fitted with a 5″ x 3″ x 5/16″ angle frame. Angle frames may not be as heavy-duty as a tube or channel frames but this trailer compensates by adding a pipe top and a 3-inch channel on 16-inch center crossmembers. 

This lowboy has a pretty durable and low-maintenance 2-inch treated wood floor with a choice between pine or Douglas Fir. Aside from that, it also has a 12,000-pound drop leck jack in the front to reinforce the trailer and make it more stable when not hooked to a vehicle.  

Also part of the standard feature of this gooseneck is its 4-foot slide-in ramps which easily unfolds when you need to use it. You may think that a 4-foot ramp is a bit short, but considering that this trailer is a lowboy, this length is just enough.

  Top rail provides added strength to the trailer
  Low center of gravity makes it more stable
  Multi-leaf spring suspension has a built-in equalizer which is important especially when navigating uneven surfaces

  Decorative finish is not as durable as a powder finish
  Available only through dealerships which typically have high markups

Key Features
  Stake pockets on outside frame
  Gooseneck with 2-5/16″ adjustable pipe coupler
  EZ Lube hubs
  Dexter brand axles
  Spare tire mount (top of neck)
  Complete break-a-way system with charger
  Zip breakaway cable
  Radial tires


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This trailer is a perfect choice if you have a thing for bumper pulls and you’d like one with high load capacity. In fact, this flatbed has the highest GVWR on this list, rated at 62,000 pounds. The bed is about 30 feet long which is composed of a 25-foot flat deck and 5-foot dovetail. At the end of the dovetail, there’s also a 72” x 28” heavy-duty swing-up with spring assist ramps to facilitate easy loading and unloading.

The deck of this trailer is made of oak wood which is considered as one of the toughest woods for flooring compared to pine or Douglas fir. The construction of this trailer includes a one-piece 14-inch high tensile main I-beams. The tongue is cold formed which is far stronger than rolled steel. It is also said that since cold-formed metals are not heated in the shaping process, they have remarkable stiffness.

If you also check the small details of this trailer, you’ll be amazed at how much Kaufman made sure that it has great fixtures. In front of the trailer, there are two 25,000-pound dual-speed jacks that keep the trailer stable if ever you need to work while it is not attached to the vehicle. It is also fitted with Hutchens slipper suspensions which are among the most versatile suspensions there are.

  With a very high GVWR that lets you load a variety of heavy equipment
  With dual jacks for stability when not attached to a towing vehicle
  Pierced I-beam frame is extra strong and durable

  Heavy ramps which could cause drag on the trailer
  Automotive-grade enamel and not powder coat finish. Powder coat is more durable.

Key Features
  Primed, two coats of automotive-grade enamel
  Swing-up with spring assist coupler
  DOT-approved lightings, connectors and sealed wiring harness
  All wheel air brake with spring lock on each wheel 


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The Gatormade 30K Tri-Axle Gooseneck trailer is an elite series that boasts of many great features. It is engineered to have 30,000 GVWR, one of the highest on this list. It is a good choice if you are comfortable towing a tri-axle. Few drivers prefer having three axles due to their high initial and maintenance costs. However, a tri-axle trailer has more carrying capacity and in case of a tire blowout, you still have enough tires to carry your load to a safe distance. 

Aside from its three axles, this trailer has many other best features including its use of a 14-inch I-Beam main-frame with cross-bracing for increased lateral strength. You can tell that it is a very durable gooseneck. 

It also has two bolted-on drop-leg jacks. At the back of the trailer, you will also find its 40-inch wide 4-beam triple spring ramps that make your life easier when you have to bring in heavy equipment to the deck. On top of that, Gatormade is one of the few brands that use powder coat finish which is far more durable than regular paint. 

  Powder coat finish is resistant to scratches and it lasts longer
  Heavy-duty ramps
  14-inch I-beam mainframe is one of the most durable we’ve seen on this list
  Big dual handles and steps for safe and easy access to the deck

  Some drivers are not comfortable towing a tri-axle trailer

Key Features
  3-inch channel cross-members 16-inch O.C.
  LED lights and LED work light bar on the neck
  Safety dual boarding steps and big handles for easy up and down
  (3) 10k Dexter oil bath brake axles
  2 x 8 Pressure-treated decking screwed to crossmembers
  Mounted fire extinguisher
  Steel lockable tool box between gooseneck uprights


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This trailer is a favorite of hotshot truckers who like the convenience of having a tilt bed. This model is available in 20, 22, 24 and 26-foot deck lengths. Of the total deck length, 8 feet is stationary while the rest of the deck tilts for easy access to the bed without the need for a dovetail or ramps. 

The Load Trail Tilt-N-GO has an 8-inch I-beam frame and 10-inch I-beam for the neck. When it comes to toughness and durability, I-beam is generally far better than a C-channel. However, we can just wish that the frame is thicker than 8 inches as there are hotshot trailers with 12 or even 14-inch I-beam frames. It’s good though that the frame is reinforced by a 3-inch channel 16″ OC crossmembers. And to keep the trailer stable when it’s not hooked to your vehicle, it is fitted with two 10,000-pound drop leg spring return jacks.

  Has a solar panel charger which is an energy-efficient feature
  Drop-leg jacks keep the trailer stable 
  Tilt bed offers convenience when loading or unloading equipment

  Available only on dealerships with high markups

Key Features
  GVWR: 14,000 lbs
  Two electric Nev-R-Adjust brakes as a safety feature
  3″ channel crossmembers with 16″ on center, which makes the frame stronger
  3″ standard D-rings to secure the cargo
  Gloss powder topcoat for a durable finish
  Treated wood floor with good traction
  DOT-approved LED lights
  Front toolbox for storage


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The PJ Trailers deckover Tilt is a great choice especially for those who are just starting their career in hotshot trucking. It has a bumper pull hitch (gooseneck and pintle hitches are also available) which is generally less intimidating to tow than a gooseneck. Also, you can use it with different types of light-duty passenger vehicles and not just a pickup truck.

One of the interesting things about the T8 is that it has a 22-foot tilt deck that is powered by a self-contained hydraulic unit. The deck has a 15-degree tilt pitch which you can operate by simply pressing the wired remote button. Once the deck is tilted to your desired angle, you can then quickly and conveniently access the deck.

The chassis of this trailer is made of an 8-inch I-beam frame supported by a 3-inch channel with 16-inch spacing crossmembers. This is a good combination when it comes to strength as I-beam is one of the strongest materials for framing while the crossmembers are designed to be tightly spaced. Moreover, the bed is made of a 2-inch treated pine lumber deck, another durable material and easy to clean and maintain.

This trailer is available in 22- to 28-foot deck lengths and 96- to 102-inch deck widths. GVWR is also between 14,000 and 16,500 pounds.

  Powder coat finish lasts longer than regular paint
  All lights are LEDs and DOT-approved
  Deck tilts easily with a push of a button

  This trailer is available only at dealers across the US and they may charge a high markup

Key Features
  Single 10,000 drop leg
  Sand blasted, acid washed, powder coated
  Adjustable 2 5/16” ball Bulldog coupler
  Two spring-loaded drop leg jack (10,000 lb.)
  Lockable toolbox in tongue
  Electric breakaway system with charger
  10-ply radial tires
  6-Leaf slipper spring suspension


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The Gatormade Tilt-Bed Gooseneck is your best choice if you want a versatile super-duty trailer.  If you are asking what’s its GVWR, you can choose your own and they can even downrate for you. The whole bed measures about 20 feet, but 4 feet work as a stationary staging deck while the rest can be tilted. The tilt-bed is powered by a dual cylinder with dual auto-latch mechanism so that you can quickly and easily tilt the bed.

This trailer has an aerodynamic nose plate at the end of its 12-inch I-beam neck. This feature is unique as it helps reduce the rolling resistance of the trailer. This, in turn, results in improved fuel efficiency. It is also fitted with radial tires which also improve fuel efficiency as they have less rolling resistance. Overall, you can say that this gooseneck is made to help you cut down on fuel costs.

Moreover, this Gatormade trailer has many other fascinating features. It has a mega huge lockable box in the front which you can use for storing your tools and chains. Gatormade also installed all LED lights for maximum illumination in the evening. For improved stability, it also has two 12,000-pound spring-loaded jacks. And as a bonus, it also features two big safety steps and handles for easy access to the deck.

  Powder coat finish is resistant to scratches and it lasts longer than regular paint
  Work light bar on top of the neck is very useful when working at night
  Low profile makes this trailer very stable
  Reliable safety feature gives you peace of mind while on the road

  You can get this Tilt-Bed Gooseneck trailer directly from Gatormade’s factory in Somerset, Kentucky, but may have to drive miles away to get it.

Key Features
  82 inches between fenders
  Modular sealed wiring harness with 7-way connector
  Mounted spare tire
  Complete safety breakaway kit
  Rubber-mounted sealed lighting
  Safety reflective marker tape
  (2) 7k axles with electric brakes on all wheels
  Heavy duty diamond trade fenders with supports
  Rub rail with stake pockets


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Editor’s Pick


It’s good to start the year 2020 with this comprehensive wrap up of some of the best hotshot trailers in the market. These trailers are not exactly new models but they are continuously improved by their respective manufacturers to catch up with the latest technology. These are some of the best trailers in terms of overall features and versatility.

Out of the 10 trailers we listed here, our top pick is the Gatormade tilt-bed gooseneck. We are confident that it can give you the best value for your money. For one, it is one of the least expensive trailers on the list since you can buy it directly from the factory without dealer’s markup. It has also some of the toughest and heavy duty-features we’ve seen which include:

  • Powder coat finish
  • Two 12K-pound drop leg jacks
  • Two 7K-pound Dexter axles
  • Tilt deck with auto latch mechanism
  • Extra tough and durable frame
  • Commercial-grade radial tires

This trailer is definitely worth checking out.