In the commercial trucking business, time is money. Shippers and customers count on you to make to haul and deliver the load in time. Traveling through a city known for its horrendous traffic is a nightmare to a hotshot trucker because it can slow you slow down. Here is a list of U.S. cities with the worst traffic (ranked by hours spent commuting per year). 

1.) Los Angeles, California – 104 Hours Spent Commuting 

2.) New York, New York – 89 Hours Spent Commuting 

3.) San Francisco, California – 83 Hours Spent Commuting 

4.) Atlanta, Georgia – 71 Hours Spent Commuting 

5.) Miami, Florida – 65 Hours Spent Commuting 

6.) Washington, District of Columbia – 61 Hours Spent Commuting 

7.) Dallas, Texas – 59 Hours Spent Commuting 

8.) Boston, Massachutes – 58 Hours Spent Commuting 

9.) Chicago, Illinois – 57 Hours Spent Commuting 

10.) Seattle, Washington – 55 Hours Spent Commuting  

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Tips for Combating Traffic 

1.) Drive through major cities late at night or late at night. Driving through cities when people are going to or leaving work is like a suicide mission. By planning to drive through those cities before everyone is headed to work or after everyone is already home, you will save yourself time and frustration. 

2.) Be patient. This is a little easier said than done, but honking your horn, flipping the bird, and acting like a frustrated toddler will not make the traffic move any faster. Take a deep breath and it will all be okay. 

3.) Ask others. Use a CB radio or cell phone to talk to other truckers and dispatchers. They might suggest a different way for you to go. Say you are driving down to Atlanta on I-75, and you are trying to beat the traffic because everyone knows Atlanta traffic is intense. The other trucker or dispatcher might suggest you taking 285 to bypass the city’s traffic. 

What tips do you have for truckers in traffic? Let us know in the comments below. 

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