Truckers are well-known for their unique sense of community. Trucking podcasts are just another extension of the tight-knit camaraderie that stems from the radio and truck stops. 

A lot of trucking podcasts are live and allow call-in questions and vent sessions, but even pre-recorded ones usually allow listener input via e-mail or social media.

Rather you want to commiserate, participate in the community, or you need a good laugh, you should give these trucking podcasts a try. 

1.) Trucker Dump

The podcast is hosted by Todd McCann. Todd has been driving for twenty years, so he definitely has some insight. Todd discusses common issues every trucker experiences, but he does it with wit. 

Todd covers everything from product reviews, family life, trucker health, to combatting fatigue and diabetes influenced by a truck stop cuisine kind of diet.  

Trucker Dump is also a great podcast discussing the trucker community, from how to improve the overall reputation of truckers to inter-community issues, like the treatment of rookies. Newbies will have plenty to learn from Todd’s trucker “Honor Code” and “Stupid Rules that Truckers Tolerate” episodes.

To hear from Todd, check out Trucker Dump

2.) Audio Road

This collective trucking podcast network serves as a studio for a variety of industry experts. Each podcast for Android and iPhone commentates on an important subject, from first-year advice to rates and lanes. There’s even a special series dedicated to truck maintenance. Each channel has its own call-in hours for live participation and Q&A sessions.

To hear more, check out Audio Road

3.) Apps4Truckers 

This trucking podcast has a plethora of interviews and commentaries from a variety of truckers. You are always exposed to a new expertise, a new opinion, and a new perspective. Each podcast also includes a Box of Chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get, but it’s usually a product, service or tip that you will wish you would have known about 10 years ago.

To hear more, check out Apps4Truckers.

Do you have a favorite podcast? Tell us about it.