Driving a truck for a living is no easy task, and there is a long list of important and essential information and driving skills that every professional driver should have. 

There are some truck driving schools that teach truckers this, but most of the time truckers learn on the job by actually doing everything. Here is a list of the fifteen things it is essential all truckers should know how to do. 

1.) Handle a Department of Transportation (DOT) Inspection 

2.) How to Plan the Route Efficiently 

3.) How to Handle Safety Risk Deliveries 

4.) How to Talk to a Dispatcher 

5.) How to Use a Load Board

6.) How to Change a Tire 

7.) How to Load and Unload the Trailer Safely 

8.) How to Climb a Slippery Grade 

9.) How to Secure Cargo 

10.) How to Get Unstuck 

11.) How to Have Patients with All Other Drivers 

12.) When and How to Renew Paperwork 

13.) How to Drive Safely in Inclement Weather 

14.) How to Chain Up Your Trailer 

15.) When to Get Your Truck Maintenance 

What do you think every trucker should know how to do? Let us know in the comments below.