With the proper training, most people can manage to drive a truck and trailer. Commercial truck driving is more than getting a truck, trailer, and a load from one destination to the next. Great truck drivers are much more than steering-wheel holders. Successful truck drivers possess these qualities. 

1.) Be Reliable

A trucker does what they say they are going to do, how and when they promise to do it.They know that employers and customers have schedules that depend on the timely performance of the trucker. A great trucker aims to be the solution to shipping and cargo challenges – not the problem. 

2.) Self-Dependent 

Truck drivers have the responsibility of making the right decisions for themselves, the truck, and the cargo in an emergency situation. They also have to cope with spending most of their time alone, or most of their time working anyway. Great truck drivers keep their knowledge and skills current so that they can solve problems when they occur. They know how to manage personal aspects of their life so it goes smoothly whether they are home or on the road. 

3.) Courteousness 

While it is true that truck drivers spend a lot of their time alone, the great ones have good “people skills.” They know how to interact with customers, other drivers, mechanics, and whoever else they come in contact with. They make everyone feel listened to and respected. Great truck drivers are courteous to clients and cargo. 

4.) Be Patient 

Truck drivers will face challenges that will set them back on their route. Things will not always go as planned. A good truck driver remains patient even in the most frustrating of circumstances. 

5.) Be Honest 

Great truck drivers know taking shortcuts they are ultimately cheating themselves of the satisfaction of having done the job right, completely, legally, and safely. They do not try to cheat laws and regulations. 

6.) Alertness 

A great trucker must be aware of the condition of their vehicle, the road, and the traffic. Driving involves nearly all the senses, not just sight. Alert drivers are in tune with all the input that they are receiving. They can sense any strange sounds, vibration, or a weird odor before it develops into trouble. They must be able to access the condition and take a break when tiredness dictates.

7.) Be Responsible 

A truck driver should have a good sense of responsibility and adhere to safety requirements when driving, be courteous to clients, and treat goods with care. 

8.) Timeliness 

A great truck driver should allow for more time than they need to ensure they are on-time. They also consistently make all pick-ups and deliveries on-time. 

9.) Stress Management Skills 

A truck driver should be able to easily manage stress because in the commercial trucking industry is stressful. Great truck drivers know how to cope with the stress. They are sensitive to how a truck driving career can put pressure on their families as well as themselves. 

10.) The Stamina 

A truck driver should have the good physical stamina for the loading and unloading of cargo. They also have the stamina for the long drives a trip involves, and they still remain sharp.

With these qualities, it is inevitable to be successful. Let us know of any qualities you think truckers should have in the comments below. 

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