A low profile trailer such as the GL22 gooseneck is ideal for hauling cars, vehicles and heavy equipment. Since the bed is closer to the center of gravity, the trailer is more stable. This is important in hotshot trucking as stability also translates to the safety of the cargo. Additionally, a low pro bed also makes loading and unloading a lot easier.

If you need a trailer that suits your needs without breaking the bank, you may consider Load Trail GL22. It is designed for regular hauls and heavy duty applications. Also, with a high GVWR of 22,000 lbs, you can load a wide range of cargo in this low pro. 

Here are some of its best features:

I-Beam Frame 

I-beam frame is considered as the “middle-ground” frame, which is commonly used on longer trailer. It is the middle ground between the channel and tubular frame in terms of cost and strength. GL22 uses 12″ I-Beam (19 lbs/ft) for the frame and neck, making it extra durable and tough.


If you want this trailer, you can choose from any of its available deck lengths, from 26 feet to 44 feet. Its flooring is made of treated wood. It is a good choice considering that treated wood is also tough, easy to maintain and one of the least expensive options for flooring.

Hydraulic Dovetail

To facilitate an even more convenient and easy access to the flatbed, the GL22 also features a hydraulic dovetail for trailers 26 to 34 feet long. For longer trailers ranging from 36 to 44 feet, they also feature an under frame bridge and pipe bridge for support. The dovetail is powered by 3″ x 10” w/1.25″ shaft hydraulic cylinder with dual acting power unit with manual gravity-down valve. This means that you can use the dovetail for heavy lifting with no hassle. 

DOT Lights

It is also worth mentioning that this gooseneck already comes with a complete set of DOT-approved LED lights that are acceptable in all US states. LED lights are far better than regular bulbs in terms of brightness and lifespan. If you frequently travel at night, you should have no problem with visibility as this trailer has good illumination.

Gloss Topcoat Finish

The GL22 looks great aesthetically as it uses Sherwin-Williams Powdura OneCure Primer w/Polyester TGIC Gloss Powder Topcoat finish. They chose this type of paint for a reason as this paint is resistant to scratching, impact and abrasion.

Multi-Leaf Slipper Spring (HDSS) Suspension

This flatbed also has a multi-leaf slipper spring (HDSS) suspension that has a longer wear life and can withstand heavy applications.

Drop Leg Jacks

There are two 10,000-lb drop leg spring return jacks installed in this trailer. These jacks make the trailer more stable especially when loading while it is unhooked from the vehicle.

Big Toolboxes

Most trailers have just one toolbox. This one has two, one at the front and another at the left-hand side. Having two is a good thing if you have more tools and equipment for safekeeping during your trips.

Dexter Axles

Part of the standard equipment of this trailer are two 10,000-pound Dexter spring axles. The Dexter brand axles are known to be well-made and they last longer than other brands. Each of the axles is fitted with electric brakes for maximum stopping power. No one wants a trailer that does not immediately stop when you step on the brakes. The electric brakes are an excellent safety feature.

Radial Tires

With radial tires, you can guarantee that your tires will last longer than many other types of tires. Aside from that, they also allow you to save on fuel as they don’t bounce as much. The GL22 has 235/80 R16 LRE tires with a spare.

  Two-10,000 Lb Dexter spring axles with electric brakes in all axles
  2 5/16″ Adjustable coupler round (25,000 lb)
  3″ Channel 16″ OC (3.5 lbs/ft) crossmembers
  Sherwin-Williams Powdura OneCure Primer w/Polyester TGIC Gloss Powder Topcoat finish
  Treated wood floor
  12″ I-Beam (19 lbs/ft) frame
  22,000 lb GVWR
  3″ x 10 w/1.25″ Shaft hydraulic cylinder
  Dual acting power unit with manual gravity-down valve
  Two -10K Drop leg spring return jacks
  DOT LED lights
  12″ I-Beam (19 lbs/ft) neck
  26400 Lb 3/8 x 36 G#70 Safety chains
  Multi-leaf slipper spring (HDSS) suspension
  235/80 R16 LRE tires with spare
  Front tool box and side mount LH side
  12″ I-Beam (19 lbs/ft) tongue and neck
  16″ 8-hole duals
  16 Ga. 5-Way Double Insulated Harness with 7-way plug wire harness

  ST235/85 R16 LRG (14 Ply) or ST215/75 R17.5 LRH (Singles or Duals)
  12” 19 lb./ft I-beam frame
  Locking chain rack
  Deck-over-neck (102” X 96” w/45° corners)
  Steel diamond plate, rough oak, Douglas fir, blackwood lumber floor
  12” OC Cross-members
  Two 25K Drop-leg 2-speed jacks
  Two Hydraulic jacks (MAX-Jack)
  LED Light bar (single or dual row)
  8 Amp charger or solar charger
  Wireless remote
  3” or 4” D-rings (weld-on, bolt-on, recessed or removable)
  6” Raised neck and coupler
  12” Raised Neck & Coupler
  (1 or 2) 48” or 72” Side mount tool box(s) / Top riser toolbox
  Fold down spare tire mount
  Rear support stands (Tube)
  (1 or 2) 12” MAX-step(s)
  Additional stake pockets

Load Trail Dealers

You can buy this GL22 GOOSENECK LOW-PRO trailer from Load Trail dealers across the country. If you don’t know the nearest one in your area, you can do a quick search by visiting Load Trail website. 


Many of you would probably agree that this trailer has many features that one would look for in a low pro. It has durable frame and neck made with I-beam, two big toolboxes, HDSS suspension, and Dexter axles among others. Moreover, it is also worth mentioning that it is fitted with LED lights that are already DOT approved, and a dovetail for easy access to the bed. These features give us a good reason to give this trailer a high rating.

However, this trailer is also far from perfect. For one, it could have bigger steps and handle. It could also have a work light that can help if you are working in the evening. Also, the fact that it is only available from dealerships makes us think that it is a bit more expensive due to their high markups.