If you are looking for a gooseneck trailer for hauling long equipment or cargo, the Load Trail GH22 is a good option. This trailer is available in different lengths from 16 to 44 feet to suit your needs. The GH22 has a number of quality features that will give value to your money.


You can tell that this trailer is pretty stable as it uses a 12-inch I-Beam (19 lbs/ft) frame. This type of frame resists bending better than other types of frames. It is also considerably more stable. A stable frame that does not easily bend offers better performance and also extends the life of the trailer.


Regardless of the length you choose, the width of the trailers are the same – the standard 102 inches. The flat bed is also made of treated wood floor which is easy to maintain and offers good traction. More and more companies are using treated wood for flooring as this material is durable, offers good traction and is easy to maintain. More importantly, treated wood floor are more cost-effective that metal floors, making this trailer more affordable than other trailers with comparable features. 

Dexter axles

Load Trail only uses Dexter axles, which are known to be the best axles for this gooseneck. The two Dexter spring axles have a 10,000-lb capacity. These spring axles have built-in equalizers which help distribute the weight more evenly. Each axle comes with electric brakes which offers maximum stopping ability. 


This gooseneck looks great, thanks to its Sherwin-Williams Powdura OneCure Primer with Polyester TGIC Gloss Powder Topcoat finish. This type of finish is resistant to abrasion, scuffing, scratching, and impact. It also meets the strictest  regulatory requirements of the AAMA. The AAMA Certification Program ensures that the products selected match the quality of the sample products being tested.

Slide-in Ramps

An 8-foot slide-in ramp is a feature that has been designed for your convenience. Imagine lifting one heavy equipment to and from the bed. The ramps can make it easier and faster. Moreover, the slide-in design allows you to easily extend or keep the ramps after using.


At the front part of this trailer, you’ll find two 10K-pound drop leg spring-return jacks. These jacks have nice-to-have features and they provide added stability to the trailer when it is unhooked from its vehicle. A drop leg spring return jack is also useful when lowering the trailer into the vehicle. The spring automatically raises the leg back into the outer leg housing without you having to bed over to manually raise the leg. 


When you get this trailer, there’s no need to add or replace the lights to be DOT compliant. It already comes with DOT-approved stop, tail, turn and clearance LED lights. LED lights are a bit more expensive than regular bulb, but they are more cost efficient as they last longer and provide better illumination.

HDSS Suspension

A multi-leaf slipper spring suspension (HDSS) is a good choice for trailers as it produces a smoother ride and also requires less maintenance.

Radial tires

The Load Trail GH22 has 235/80 R16 LRE radial tires with spare as a standard equipment. Commercial tires are known for their quality performance. They distribute weight evenly and offer better stability.

  Two 10,000-lb Dexter axles with electric brakes
  2 5/16″ Adjustable coupler round with 25,000 lbs capacity
  3″ Channel with 16″ on center crossmembers
  Sherwin-Williams Powdura OneCure Primer w/polyester TGIC Gloss Powder topcoat
  Treated wood floor
  12″ I-Beam (19 lbs/ft) frame
  10,000 lbs (per axle) GAWR
  22,000 lb GVWR
  Two-10K Drop leg spring return jacks
  DOT-approved stop, tail, turn and clearance LED lights
  12″ I-Beam (19 lbs/ft) neck
  8′ Slide-In Ramps
  26400 Lb 3/8 x 36 G#70 Safety Chains
  Multi-leaf slipper spring (HDSS) suspension
  235/80 R16 LRE tires (w /spare)
  Front tool box
  16″ 8-hole Dual wheels
  16 Ga. 5-way double insulated harness w/ 7-way plug wire harness


  ST235/85 R16 LRG (14 Ply)
  ST215/75 R17.5 LRH (Singles or Duals)
  12” 19 lb./ft I-Beam Frame
  Locking Chain Rack
  Deck-Over-Neck (102” X 96” w/45° corners)
  Steel Diamond Plate Floor
  Rough oak, Douglas fir or blackwood lumber floor
  12” OC Cross-Members
  (2) 25K Drop-Leg 2-Speed Jacks
  (2) Hydraulic Jacks (MAX-Jack)
  LED Light Bar (Single or Dual Row)
  3” or 4” D-rings
  6” or 12″ Raised Neck & Coupler
  (1 or 2) 48” or 72” Side Mount Tool Box(s)
  Top Riser Toolbox
  Fold Down Spare Tire Mount
Rear Support Stands (Tube)
  (1 or 2) 12” MAX-Step(s)
  Additional Stake Pockets
  Under Frame Bridge
  Pipe Bridge
  9.5K, 12K, or 17.5K Winch Package
  1/2” Winch plate
  Under Frame Rack
  Spread Axles 6”
  Spread Axles 72”
  Air Ride Suspension w/Lift Axle
  Ratchet Track w/Adjustable Ratchets
  Weld-on Ratchets

Load Trail Dealers

You could buy the Load Trail GH22 Heavy Duty Gooseneck from any of their dealers nationwide. You could visit their website to check the nearest dealer in your location.


We rated the GH22 7.2 out of 10 after weighing all its good features versus features that it can improve on.

One of its best features is its use of I-beam frame. This type of frame is extra durable and stable. When the bed is stable, it reduces flexing which in turn reduces the wear and tear of the trailer. This trailer also uses Dexter axles which are the best in the industry. The Dexter brand delivers nothing short of super duty axles that last longer and make the ride smoother. 

It would be good if this trailer has bigger steps and handles at the sides for easy access to the bed.  Also, an LED work light bar is a good-to-have standard feature.

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