Load Trail has been manufacturing trailer since the July of 1996. and their staff works hard to manufacture quality trailers. The Load Trail GH16 – Heavy Duty Gooseneck is made with state of the art materials.

Weight Specifics 

The Load Trail GH16 Heavy Duty Gooseneck has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 16,000 pounds. The gross axle weight rating (GAWR) is 8,000 pounds for each axle.

Dexter Axles 

The GH16 is two 8,000 pound Cambered Dexter Axles. Dexter Axles is a progressive and trusted leader in the automotive industry. Dexter Axles are designed and crafted to last for years. Since the GH16 has Dexter Axles, that means it is safe and more durable. It will last you for years to come.

The GH16 Gooseneck comes with two Spring Electric NEV-R Adjust Brakes. The brakes of a trailer require quality and attention. The heavier the loads you haul, the more frequently you will have to perform adjustments on your trailer’s brakes.


The GH16 Gooseneck comes in a variety of lengths. They come in 26-foot, 28-foot, 30-foot, 32-foot, 34-foot, and 38-foot. The flatbed is 102-inch and that is pretty standard in the trailer industry.

The floor is made of treated wood. You can get a variety of treatments on the flatbed such as steel, rough oak, rubber, Douglas Fir, and Blackwood. All of those treatments are upgrades.

Frame & Neck 

The Load Trail GH16 has a standard low-profile beam frame. There is a 12-inch I-Beam on the neck and tongue. That equals out to be about 14 pounds per foot. This is pretty much standard in the trailer manufacturing business.

Adjustable Coupler 

The Load Trail GH16 has two 25,000-pound adjustable round couplers. Adjustable couplers offer a range of height adjustments to assure level operation as your trailer is being pulled by your truck.

Multi-Leaf Slipper Spring Suspension 

The GH16 Gooseneck is equipped with multi-leaf slipper spring suspension. The slipper leaf springs act as part of a trailer’s suspension system. The spring flex to resist shock almost like a cushion. This ensures a safe haul for your cargo and a smooth ride.

Hydraulic Cylinder 

The Load Trail GH16 Heavy Duty Gooseneck a hydraulic cylinder system. The hydraulic cylinder is used to give the unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke. It is standard in the trailer manufacturing industry.

Drop Leg Spring Return Jacks 

The GH16 Gooseneck has two 10,000-pound drop leg spring return jacks. The jacks have a combination of working gears on them as well as the drop leg feature. The drop leg spring return jacks allow for an easier time and smoother ride when you are shifting gears.


The GH16 has 17.5-inch 8-Hole Wheels and 17.5-inch radial tires with also a spare tire. The GH16 has 17.5-inch 8-Hole Wheels as well. Radial tires distribute the weight of the payload more evenly. This allows for improved stability when hotshot truckers are hauling larger loads.

Radial tires are pretty much standard nowadays in the trailer manufacturing industry, but some trailers are still made with cross-ply tires. Cross-ply tires are an older design, and they don’t hold up as well as radial tires. Radial tires optimize a symmetrical radial pattern for the base tire ply. This design requires a much higher level of quality and design calculation.

Radial tires provide many benefits hotshot truckers will find useful. Radial tires reduce rolling resistance and that results in an improved fuel economy and life of the tires. Radial tires do improve control and it reduces traction in inclement weather. Hotshot truckers travel all across the United States and Canada. Hotshot truckers might encounter snow or ice, but their tires will help with traction. Since the tires also reduce rolling resistance, it improves mileage. It goes without saying that hotshot truckers put the miles on their trucks and trailers.

Hydraulic Power 

There is a hydraulic power unit on the GH16. This mainly consists of a motor, reservoir, and a hydraulic pump. The units can generate a lot of power – especially since it is a double-acting unit.  


The Load Trail GH16 Gooseneck has a front toolbox. The toolbox can store tools and equipment conveniently. There is a side mount on the GH16 as well, and you do have the option of adding another toolbox on the side or on both sides. The extra toolboxes are upgrades and they will cost you extra money.


The Load Trail GH16 Heavy Duty Gooseneck trailer comes equipped with 3-inch channel cross members. The 3-inch cross member is about 90-inches long. The cross members are applied to the understructure of the trailer’s frame for support.

Underframe & Pipe Bridging 

There is under frame bridging and pipe bridging on the 38-foot GH16 Gooseneck. It is an option for shorter trailers, but it is an upgrade, and it will cost you more money. Underframe and pipe bridging strengthens the frame of the trailer, and it helps prevent frame flex or frame fatigue.

When a trailer has frame fatigue or frame flex, it can start shaking as you are driving down the road. You cannot haul loads safely when your trailer is fatigued, and your trailer becomes unfit and unsafe for you and other drivers. The underframe and pipe bridging will help compensate for the weight and hotshot truckers can haul heavier loads without fearing their trailer may not hold up.


The Load Trail GH16 Gooseneck has LED lighting. LED lighting will ensure the trailer is properly lit, and it allows for more visibility on the road. Lighting is required by law. The GH16 already comes with the Department of Transportation (DOT) approved lighting. That means all the lighting is legal across the United States and Canada. This gives truckers pace of mind knowing their trailer is up to standards, and they will not have to worry about a fine.

Wire Harness 

The wiring on the Load Trail GH16 Gooseneck is protected by a sixteen gallon, five-way double insulated wire harness with a 7-way plug. There are various wires that run across the trailer that allow the transfer of power for the lighting, as well as auxiliary functions such as electric trailer brake controllers, backup lights, power supply, or interior trailer lights.

If your gooseneck trailer is not equipped with a wire harness, the wires are more susceptible to being ruined. When your wires are ruined, your trailer cannot function properly.  You cannot use the brake controller, backup lights, power supply, or the trailer lights. That can be dangerous for you and other drivers on the road. The insulated wiring harness will resist any harsh weather.


Every Load Trail trailer gets prepped with a chemical and mechanical pretreatment before the finish even goes on. This allows for maximum paint adhesion. Then the trailer gets the Sherwin-Williams Powdura OneCure as the primer. Then the Sherwin-Williams Powdura OneCure Polyester TGIC Glass topcoat is applied.

Load Trail does partner with Sherwin Williams and they offer a variety of paint and primer colors. The colors include matte black, gray, silver, white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, army green, safety green, pink, coyote tan, silver, and Aggie maroon.

Two 8,000 lb. Dexter Axle Spring 2 Electric Axles 2 Electric NEV-R Adjust Brakes
Two 5/16-inch Adjustable Coupler Round (25,000 pounds)
3-inch Channel OC (3.5 lb/ft) 
Mechanical and/or Chemical Pretreatment for Maximum Paint Adhesion 
Sherwin Williams Powdura OneCure Primer with Polyester TGIC Gloss Powder Topcoat 
Treated Wood Flooring 
12-inch I-Beam (14 lbs./ft) Frame & Neck 
GAWR: 8,000 (each axle) 
GVWR: 16,000 lb.
Hydraulic Cylinder: 3-inch X 10-inch W/1.25-inch Shaft 
Hydraulic Power Units: Double Acting Power Unit 
Two 10K Drop Leg Spring Return 
D.O.T. Stop, Tail, Turn & Clearance LED 
Safety Chains 18,800 lb. 5/16 X 36 G #17
Multi-Leaf Slipper Spring Suspension 
Radial 17.5-inch Tires with Spare 
Front Tool Box & Side Mount 
17.5-inch 8-Hole Wheels
16 Ga. 5-Way Double-Insulated Harness with 7-way Plug
Available Lengths:  26-foot, 28-foot, 30-foot, 32-foot, 34-foot, & 38-foot 
Under Bridge Frame for 38-foot 
Available Colors: Metallic, Black, Aggie Maroon, Silver, Black, Blue, Gray. White, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Safety Green, Army Green, Coyote Tan, Pink, Western Metallic, and Purple

Two 8,000 lb. Dexter Spring Axles Oil-Bath 
Two 8,000 lb. Dexter Tors Axles 
Two 8,000 lb. Dexter Axles ( 2 Hydraulic Disc Brakes) with Air Ride Suspension 
 Radial 17.5-inch Tires LRH (Singles) 
Radial 17.5-inch Tires LRH (Singles) with Aluminum Provider 
Radial 16-inch Tires LRG 14 Ply 
King Pin Fifth-Wheel Adapter Adjustable Round
 King Pin Fifth-Wheel Adapter Adjustable Square 
Locking Chain Rack 
9-inch Dovetail 
9-inch Hydraulic Dovetail 
Cleats on Dovetail (Angle Outside Only)
9-inch Hydraulic Self-Cleaning Dovetail 
 Treated Wood Floor
Steel Floor 
Rough Oak Floor 
Rumber Floor 
Douglas Fir Wood Floor 
Blackwood Floor and Dovetail 
Diamond Plate Over Wheels 
16-inch Cross Members 
12-inch Cross Members 
Jack Spring Loaded Drop Leg Two 10K 
Two Hydraulic Jacks 
Jack Spring Loaded Drop Leg Two 10K Elec. 
 Bolt-On Headache Light Bar 
LED Single Row Light Bar 
LED Dual Row Light Bar 
Lighting LED (with Cold Weather Harness) 
Lighting LED (Back-Up with Cold Weather Harness) 
Two D-Rings 3-inch Weld-On 
Four D-Rings 3-inch Weld-On 
Six D-Rings 3-inch Weld-On
Eight D-Rings 3-inch Weld-On
10 D-Rings 3-inch Weld-On
2 D-Rings 4-inch Weld-On
4 D-Rings 4-inch Weld-On
6 D-Rings 4-inch Weld-On
8 D-Rings 4-inch Weld-On
10 D-Rings 4-inch Weld-On
D-Rings 4-inch Recessed 360 Rotational Bolt-On (4 Each)
D-Rings 4-inch Recessed 360 Rotational Bolt-On (6 Each)
 D-Rings 4-inch Recessed 360 Rotational Bolt-On (8 Each) 
Mud Flaps 
 Front Toolbox (Full Width Between Risers) 
Side Toolbox (48-inch)
Side Toolbox (72-inch) 
Under Frame Bridge & Pipe Bridge 
Winch Plate (8-inch Channel) 
1/2-inch Plate for Winch 
9,500 lb. Winch Package 
12,000 lb. Winch Package 
17,500 lb. Winch Package 
 Under Frame Rack 
Ratchets Weld-On 
Ratchets Adjustable with Track 
Ratchet Track Only (Weld On) 
Deck Over Neck 102-inch X 96-inch 
Deck Over Neck 102-inch X 96-inch (With 45 Degree Corners) 
Rear Support Stands (Tube) 
1 Side Step 
2 Side Steps 
 1 Max Step (12-inch) 
2 Max Step (12-inch) 
Spare Tire Mount (Fold Down) 
Solar Panel Charger 
Wireless Remote Double Acting Dump Control 
Wireless Remote Double Acting Dump Acting (4 Button Remote) 
Standard Battery Wall Charger (1.5 amp)
Rapid Battery Wall Charger (8 amp)
20 amp in-line 12 volt (MAX) Charging System 
4 addtional Stake Pockets 
Road Service Program

Load Trail Dealers 

Load Trail began as a small family-owned business in July of 1996. Since inception, Load Trail has been committed to delivering high-quality trailers that are engineered to work hard every day. Load Trail trailers are manufactured in their state-of-the-art factory in Sumner, Texas.

While you cannot buy from the manufacturer, Load Trail does have a large dealer network. You can find a Load Trail near you on their website.

Editor’s Rating: 7/10 

The Load Trail GH16 Heavy Duty Gooseneck is a great trailer. I do think some features like side steps, a dovetail, and a torque tube should be included on the trailer. Those features are upgrades, and they will cost you additional money.

With that being said, the Load Trail GH16 would serve a hotshot trucker well. You can also get one at an affordable price at a dealership near you.

Click here to purchase this Load Trail trailer.

Let us know what you think of the Load Trail GH16 Heavy Duty Gooseneck in the comments below. 

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