A tilt deck makes your work more efficient since it eliminates the need to slide out or lift the loading ramps. You can also avoid heavy lifting because you have to simply slide the cargo in or out of the deck. Moreover, it also saves you the space that would otherwise be occupied by the ramps. You can then utilize that extra space for additional loads.

If you are looking to buy a tilt-deck trailer, you may consider checking out Load Trail’s GE21. This trailer has the following features:


The GE21 gooseneck uses 10-inch I-beam (12 lbs/ft) for the whole frame. The same material is used for the tongue and neck. An I-beam is the ideal frame for longer trailers as it is extra durable and strong. A 10-inch thick I-beam can definitely provide a reliable support for the weight of the trailer and cargo. For the deck, it also uses an I-beam, but only 6 inches thick.

Tilt Deck

The tilt deck is perhaps the most interesting feature of this trailer. It works using a hydraulic cylinder and is powered by a dual-acting unit with manual gravity-down valve. With a simple press of a button, you can easily tilt the deck or return it to its normal position.

Moreover, the deck floor is made of durable treated wood that offers good traction to help keep the cargo stay in place. A treated wood floor is standard equipment but if you prefer another material, optional equipment include steel, rough oak, Douglas fir and blackwood floor.

Drop Leg Jacks

This trailer features two drop-leg spring-return jacks to provide stability when it is not hooked to a vehicle. Each jack has a 10,000-lbs capacity. 

LED Lights

No need to worry about your visibility especially during night time as this trailer comes with LED lights that are DOT approved for stop, tail, turn and clearance. LED lights require less power but they provide better illumination than regular bulbs. Most importantly, they last longer and could translate into big savings.

Big Toolbox

Having a big storage space for your tools and other equipment is a good-to-have feature. This trailer comes with a big toolbox installed on the left-hand side of the trailer. 

Multi-leaf Slipper Spring Suspension

A multi-leaf slipper spring suspension may not produce the smoothest and quietest ride, but it is a good choice for hotshot trailers. On the good side, this type of suspension has a longer wear life and can withstand heavy and regular use. Apart from that, it also allows for a higher weight capacity.

Dexter Axles

The GE21 Tilt Deck has triple cambered Dexter axles which is an advantage in terms of providing added load capacity to the trailer. Each of these axles has a 7,000-lb weight capacity and electric NEV-R-ADJUST brakes which offer fast stopping power. This is a good safety feature since all of us want a trailer that can immediately and safely stop when needed.

Moreover, another advantage of three axles comes when there is a tire blowout. Obviously, you can easily get to the nearest safe location with five tires rather than three. 

Radial Tires

This trailer is fitted with 235/80 R16 LRE tires plus a spare tire and a spare tire mount located in the neck of the trailer. 

Radial tires have less rolling resistance and this translates to reduced fuel consumption. They also have flexible sidewalls that allow for a more stable contact with the road service. The same flexibility makes the ride smoother. Moreover, radial tires have a longer life as they generate less heat which often causes tire blowouts.

  Three 7,000 Lb cambered Dexter spring axles with 3 electric NEV-R-ADJUST brakes
  2 5/16″ Adjustable coupler round (25,000 lb)
  3″ Channel 16″ OC (3.5 lbs/ft) Crossmembers
  Scissor Lift
  6″ I-Beam (12 lbs/ft) deck frame
  Coat/Primer Sherwin-Williams Powdura OneCure Primer w/Polyester TGIC Gloss Powder Topcoat finish
  Treated wood flooring
  10″ I-Beam (12 lbs/ft) frame
  21,000 lb GVWR
  5″ x 15.75 x 2″ Hydraulic cylinder with dual acting power unit with manual gravity-down valve
  Two 10K drop leg spring return jacks
  LED lights
  10″ I-Beam (12 lbs/ft) neck
  26400 Lb 3/8 x 36 G#70 safety chains
  Multi-leaf slipper spring suspension
  235/80 R16 LRE (w/spare) tires
  Tool box side mount 
  10″ I-Beam (12 lbs/ft) Tougue and neck
  16″ 8-Hole Silver mod wheels
  16 Ga. 5-Way Double Insulated Harness w/7-way plug

  Two 10K Drop-Leg Jacks
  Two 25K Drop-Leg Jacks
  10K Max-Jack(s) (Hydraulic)
  Solar Charger
  8 Amp battery charger
  Wireless remote
  LED light bar (single or dual row)
  2’, 4’, 6’ or 8’ Stationary deck
  3” or 4” D-rings (weld-on, bolt-on, recessed or removable)
  (1 or 2) MAX-Step (12” Side Step)
  48” Side-mount tool box
  Under-frame bridge
  Fold-down spare tire mount
  Top-riser tool box
  12K, 15K 17.5K Winch package
  Winch plate
  Weld-on ratchets
  Slide track with adjustable ratchets

Load Trail Dealers

You could buy the Load Trail GH22 Heavy Duty Gooseneck from any of their dealers nationwide. If you want to know if there’s one near your location, you can easily do a search through Load Trail’s website. It’s important to note though that dealers may charge a high markup on their trailers, so it is best to compare not just the trailer features but also their prices.


The GE21 is no ordinary equipment trailer as it has a tilt bed and many other stand-out features. One of the best things about it is that it has triple axles. Now, some drivers may not consider this as an advantage because having three axles just means extra cost and maintenance for the additional axle. However, many drivers also consider this as an advantage for the reasons we already mentioned above.

Some other good things about this trailer is its use of HDSS multi-leaf suspension springs, radial tires and the addition of a big tool box as part of the standard equipment. However, we rated it 7.7 over 10 as it obviously has other features it could improve on. Significant improvements are its bigger side steps and handles for easy access of the bed.

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