Looking for a reliable car hauler with high weight capacity? Check out Load Trail’s CH21 car hauler. It has a GVWR of 21,000 lbs, allowing you to load a wide range of vehicles, heavy equipment and cargo. Thanks to its long bed, you can also use it for transporting long equipment that would not otherwise fit in short trailers.

Here are some of the stand out features of CH21:


The CH21 is available in different deck lengths, starting from 14 to 40 feet. The standard material for flooring is treated wood and it is a good choice since wood is inexpensive, durable and easy to maintain. Other options for floor include steel diamond plate, rough oak, Douglas fir and blackwood floor. The front of the flatbed is reinforced by 2″ X 2″ 1/8″ tubing for added stability.

Powder Topcoat Finish

This gooseneck has nice aesthetics as it uses Sherwin-Williams Powdura OneCure Primer with Polyester TGIC Gloss Powder Topcoat finish. This type of paint is resistant to abrasion, scuffing, scratching and impact. 

Multi-leaf Slipper Spring Suspension

A multi-leaf slipper spring suspension is a good choice for trailers, even though it makes the ride a bit noisy as the spring hits the equalizer. On the good side, this type of suspension allows for higher weight capacity and it also has a longer wear life in the bushings that can withstand more regular use. 

Triple Axles

Having triple axles instead of two offers several advantages. One obvious advantage has to do with increased capacity as well as increased braking ability of the trailer. Also, based on the experience of other drivers, trailers with three axles are easier to tow than those with a tandem. Moreover, in case of a tire blowout, you may still continue driving with enough tires to carry the load until you can safely pull over.

The three cambered Dexter axles of this trailer have 7,000-lb capacity with NEV-R-ADJUST brakes for optimum braking power.

Note: For axles, options include straight, torsion or drop axles. They all come with electric or hydraulic brakes.

Big Toolbox

This gooseneck also comes with a big tool box located in the front tongue. This is an excellent addition to its standard features as it offers you a convenient and safe way to store your tools and other equipment.

LED Lights

With its DOT-approved lights for stop, tail, turn and clearance, you can ensure maximum visibility even during night time. What’s good about LEDs is that compared to regular bulbs, they last longer and provide better illumination.


Another feature of this trailer designed for your convenience is the 5-foot slide-in ramps. These ramps are quite tough and they allow you to easily carry heavy cargos to and from the bed. It’s important to note that the rear slide in ramps are available on trailers that are 18 ft. and above.

Radial Tires

With its 235/80 R16 LRE radial tires, you can have a smoother ride with less vibrations. Radial tires are also fuel efficient due to less rolling resistance.

  Three 7,000 Lb Cambered Dexter Spring axles with 3 electric NEV-R-ADJUST brakes
  Two 5/16″ bolt on adjustable turtle coupler (25,000lb)
  3″ Channel 16″ OC crossmembers (3.5 lbs/ft)
  3″ Standard D-Rings
  Weld on diamond plate fenders
  Sherwin-Williams Powdura OneCure Primer with Polyester TGIC Gloss Powder Topcoat finish
  Treated wood floor
  8″ Channel (11.5 lbs/ft) frame
  21,000 lb GVWR
  Two 10K drop leg spring return jacks
  DOT-approved LED lights
  5′ Slide-In ramps
  26400 Lb 3/8 x 36 G#70 Safety chains
  Multi-leaf slipper spring suspension
  235/80 R16 LRE tires
  2″ X 2″ 1/8″ top rail tubing
  8″ Channel (11.5 lbs/ft) tongue and neck
  16″ 8-Hole Sliver Mod wheels
  16 Ga. 5-way double insulated harness w/7-way plug

  ST225/75 R15 LRD or ST235/85 R16 LRG Tires
  8 ” Channel Frame
  Steel Diamond Plate, rough oak, Douglas fir or blackwood floor
  12” OC Cross-Members
  Aluminum, steel diamond plate fenders or drive-over fenders (standard on 102” wide carhaulers)
  7K Drop-leg or (1 or 2) 10K drop-leg jack(s)
  3” or 4” additional d-rings (weld-on, bolt-on, recessed or removable)
  Tongue-mount toolbox with gas shock
  Spare tire and mount (removable or weld-on)
  Rear support stands (tubes or jacks)
  Additional stake pockets
  Receiver hitch
  Running boards
  2” Rub rail
  9.5K, 12K, or 17.5K winch package
  Winch plate

Load Trail Dealers

You could buy the Load Trail GH22 Heavy Duty Gooseneck from any of their dealers nationwide. You could visit their website to check the nearest dealer in your location.


The CH21 has some of the best features you could ask for. One is its high GVWR of up to 21,000 pounds, giving you more flexibility in loading heavy equipment. It also uses nothing but  the best Dexter brand axles for best performance. It also has a big tool box and sturdy ramps among others. 

However, one of the features that you may want to improve on is the 8″ channel frame. A channel frame is not the strongest frame available. The I-beam and tubular frames are better options. Moreover, having triple axles also has downsides, and one of them is the cost.

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