George from Auto Transport City approached us here at Hotshot Warriors. He wanted to share information on Auto Transport City. I hope this can help all you hotshots!

Starting out on any new business could be a challenge and may require knowing a thing or two about the nature of the business. Same could be said about the car trucking business. However, since the millennium, the boast of the trucking business has been on the rise. There are millions of US citizens that require car truckers throughout the year. Whether they are about to settle to a new place, want to transport their agricultural vehicle or transport a van. They need to hire an auto shipping company to transport their respective vehicle.

For truckers, there are sometimes also a hurdle comes in finding work of auto shipping. The guarantee of getting payments on time. The authenticity of the shippers, and many more. There used to endless hurdles for a decent car trucker to find work back in the day.

Well, not anymore.

There is a better alternative to find work now. Instead of putting flyers out and marketing on the streets. You can do one better. You can sign-up at Auto Transport City (ATC), where the whole US comes to ship their pride and joy to their desired location with just a click of a button. You too can join us at ATC and make a name for yourself and dominate the marketplace with your exceptional car trucking service with affordable quotations.

So, What is Auto Transport City?

Auto Transport City, is an online marketplace where hundreds of car shippers come and create their shipments on our website, and various auto shipping companies place their bids and offer competitive quotations to win their shipment job.

How Would I Be Able To Win One Also?

First things first, for getting started on winning shipment jobs, you have got to have a solid profile so shippers pay heed to your bids and quotations and don’t write you off. For creating a solid profile, you have to create a profile first.

Creating Your Profile

Creating a profile is simple and easy.

For registration, you have to fill out an e-form with the required information:

 First & Last Name

 Company Name

 DOT  & MC Number

 Phone Number

 Email Address & Password

For the completion of your registration, an email will be forwarded to your email address for confirmation.

After getting registered, you have to complete the rest of your profile and start doing business on our platform.

ATC Features

There are loads of features ATC provide on its platform, some of them are as follows:

Unlimited Bids
Yes, you have read it right. There is no restriction on the number of times you post your bids and quotations on our marketplace. So, you can bid to your heart’s content.

Gaining Feedback
Completion of each job will earn you and the shipper the right to give feedback. It can be done in either positive, negative or neutral. Play your cards right and you will end up with so many positive reviews and feedback. Resulting in gaining an upper hand over the marketplace.

 Gaining Edge Over Market
When you have gained an upper hand over the market because of your excellent service with cost-effective bids. You would be able to dictate your own price for the shipment and shippers would happily pay your desired bid for availing your service.

 Payment Methods
Any business person, let alone a trucker, would want to work in a safe environment. Where the payment doesn’t get stuck in transit and the person gets paid as soon as the job is completed. This is what ATC proudly offers in its marketplace. Payment methods in our marketplace are safe and reliable. There are two ways a payment can be made to you.  

PayPal, it is most resilient and reliable way for making payments on any e-commerce platform.

ATC Payment System, this payment method is also reliable, as this method deals with credit/debit cards. These cards include Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Safe Platform
ATC uses SSL (Secret Socket Layer) which enables secure and safe communications over our platform. SSL encrypts all of this sensitive information of yours such as your email address and password.

Thank you to George for the information. To learn more about Auto City Transport visit their website

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