If you are looking for a trailer that will make it easier and quicker for you to load and unload equipment, the Gatormade Tilt Bed 16k Aardvark is one engineered for that purpose. This big muscle trailer has heavy duty parts and fittings for longer lasting use.

Tilt Bed

The 16-foot tilt bed of this trailer is engineered for freights that are difficult to load and unload with a traditional ramp such as load man lifts, solid tire forklifts and low profile vehicles, among others. It is also great for just about any type of load and equipment.  The tilt design makes loading and unloading hassle-free.

The gravity tilt uses a dual cylinder to control the degree of the tilt. It also has an auto-latch mechanism to ensure years of reliable service.

Low Profile Flatbed

A low profile design makes for easy loading and unloading. Not only that, it also allows you to carry taller loads.

The trailer deck is composed of two parts: the 4-foot stationary area and the 16-foot tilt bed. It uses a treated wood floor that is screwed down to the frame. This material is known for its strength and durability. You can easily access the deck through the big safety side steps and handle.

Powder Coat Finish

The powder coat finish is the best finish available. It is very durable and resistant to abrasion, corrosion, peeling and cracking. This ensures that your trailer will look good for many years. 


This tilt bed trailer is fitted with a 6″x2″ square tube main frame. What’s great about a tubular steel construction is that it is very rigid and strong and it reduces frame twist. This in turn extends the life of the trailer. 

Aardvark Neck

This trailer comes with a 10-inch C-channel frame aardvark neck style. It has a huge toolbox and spare tire compartment integrated in the neck.

The aardvark neck design offers several advantages over a regular bumper pull. One is it has a longer connection point to the trailer. Many of those who have pulled an aardvark and bumper pull trailer would tell you that the former is easier to pull and maneuver. Moreover, because of its wide and long connection point to the bed, it displaces weight more evenly. This allows the trailer to perform better under a heavy load.

Lights and Wiring

LED lights are extremely energy efficient as they consume up to 90% less power than traditional incandescent bulbs. That is why Gatormade uses all LED lights in its trailers. LED lights also stay brighter longer. During night time, other drivers can see your trailer from greater distances. This is a big advantage for safety. 

Aside from the installed LED lights required by DOT, it also comes with reflective marker tape for additional illumination. Lights are grommet mounted and sealed. Moreover, it is fitted with a set of work lights on headboard for nighttime loading. 

Safety Features

When choosing a trailer, choose one with a set of reliable safety features as it can give you peace of mind. For this trailer, it comes with a complete safety breakaway kit that allows you to immediately stop the trailer in case it got disconnected from the vehicle. There are also electric brakes on all wheels for faster stopping power.

Dual Jacks

Dual jacks provide a stable loading platform when the trailer is not attached to a towing vehicle. This trailer’s two jacks are spring-loaded with 12k capacity. 

Radial Tires

Commercial-grade radial tires are one of the best for hotshot trucking. They offer a softer ride, better fuel economy, and less vibration compared to bias ply tires. Due to the reduced heat being generated by the tires, they also tend to last longer. 

 This trailer comes with four new 17.5-inch 16-ply radials with a matching spare tire included.

  4+16 deck lengths (4ft stationary area + 16 tilt bed)
  Heavy-duty Gator Tuff black powder coat paint finish
  10″ C-channel frame aardvark neck style
  Storage place for spare tire
  Mega toolbox built onto the headboard
  6″x2″ square tube main frame design
  Safety steps on the sides
  Set of work lights on headboard for loading at night
  (2) 5/16 heavy duty adjustable/interchangeable couplers
  (2) 12k stationary spring-loading jacks for better stability
  (2) 8k axles with electric brakes on all wheels
  (4) new tires, 17.5″ 16-ply radial
  Reflective marker tape
  Treated wood floor – 2×8 boards (screwed down)
  Matching spare tire included
  Grommet mounted sealed lighting
  82 inches between the fenders
  Gravity up/down tilt bed dual cylinder with auto-latch mechanism
  Complete safety breakaway kit
  Side stake pockets with rub rail for strapping
  All LED lights

  Pintle ring (for pintle hitch system)
  Removable slide into stake pocket D-rings
  Welded D-rings
  Winch plate
  Pallet fork holders


You can get Tilt Bed 16k Aardvark at factory price from Gatormade’s factory located in Somerset, Kentucky. Alternatively, you may also pick up your trailer at any of their direct locations in Mt. Orab, Ohio; Marietta, Georgia; Nicholasville, Kentucky; Byhalia, Mississippi; Salisbury, North Carolina; Ocala, Florida; and Ruffs Dale, Pennsylvania. Getting your trailer at a factory price saves you thousands from dealer mark-ups.


The Tilt Bed 16k Aardvark gives you a hassle-free towing advantage because of its dual cylinder gravity tilt. You can easily load just about anything to this trailer. The combination of this tilt feature plus the low-profile and aardvark neck design gives you the best towing experience. Moreover, its other standout features which include the powder coat finish, dual jack and radial tires give you the best value for your money.

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