This gooseneck trailer is one of the best sellers from Gatormade. It comes with a number of unique features including its 10-foot dovetail and aerodynamic open headboard for load protection. It also has many other heavy-duty components that make it stand out among other trailers in the market.

Low-Profile Flatbed

A low-profile design makes a trailer more stable because the bed is closer to the center of gravity. This trailer has a low-profile pierced frame design with only 35 inches of deck height. The bed is made from 2 x 8 pressure-treated wood flooring which offers good traction to help keep the load stay in place. Wood also resists flexing. Access to the flatbed is easier and safer as this trailer also comes with dual boarding steps with big handles.

Powder Coat Finish

A powder coat finish is considered the most durable paint finish for a trailer. It is resistant to corrosion, abrasion, peeling and cracking. Unlike regular paint, the finish is also free from typical imperfections such as bubbles, drips and runs. It is also considered as an economical choice because you don’t have to repaint from time to time as powder coat lasts longer than regular paint.

Top-of-the-Line Anti-flex System

The anti-flex system keeps swaying and flexing to a minimum. This feature also extends the life of the trailer. This trailer’s anti-flex system includes a 6-inch diameter torque tube and 14″ I-beam main frame construction that is 30,000# rated. Also part of the anti-flex system is the bracing under the trailer bed. The gussets run from the side of the bed down to the I-beam. This bracing provides added strength and stability to the main frame.

Hydraulic Dovetail

One of the prominent features of this gooseneck is its 10-foot hydraulic dovetail which is fitted with a slip-resistant rubber floor loading area. This no-touch dovetail raises and lowers with the touch of a button. You don’t have to contend with complex bars, screws or latches.

Spring-loaded Jacks

There are two 25k heavy duty dual speed spring loaded jacks fitted at the front of this trailer. These jacks allow you to hook up or unhook easily and quickly. They also provide added stability during loading and unloading when the trailer is not attached to a vehicle.

Lights and Wiring

All the lights fitted in this trailer are LED. LED lights are better than conventional lights as they last longer and provide better illumination. The light package is DOT-approved and legal in all states in the US and Canada. To help get your work at night done, this trailer also comes with a LED work light bar on top of the neck. Moreover, it uses a preformed wire harness that is weather resistant to ensure that your wiring are safe.

Safety Features

For a worry-free travel experience, this trailer comes with vital safety features. One vital feature is the safety breakaway kit. In case the trailer unhooks from the vehicle, you can use this breakaway kit to stop the trailer in no time to avoid any accidents. Moreover, a mounted fire extinguisher is also part of the standard equipment. 

Dexter Axles

Dexter axles are the best in the industry due to their reliability and durability. This trailer has two 10k drum Dexter axles. 


The Gatormade Gooseneck Trailer with Hydraulic Dovetail is fitted with 16-inch 10-ply radial tires. These deep-tread commercial tires provide greater mileage than conventional tires. Radial tires also handle bumps better, making your ride smoother. A matching mounted spare tire is also a part of the standard feature.

  Low profile pierced frame design 35 inch deck height
  14″ I-beam main frame construction – 30,000# rated
  14″ I-beam neck
  True boxed framing
  30k GVW gooseneck coupler
  Safety front mounted dual boarding steps with BIG handles for easy access to the utility area
  (2) 10k Drum Dexter axles
  (2) 25k heavy duty dual speed spring loaded jacks
  6” torque tube
  HDSS Suspension
  10ft hydraulic dovetail
  All LED lights
  2 x 8 pressure treated wood flooring
  Locking chain box on front
  LED work light bar on top of the neck
  Mud flaps
  Ratchet rail
  Winch plate
  Spread axle
  16″ 10-ply radial tires
  Bracing under the trailer bed (gussets from side of bed down to I-beam
  Preformed wire harness
  DOT approved light package and safety breakaway kit (legal in all USA states and Canada)
  Heavy duty stake pocket and rub rail
  Matching mounted spare tire
  Mounted fire extinguisher
  Aerodynamic open headboard for load protection



  Chrome wheel simulators
  Under the deck steel tool box(s)
  6 ft x 8 ft deck over neck
  14 ply radial tires – upgrade
  17.5 16-ply commercial tires – upgrade
  Removable stake pocket D-rings
  Sliding ratchets with straps
  Taller gooseneck couple
  Additional welded-rings
  5th wheel gooseneck coupler
  (2) 25,000 lb dual speed jacks with spring loaded feet
  BIGFOOT hydraulic jacks
  Choose your GVWR

Factory Direct Sales

You can purchase this Gooseneck Trailer with Hydraulic Dovetail directly from Gatormade’s factory located in Somerset, Kentucky. Depending on your location, you may also get your trailer at any of their direct locations in Mt. Orab, Ohio; Marietta, Georgia; Nicholasville, Kentucky; Byhalia, Mississippi; Salisbury, North Carolina; Ocala, Florida; and Ruffs Dale, Pennsylvania. Getting your trailer from any of these locations means you’ll be getting a factory-direct sale with no dealer markups. This could save you thousands of dollars.


The Gatormade Gooseneck Trailer with Hydraulic Dovetail is one of the best of its kind. The dovetail will make it extra convenient and quicker for you to load and unload your freight. It’s anti-flex system also extends the life of the trailer. Moreover, it has many other standard components that are top of the line, giving you the best value for your money. These components include a low-profile flatbed, Dexter axles, dual jacks and deep-tread radial tires.

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