The Flatbed Car Hauler Trailer with Slide-In Ramps is one that you can use for many different tasks. You can use it to haul building materials, equipment, cars, atvs, and lawn mowers among others. It is made from quality materials and designed with the safety of its user in mind. Its standout features include:

Powder Coat Finish

When it comes to esthetics and quality finish, powder coat is one of the best options available. It is far better than liquid paint as it offers superior consistency without the usual imperfections of regular painting jobs such as bubbles, drips, sags and runs. Powder coated surfaces also resist cracking, peeling, marring, abrasion and corrosion. Moreover, it lasts longer than regular paint.

Low Profile Flatbed

This trailer has a low profile flatbed made of treated wood and measuring 82 inches between the fenders. A low profile design allows for easy transition as you load your freight into the trailer bed. It also improves the stability of the trailer, reducing flexing and making the ride smoother. It also does not have side rails. This makes it easier for you to load the cargo through the sides or rear of the trailer.

Leaf Spring Suspension

This flatbed uses a leaf spring suspension which is popular for its built-in equalizer. A leaf spring suspension distributes weight more evenly across the axles. This ensures you get a smoother ride even if the road is bumpy. Another advantage of a leaf spring suspension is that it is easy to maintain and is more affordable to fix.

All LED Lights

LED lights last longer than regular bulbs. They also provide better lighting and are more economical to use that other types of bulb. Good thing that this trailer comes with DOT-compliant, rubber mounted LED lights. The lighting placements are legal in the US.

Heavy Duty Ramps

The Flatbed Car Hauler Trailer comes with a set of slide-in loading ramps measuring 12 inch wide and 5ft long, 2x2x1/4 single construction. These heavy duty ramps help make loading and unloading easier, faster and more convenient.

Safety Features

With a complete safety breakaway system, you’ll still be able to completely stop this trailer in case it gets disconnected from the towing vehicle.  All its wheels are also fitted with electric brakes. This provides excellent stopping power. Both the breakaway kit and electric brakes are reliable safety features that give you full control of the trailer while on the road.

Radial Tires

Radial tires are one of the best options for hotshot trucking as they offer better fuel economy, a smoother ride and longer wear and tear. This trailer comes with four new 15″ radial tires. It also has a spare tire mount where you could keep your extra tire for emergency use.

  Powder coat paint finish
  Rated 7k GVW
  Low profile design keeps the load center of gravity lower for an excellent towing experience
  2 5/16 coupler
  2,000 bolted down jack with sand foot
  Heavy duty diamond tread fenders with supports
  Oval LED tail lights
  Treated wood floor (screwed down)
  (2) 3500 axles with electric brakes on all wheels
  Leaf spring suspension
  Set of slide-in loading ramps – 12 inch (W) x 5ft (L), 2x2x1/4 single construction
  82 inches between the fenders
  (4) new 15″ radial tires
  Complete safety breakaway system
  Stake pockets for strapping points or to place side board
  Spare tire mount

  Mounted spare tire
  All LED lights
  Poly toolbox
  Chrome or mag wheels
  Removable slide-into stake pocket D-rings
  Welded D-rings
  Swivel side jack
  Caster wheel

Factory Direct Sales

This Flatbed Car Hauler Trailer (Slide In Ramps) is available at factory wholesale price. With no high mark-ups from a dealer, you’ll get this trailer at a very affordable price. You can pick up your trailer at Gatormade’s main factory located in Somerset, Kentucky, or in any of their direct locations in Mt. Orab, Ohio; Marietta, Georgia; Nicholasville, Kentucky; Byhalia, Mississippi; Salisbury, North Carolina; Ocala, Florida; and Ruffs Dale, Pennsylvania at no extra cost. 


The Flatbed Car Hauler Trailer (Slide In Ramps) is one of the most popular car haulers in the market today due to its great features and affordable price. Among its standout features include its low-profile design, powder coat finish, complete safety features and heavy-duty ramp system. 

The downside to this trailer is that it is designed for lightweight loads of up to 7K GVWR. Also, the company only does services at its main factory in Somerset. Depending on your location, you may have to drive hundreds of miles just to have servicing done to your trailer.

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