The Gatormade Air Ride Gooseneck Trailer allows you to serve a broader customer base, and this allows you to have an extremely smooth-pulling gooseneck trailer. The Air Ride Gooseneck is well-crafted and built to last. 

Gatormade’s Ramps 

Gatormade pioneered their big ramp system, and they come standard on their gooseneck trailers. In eight years of their ramp system, Gatormade has seen success. Gatormade’s Air Ride is equipped with spring assist ramps, and it makes it easier to load and unload the ramps. It also has stand-up bars for the ramps. 

The Air Ride Gooseneck also has a dovetail. You can use the dovetail for loading, unloading, and working on your trailer. 

Dexter Axles 

The Air Ride Gooseneck has two 12,000 pound Dexter Oil-Bath Brake Axles. Dexter Axles are a progressive and trusted leader in the automotive industry. Dexter Axles are designed and crafted to last for years on a hotshot trailer. These axles will provide durability and strength to the trailer. 

The Air Ride Gooseneck is also built on a spread-axle design. Spread axles allow for more flexibility with loading and in some areas can carry more weight. 

Safety Steps & Handles 

Most trailers have a single step on the side, and you can barely fit both feet on them. There is also nothing to hold onto when you are trying to get yourself on the trailer. If you think about it, side steps make it difficult and dangerous to work on your trailer. 

Gatormade’s Air Ride Gooseneck has steps and boarding handles at the front of the bed. The safety steps make it as simple as walking up the stairs in your home. The steps and handles make it safer to get on and off your gooseneck trailer. This is convenient for hotshot truckers who are loading, unloading, or working on their gooseneck trailer. 


The flatbed on the Gatormade Air Ride Gooseneck Trailer is a platform you can mount specialized equipment on with the winch plate, and this is great for hotshot truckers. 

The flatbed trailer is 102-inches wide, and it is made up of pressure-treated wood flooring. The length of the trailer bed is 40-feet.

There is an open headboard on the bed of the trailer. The open headboard is aerodynamic, and this provides load protection for each and every haul.  

I-Beam & Torque Tube

The Air Ride Gooseneck has a 14-inch I-Beam on the mainframe and neck. Most other trailer manufacturers use a 12-inch I-Beam. The larger the I-Beam, the more support the trailer has. The Air Ride Gooseneck also has bracing under the trailer bed and the gussets from the side of the bed to the I-Beam. This provides additional support to the gooseneck trailer

There is a 6-inch torque tube on the Air Ride Gooseneck. A torque tube is meant to compensate for the weight on the trailer. The torque tube will prevent your trailer’s frame from getting frame fatigue and frame flex. If your trailer gets frame fatigue or frame flex, it can start shaking as you are driving down the road. This is dangerous for you and for other drivers. The torque tube under the trailer allows for extra support to strengthen the trailer. 

Air Ride Suspension 

It is obvious that the Air Ride Gooseneck comes with air ride suspensions. Air ride suspension uses a variety of valves, air-lines, and spring bags in place of steel suspension. 

Air ride suspension is adjustable and it has the ability to adapt handling to different situations.  It also provides great towing capabilities. 

Powder-Coat Paint 

Powder-coat paint is the latest in the trailer manufacturing industry. It comes standard on the Air Ride Gooseneck, and the powder-coat paint makes the trailer look clean and sleek. 

At Gatormade the powder coat finish is applied by baking it on the trailer. By baking it on, this gives the gooseneck trailer a smooth finish. Every metal part of the gooseneck trailer is covered. The paint coverage is complete, and it is made to last for years to come.

Heavy-Duty Stake Pockets & Rub Rails 

The Air Ride Gooseneck has heavy-duty stake pockets. This provides the gooseneck trailer with strength and durability when you are carrying anything from concrete, brick, or lightweight equipment.

The Air Ride Gooseneck also has heavy duty rub rails. The rub rails are designed to “rub” against other objects (i.e. walls or highway barricades, etc.) to absorb impact and trauma. This protects the trailer from damage. The rub rails also protect the chains, straps, and ropes that are commonly used to secure cargo on the trailer. You can transport your load safely and easily with heavy duty stake pockets and rub rails.

LED Lighting & Reflective Tape 

The Air Ride Gooseneck comes with all LED lighting (including a light bar on top of the headboard) and reflective tape. Both the lighting and tape assures your trailer is properly lit and visible while traveling on the road. All of the lighting and take is approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Since the lighting is DOT approved, that means the lights are legal throughout the United States and Canada. This gives truckers peace of mind knowing their trailer is up to standards, and they will not have to worry about a fine.

Preformed Wire Harness

The Air Ride Gooseneck’s wiring is protected in a preformed wire harness to resist harsh weather. There are various wires that allow the transfer of power for the lighting, as well as the auxiliary function such as an electric trailer brake controller, backup lights, or power supply for a winch, or interior trailer lights.

If your gooseneck trailer is not equipped with a preformed wire harness, the wires are susceptible to being ruined. When your wires are ruined, your trailer cannot function properly. You cannot use the brake controller, backup lights, power supply, or the trailer lights. That can be dangerous for you and other drivers on the road. The Air Ride Gooseneck has all its wiring sealed to protect all the wires and keep it safe.


The Air Ride Gooseneck has 16-inch sixteen 10-ply tires mounted on silver wheels. The radial tires distribute the weight of the payload more evenly. This allows for improved stability when hotshot truckers are hauling larger loads. 

Radial tires are pretty much standard nowadays in the trailer manufacturing industry, but some gooseneck trailers are still made with cross-ply tires. Cross-ply tires are an older design, and they don’t hold up as well as radial tires. Radial tires optimize a symmetrical radial pattern for the base tire ply. This design requires a much higher level of quality and design calculation.

Radial tires provide many benefits hotshot truckers will find useful. Radial tires reduce rolling resistance and that results in an improved fuel economy and life of the tires. Radial tires do improve control and it reduces traction in inclement weather. Hotshot truckers travel all across the United States and Canada. Hotshot truckers might encounter snow or ice, but their tires will help with traction. Since the tires also reduce rolling resistance, it improves mileage. It goes without saying that hotshot truckers put the miles on their trucks and trailers.

The Air Ride Gooseneck also comes with a matching mounted spare tire. Hopefully, you will not need it, but it is great just in case. 

Dual Speed Jacks 

The Air Ride Gooseneck has two 12,000 pound spring-loaded dual speed jacks. The dual jacks are bolted to the Air Ride Gooseneck. Trailers that use drop leg dual jacks have a functional combination of working gears as well as a drop leg feature. The drop leg dual jacks allow for an easier and smooth shifting from gears.

Locking Chainbox 

There is a locking chain box that is on the front of the gooseneck trailer. A hotshot trucker can put whatever they want or need to in it, and the contents will stay safe. 

Safety Breakaway Kit 

The Gatormade Air Ride Gooseneck comes standard with a complete breakaway kit and charger. The breakaway kit is designed to bring your trailer safely to a stop by activating its electric brakes if it becomes disconnect while being towed. A rechargeable battery is included so you never have to worry about the breakaway kit not being usable.

40-foot Overall Bed Length 
14-inch I-Beam Main Frame Construction & Neck 
Two 12,000 pound Dexter Oil-Bath Brake Axles 
LED Work Light Bar on Neck 
Safety Steps & Handles
Durable Powder-Coat Paint 
6-inch Torque Tube 
Winch Plate 
Ratchet Rail 
2 X 8 Pressure-Treated Wood Flooring 
Locking Chain Box on Front 
Mud Flaps 
Air Ride Equipped 
16-inch sixteen 10-ply Tires Mounted on Silver Wheels (Radial Tires) 
Two 12K Heavy-Duty Spring-Loaded Dual Speed Jacks 
Bracing Under the Trailer Bed 
Preformed Wire Harness 
Heavy-Duty Stake Pocket & Rub-Rail 
Matching Mounted Spare Tire 
Stand-Up Bars for Ramps 
Spread Axle Design 
DOT-Approved Light Package & Safety Breakaway Kit 
Aerodynamic Open Headboard for Load Protection

Chrome Wheel Simulators 
Under the Deck Steel Toolboxes 
6 ft. X 8 ft. Deck Over Neck 
14-ply Radial Tires (Upgrade) 
17.5-inch 16-ply Commercial Tires (Upgrade) 
8 ft. Slide-In Loading Ramps 
Removable Stake Pocket D-Rings 
Sliding Ratchet with Straps 
Taller Gooseneck Coupler 
Two 25,000 pound Dual Speed Jacks with Spring-Loaded Feet
BIGFOOT Hydraulic Jacks 
Also Available as a 35+5 in Length with 40-inch Wide Loading Fold-Over Ramps (40-ft Overall) 

Factory Direct Sales 

The Gatormade Air Ride Gooseneck can be purchased from the Gatormade Factory that is located in Somerset, Kentucky. When you buy a Gatormade gooseneck trailer, you are getting a factory direct sale. There are no dealerships. This works out in the hotshot trucker’s favor. Since there are no dealerships, there are no dealer markups, and you are getting the trailer at the wholesale price.  

Even if you cannot make the drive to Somerset, Kentucky to pick up your trailer, there are seven factory direct locations. A Gatormade salesman can have your trailer sent from the factory to any factory direct location with no charge added. There are factory direct locations in Mt. Orab, Ohio; Marietta, Georgia; Nicholasville, Kentucky; Byhalia, Mississippi; Salisbury, North Carolina; Ocala, Florida; and Ruffs Dale, Pennsylvania. Each location offers gooseneck trailers, and there will be helpful salesmen who can get your trailer hooked up, and you can be on your way to hauling your loads.

Editor’s Rating: 9.3/10 

The Gatormade Air Ride Gooseneck has quality features such as air ride suspension, Gatormade’s Big Ramp System, powder-coat paint, and numerous other features. This gooseneck trailer would serve any hotshot trucker well.  

The downside is that there is only one factory in Somerset, Kentucky. Gatormade does not have a large dealer network, and you cannot just go to a local trailer dealer near you. With that being said, the factory-direct price is the best value out there.

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Let us know what you think of the Gatormade Air Ride Gooseneck in the comments below. 

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