The Gatormade 30K Tri-Axle Gooseneck trailer is apart of Gatormade’s elite series, and it is equipped with great features. It is engineered to carry the maximum payload that is available for gooseneck trailers, and it would serve a hotshot trucker well.

Weight Specifics 

The 30K Tri-Axle has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 30,000 pounds. It also has a gross axle weight rating (GAWR) of 10,000 pounds per axle. The gooseneck trailer does have three axles. 

Gatormade Ramps 

The 30K Tri-Axle has 40-inch wide 4-Beam triple spring ramps. Gatormade pioneered their Big Ramp system. They come standard on all their gooseneck trailers. The Big Ramps make unloading and loading your trailer so much easier. 


The Tri-Axle Gooseneck has three 10,000 pound Dexter Oil Bath Brake Axles. Dexter Axles are a progressive and trusted leader in the automotive industry. Dexter Axles are designed and crafted to last for years on a gooseneck trailer. These axles will provide durability and strength to the trailer. 

Since there are three axles on this trailer, it maximizes the carrying capacity. It is perfect for hotshot truckers who are hauling heavy loads and want to step up their game. 

Boarding Steps & Handles 

Most trailers have a single step on the side, and you can barely fit both feet on them. There is also nothing to hold onto when you are trying to get yourself on the trailer. You could easily fall right off. If you think about it, side steps make it difficult and dangerous to work on your trailer. 

Gatormade’s Tri-Axle has dual safety boarding steps and handles for an easy time getting on and off the hotshot trailer


The Tri-Axle is equipped with cross-bracing for increased lateral strength. The bracing is underneath the trailer, and this provides extra support for the hotshot trailer. The bracing prevents frame fatigue and frame flex. 

When a trailer has frame fatigue and frame flex, it will sway on the road, and it could potentially veer into other lanes. This is unsafe to you and other drivers on the road. 

By getting a trailer with cross-bracing, the trailer will last you so much longer. 


The Tri-Axle Gooseneck has a 14-inch I-Beam on the mainframe and neck. Most other trailer manufacturers use a 12-inch I-Beam. The larger the I-Beam, the more support the trailer has. The trailer gooseneck also has bracing under the trailer bed and the gussets from the side of the bed to the I-Beam. This provides additional support to the gooseneck trailer.


The flatbed on the Tri-Axle is 102-inches wide, and that is standard in the trailer manufacturing business. The flatbed trailer is made of pressure treated pine wood. 

The headboard is open on the Tri-Axle, and this makes the flatbed more aerodynamic, and it offers more securement to cargo. 

The Tri-Axle also has a winch plate on the flatbed of the trailer.  A winch plate is used to mount specialized equipment on the bed of the trailer for convenient use. 

Lighting & Reflective Tape

The Tri-Axle Gooseneck comes with all LED lighting (including a work light bar on the top of the neck) and reflective tape. Both the lighting and tape assures your trailer is properly lit and visible while traveling down the road. All of the lighting and tape is approved by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT).

Since the lighting is USDOT approved, that means the light and tape are legal throughout the country. This gives hotshot truckers peace of mind knowing their trailer is up to standards, and they will not have to worry about a large fine.


The Tri-Axle Gooseneck’s wiring is enclosed in tube and conduit. This will resist harsh weather and keep the wiring of the trailer safe. There are various wires that allow the transfer of power for the lighting, as well as the auxiliary function such as an electric trailer brake controller, backup lights, or power supply for a winch, or interior trailer lights. 

If the wiring on your gooseneck trailer is not protected, the wires are susceptible to damage. When your wires are ruined, your trailer cannot function properly. You cannot use the brake controller, backup lights, or power supply. That can be dangerous to you and other drivers on the road. 


There is a steel, lockable toolbox between the gooseneck uprights of this hotshot trailer. Hotshot truckers can put tools, straps, and other equipment in the toolbox, and they will never have to worry about it being tampered with since it is lockable. All the contents of the toolbox will stay safe. 

Spare Tire & Fire Extinguisher 

This gooseneck trailer is in Gatormade’s Elite Series, and that means it comes standard with a mounted spare tire and a mounted fire extinguisher. 

You never know when you will need a spare tire or a fire extinguisher, but when you do need them, they are vital to your safety and your business. 

If you are stuck on the road with a flat tire, you are not making any money. That is not what you want to do in the hotshot business. By having one already on the gooseneck, you can change a tire in no time. 

Dual Speed Jacks 

The Tri-Axle has heavy-duty dual speed jacks. These jacks are designed for commercial hauling and are bolted to the Tri-Axle Gooseneck. The drop leg dual jacks have a functional combination of working gears as well as a drop leg feature. The drop leg dual jack allows for an easier and smoother time shifting from one gear to the offer. 

Gator-Tuff Powder-Coat Finish 

Powder coat finishes are the latest in the trailer manufacturing business. The Tri-Axle Gooseneck does have a powder-coat finish. The powder-coat paint makes the trailer look clean, sleek, and professional. The hotshot trailer almost has a matte look to it. 

At Gatormade, the powder-coat finish is applied by baking it on the trailer. By baking it on, this gives the trailer a smooth finish. Every metal part of the trailer is covered, and you can get the finish in black or white. The paint coverage is Gator-Tuff, which means it will last for years to come. 

Heavy-Duty Gator Tuff Powder-Coat Finish 
40-inch Wide 4-Beam Triple Spring Ramps 
3-inch Channel Crossmembers 16-inch O.C. 
All Wiring Enclosed in Tube or Conduit 
Crossbracing for Increased Lateral Strength 
LED Work Light Bar on the Neck 
All LED Lighting 
Safety Dual Boarding Steps & Handles for Easy Up & Down 
Three 10K Dexter Oil Bath Brake Axles 
2 X 8 Pressure Treated Decking Screwed to Crossmembers 
Mounted Fire Extinguisher 
Steel Lockable Toolbox Between Gooseneck Uprights 
Heavy-Duty Dual Speed Jacks 
Winch Plate 
Ratchet Rail 
Stand-Up Bars 
GVWR: 30,000 
GAWR: 10,000 

Chrome Wheel Simulators
Under the Deck Steel Toolboxes 
14-ply Radial Tires 
6 ft. X 8 ft. Deck Steel Toolboxes 
Removable Stake Pocket D-Rings 
Sliding Ratchets with Straps 
Taller Gooseneck Coupler 
Additional Welded Rings 
No Dovetail 
Hutch Suspension
Two 25,000 pound Dual Speed Jacks with Spring Loaded Feet 
BIGFOOT Hydraulic Jack

Factory Direct Sales 

You can buy this Tri-Axle from Gatormade Headquarters. When you buy a Gatormade trailer, you are getting a factory direct sale. There are no dealerships. This works out in the buyer’s favor. Since there are no dealerships, there are no dealer markups. You are buying straight from the factory, and you can get the trailer at the wholesale price. You really do get the best bang for your buck by buying from the factory. The factory is located in Somerset, Kentucky. This location allows convenient access to factory direct locations in the northern and southern parts of the United States.

Even if you cannot make the drive to Somerset, Kentucky to pick up your trailer, there are seven factory direct locations. A Gatormade salesman can have your trailer sent from the factory to any factory direct location with no charge added. There are factory direct locations in Mt. Orab, Ohio; Marietta, Georgia; Nicholasville, Kentucky; Byhalia, Mississippi; Salisbury, North Carolina; Ocala, Florida; and Ruffs Dale, Pennsylvania. Each location offers gooseneck trailers, and there will be helpful salesmen who can get your trailer hooked up, and you can be on your way to hauling your loads.

Editor’s Rating: 9/10

The Gatormade 30K Tri-Axle Gooseneck has quality features, and it would be a great gooseneck trailer for any hotshot trucker. The downside to buying a Gatormade trailer is that there is only one factory location in Somerset, Kentucky. Gatormade does not have a large dealer network, and you cannot just go to a local trailer dealer near you. With that being said, the factory-direct pricing is the best value on the trailer market.


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