The Gatormade 25.9K Dual Tandem Elite Series is designed for heavy duty hotshot trucking. Designed with the users in mind, it comes with many great features that are made to last.

Reliable Anti-flex System

The Anti-Flex System keeps swaying and flexing to a minimum. This feature also extends the life of the trailer. The 25.9K Dual Tandem Elite Series anti-flex system includes a 6-inch diameter torque tube and 14-inch I-Beam as mainframe and neck. The torque tube compensates for the weight of the trailer, preventing frame flexing and fatigue. As with the I-Beam, most trailers just use a 12-inch I-Beam. The two-inch difference means better and more reliable support for the trailer.

Low-profile Flatbed

The flatbed on this Gatormade trailer is a platform where you can mount your cargo including specialized equipment on with the winch plate. It is 102 wide and is made up of 2-inch pressure treated flooring. The wood floor is highly durable to handle almost any type of cargo. It also offers good traction to help keep your load from moving during travel. Moreover, it has a 35-inch deck height. This low profile pierce frame design offers more stability.

What’s unique about this trailer is that it has an open headboard on the bed. This design is aerodynamic and it provides additional load protection. Access to the bed is also easy using the big steps and boarding handles on each side of the trailer.

12K Hydraulic Disc Brakes

This trailer comes with hydraulic disk brakes which offer several advantages over other types of braking systems. For one, disc brakes are designed for high performance and heavy-duty driving. They generate greater amounts of heat and transfer them to the atmosphere. As a result, it allows for faster cooling time. This in turn reduces the chances of brake fade.

Disc brakes also work at peak performance almost immediately. This feature allows you to avoid accidents on the road. Further, due to the design, disc brakes also self-adjust and do not require regular maintenance.

Powder-coat finish

Another great feature of this trailer it its powder coat finish. This type of finish projects a good image in hotshot trucking as it is generally far better than regular paint finish. Its unique application allows for superior consistency and uniformity without drips, runs, bubbles and sags that you’d normally find in painted finishes. Moreover, powder coated surfaces are extra durable and reliable in terms of providing abrasion, corrosion and impact resistance, which is important in hotshot trucking.

Big Ramp System and Dovetail

Gatormade is one of the pioneers in big ramps, and this trailer has one. It comes with a 40 x 60 sq inch ramp with power assist up and down. There are also standup bars and lockdown handle for the ramps. To make it even easier to loan and unload, this trailer also comes with a self-cleaning dovetail.

Dexter Axles

This dual tandem comes with two 12K disk electric over hydraulic oil-bath Dexter Axles. Dexter Axles is a trusted brand in the automotive industry. Their axles are crafted to handle heavy use and are known to last longer than any other regular brand.

Heavy Duty Stake Pockets and Rub Rails

The heavy duty rub rails and stake pockets both help in keeping your freight in place. It’s important that the rub rails are extra durable as they are designed to protect your straps, chains and ropes that are commonly used for securing the cargo. The stake pockets are vital for keeping your cargo in place.

Dual Speed Jack

The 25,000-pound pair of spring-loaded dual-speed Bigfoot jacks are bolted on to this flatbed. These jacks provide added stability when loading or unloading while the trailer is not attached to the towing vehicle.

LED Lights and Reflective Tape

To ensure that your trailer is properly lit and visible while travelling anytime of the day, it comes with reflective tape and LED lights including a LED work light bar on top of headboard. LED lights are extremely energy efficient and they typically last longer than regular bulbs. Moreover, both the reflective tape and LED lights are DOT-approved and legal in the US and Canada.

Safety Features

This trailer comes with various safety features including a complete breakaway kit with battery and charger. If the trailer becomes disconnected from the towing vehicle, the breakaway kit will bring the trailer safely to a stop. A rechargeable battery and charger are included so that the breakaway kit is usable at any time.

Moreover, this dual tandem is also equipped with a mounted-type ABC fire extinguisher as a standard equipment. This comes as a bonus as many trailers have this as an optional feature only.

Air Ride Suspension

This dual tandem trailer is fitted with air ride suspensions. This type of suspension system offers several advantages including minimal vibration and noise, improved fuel consumption, and improved tire life. Furthermore, air ride suspensions provide versatile towing capabilities.


Unlike some trailers that still use the older cross-ply tires, this dual tandem trailer uses 16-inch sixteen 10-ply radial tires mounted on silver wheels. Radial tires last longer and they also distribute the weight of the payload more evenly. This in turn results in more stability, improved mileage, fuel economy, and a smoother ride. It is also worth mentioning that this trailer comes with a mounted spare tire just in case you’d be needing one.

14″ I-beam main frame and neck
Powder coat paint (very clean, very smooth, complete paint coverage, made to last!
Steps on each side of bed with boarding handles
Complete breakaway kit with battery and charger
Lockable steel toolbox with lid holder between gooseneck uprights
102 inch overall bed width
Rubber mounted sealed lighting
All wiring sealed in tube or conduit
Safety reflective marker tape
(2) 12k disk electric over hydraulic / oil bath Dexter Axles
(8) New tires 235 80R 16 10-ply tires mounted on silver wheels (radial tires)
Torque tube
HDSS suspension
Ratchet rail
Winch plate
Stand-up bars for ramps
40 inch (W) x 60 inch (L) ramps with Triple power assist up and down Heavy duty jacks
Driver side mounted type ABC fire extinguisher
All LED lighting
Stake pockets, 19 inch O.C. with rub rail and chain spools
LED work light bar on top of headboard
Self-cleaning dovetail
Low profile pierced frame design 35-inch deck height
Spare tire included
5 year warranty
Available lengths: 20+5ft up to 45ft
Also available: 20ft up to 45 straight deck

Chrome wheel simulators
Under the deck steel toolboxes
6 ft x 8 ft deck over neck
Tires upgrade 14-ply radial
Tire upgrade to 16 ply with 17.5 wheels
8 ft slide-in loading ramps (with straight deck style trailer)
Removable stake pocket D-rings
Sliding ratchets with straps
Taller gooseneck coupler
Additional welded-rings
5th wheel gooseneck coupler
Hutch suspension
Air ride suspension
BIGFOOT hydraulic jacks
Choose your GVWR – You can downrate if needed

Factory Direct Sales

The 25.9 Dual Tandem Elite Plus trailer can be purchased from the Gatormade factory located in Somerset, Kentucky. If you can’t drive to this location, you may also pick up your trailer at any of their seven direct locations with no extra charge. Their factory direct locations are in Mt. Orab, Ohio; Marietta, Georgia; Nicholasville, Kentucky; Byhalia, Mississippi; Salisbury, North Carolina; Ocala, Florida; and Ruffs Dale, Pennsylvania. 

When you buy a Gatormade trailer, you’d be getting a factory direct sale with no dealership involved. This means that you will be getting the trailer at the wholesale price with no high markups. That’s one of the reasons why Gatormade trailers are more affordable despite their great features.


The 25.9 Dual Tandem Elite Plus trailer will serve your hotshot trucking business well because of its many great features. Some of its stand-out features include wide and low-profile flatbed, big ramps with dovetail, dual jacks, air ride suspension, and reliable safety features. The downside is that they only have one factory location where servicing is done. Depending on your location, you may have to drive a long distance to get your trailer serviced. 

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