The 10OA Pro Series Over-the-Axle Bumperpull Trailer is among the best-selling medium-weight equipment from Big Tex. A quick look at this trailer will give you an impression that it is made for heavy-duty use. It is well-designed and constructed for versatility and durability. Some of its important features are as follows:


The 8-inch I-Beam frame of this trailer is quite durable. An I-beam frame provides better resistance to bending and it is also more stable. Moreover, this frame also comes with an integral tongue for added strength.


This trailer also features a 102-inch low-profile bed. Big Tex typically use a 2-inch treated pine or Douglas Fir for the floor. Both of these materials are known to be durable and slip-resistant. In particular, the Douglas Fir is one of the strongest wood species available, making it ideal for trailer floors.


The 10OA Pro Series has two types of finish.They first thoroughly cleaned the steel for a smooth finish. Then they coated it with a highly decorative and protective finish to make the trailer look good. The protective finish also protects the metal parts from the elements to reduce wear and tear.


Another heavy duty feature of this trailer is its two 5,200# cambered Dexter axles. Dexter offers a smoother ride than other brands. It is also well known for its durability. 


Also part of this trailer’s standard features are the 1/4-inch Grd. 70 safety chains which keep the trailer attached to the towing vehicle in case the coupler fails. While nobody wants to use it, it’s good to have this additional feature just in case the coupler fails to work.


To facilitate easy hitching, the 10OA also features a bolted-on 8,000# drop leg jack. This jack also keeps the trailer more stable when loading or unloading when the trailer is not hooked to a vehicle.

Rubrail and Tie-down

You will also notice that this trailer has rubrail, stake pockets and tie-down pockets along its sides and front. These features make it easier for you to secure the loads. They also help keep the load to its place during the trip.


This trailer also comes with a complete set of DOT-approved lights for stop, tail, turn and clearance. All the lights are LEDs and protected with grommet mount seals. LED is becoming a popular option in many trailers as it offers better lighting and is also longer-lasting compared to the regular bulbs.

Additionally, the wires on this trailer is enclosed in a modular wiring harness. The harness protects the wires from the elements, which in turn helps prevent damage and short circuiting. 

Safety Features

Just like many other Big Tex trailers, the 10OA Pro Series is also equipped with reliable safety features which include electric brakes on both axles and a complete Break-A-Way system with charger. Both these features allow for maximum stopping power to reduce the risk of accidents, especially if the trailer gets accidentally disconnected from the towing vehicle.

Radial Tires 

The 10OA Pro Series is fitted with ST225/75R-15 Load Range D tires as part of standard equipment. Commercial-grade radial tires are ideal for hotshot trailers as they are fuel-efficient and produce a smoother ride.

  (2) 5,200# EZ Lube axles
  2″ Treated Pine or Douglas Fir floor
  8″ I-Beam frame
  15″ x 6″; Black spoke 6 bolt wheel
  Highly decorative and protective finish
  Adjustable Forged 2-5/16″ coupler
  7-Way RV Electric plug
  Multi-leaf spring suspension with equalizer
  3″ x 3.5″ Channel crossmembers
  1/4″ Grd. 70 safety chains with safety latch hook , 2 for each
  Rubrail and Tie Down Pockets Along Sides & Front
  Storage Tray in Tongue Area
  Forged Adjustable 2-5/16″ Coupler
  Tongue Integral with Frame
  8,000# Drop Leg Jack
  EZ Lube Hubs
  Cambered Axles
  Nev-R-Adjust Electric Brakes on All Hubs
  Grommet Mount Sealed Lighting
  L.E.D. Lighting Package
  Sealed Modular Wiring Harness
  Radial tires
  Spare Tire Mount (In Tongue Area)
  Complete Break-A-Way System w/Charger

  Blackwood Rubber Infused Floor
  Hydraulic Surge Brakes 2 Axles w/Adjustable Demco Actuator
  B40 5/8″ D-Ring
  Adjustable Pintle in Channel in Lieu of Coupler
  12,000# Drop Leg Jack – Top Wind
  5 HD Stand Up Ramps (Standard Equipped on “+3” Models)
  5 HD Stand Up Ramps (Standard Equipped on “+3” Models)
  8 Rear Slide In Ramps
  Spare Tire (ST225/75 R-15 LR-D)
  Spare Tire Upgrade (ST235/80 R-16 LR-E)
  Tire Upgrade (ST235/80 R-16 LR-E)


Big Tex Trailers have more than 400 dealers across the US, Canada and select international locations. If you are interested to get this 10OA Pro Series Over-The-Axle Bumperpull Trailer, simply contact the nearest dealer in your area.


This trailer has many strong points, however, there are also fittings and features that need improvement.

First, this trailer does not have ramps as part of its standard equipment. Ramps make loading easier and more convenient.  Also, it does not have a powder coat finish which is considered the best type of finish for trailers

For its best features, you can add the use of Dexter axles and multi-leaf suspension spring to the list. It also uses an I-beam frame which is considered as a more durable option than an angle frame. Also, its reliable safety features can y give you peace of mind with every trip.



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