The Big Tex 25GN HDTS Tandem Dual Gooseneck with a Hydraulic Dovetail has unique features, and it is a great value in gooseneck flatbed trailers. When you buy a Big Tex Trailer, you are buying from a trailer manufacturer that has invested in the latest technology and state-of-the-art construction. That is what makes the features on the Big Tex 25GN HDTS provide long-lasting services for hotshot truckers. 

Weight Specifics 

The 25GN HDTS has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 25,900 pounds. It also has a gross axle weight rating (GAWR) of 12,000 pounds (per axle).

The engineers and technicians at Big Tex have designed optimal trailers for maximum payloads and strength. This allows hotshot truckers to push their trailer to the limits with their heavy load. 

Dovetail & Side Rails 

The 25GN HDTS has a 9-foot hydraulic dovetail with 6-inch channel side rails. The dovetail is hydraulic, and it can be lifted up and down as needed. The dovetail is cleated with wood between the runners. 

The dovetail has a diamond plate knife edge on the rear, and it also has a collapsible rear bumper. 

The lifting capacity of the dovetail is approximately 8,000-pounds. The carrying capacity of the dovetail is approximately 4,000-pounds. 


The 25GN has a low-profile bed and a pierced-beam frame. The mainframe, neck, and tongue consist of a 12-inch I-Beam. That is standard in the trailer manufacturing business. 

There is also a torque tube that supports the frame. A torque tube compensates for the weight that is put on the trailer. The torque tube braces the undercarriage of the trailer and provides the support. This also prevents frame fatigue and frame flex. 

There are 3-inch channel cross members that are connected to the center to provide support to the trailer. 

Locking & Lifting System 

On the Big Tex 25GN HDTS, there is a sled-design locking and lifting system. This system is innovative in the trailer industry.


The flatbed is 102-inches wide. The trailer comes in two lengths. You can get the 25GN HDTS as a 35-foot trailer or a 40-foot trailer. 

The floor on the trailer is 2-inches thick, and the floor is treated wood. The wood used is treated pine or Douglas fir. The Douglas fir is only available from the facility in Caldwell, Idaho.

Axles & Suspension

There are two 12,000 dual wheels, oil bath Dexter Axles on the Big Tex 25GN HDTS. They come standard with electric brakes. Each Dexter Axle can hold 12,000 pounds. Dexter Axles are a progressive and trusted leader in the automotive industry.

The gooseneck trailer also has heavy duty 30,000-pound suspension by Dexter Axles. Dexter Axles are designed and crafted to last for years. Dexter Axles provide quality and durability to your trailer. You can count on them being heavy duty, and they will last for years to come.

Steps & Handles 

The Big Tex 25GN HDTS has two side bed steps and handles. This allows for hotshot truckers to conveniently and safely get on and off the trailer. There is one side step located on each side of the trailer, and this is perfect for hotshots getting on and off the flatbed. 


Lighting is required on trailers by law. The Big Tex 25GN HDTS is all LED lighting, and it comes Department of Transportation (DOT) approved. Since the lighting is legal by the DOT, that means the lights are legal throughout the United States. This is great because hotshots will not have to pay additional money to get their trailer’s lights up to specifications, and it also provides peace of mind. 

The lighting on the trailer is protected with a grommet seal. With the seal, that means the lighting is always protected from any weather and it will last.


The Big Tex 25GN HDTS provides hotshots with plenty of storage space. There is a lockable side mount toolbox that houses a power unit and a lockable toolbox between the gooseneck uprights. Hotshot truckers can put tools, cargo straps, chains, and any other equipment they need in the toolboxes. 

The fact that the toolboxes are lockable is a huge plus. By locking the toolboxes, you can keep the contents safe and out of the way of others. 


This trailer has a crank-style adjustable coupler. The trailer has a 2/5-16-inch ball coupler. This helps stabilize the trailer, and you can adjust it depending on the load you are hauling. 

Rub Rails & Tie-Down Pockets

The Big Tex 25GN HDTS has 3/8-inch heavy duty rub rails. Rub rails are valuable to your trailer. The rub rails are designed to “rub” against other objects (i.e. walls or highway barricades, etc.). This allows the rub rails to absorb impact and trauma. This protects the trailer from damage. The rub rails also protect the chains, straps, and ropes that are commonly used to secure cargo on the trailer.

The gooseneck trailer also has tie-down pockets along the sides of the trailer. The tie down pockets is 24 inches on the center. Instead of tying ropes, cords, or straps to the trailer’s side rails or greasy undercarriage, tie down pockets provide much better anchor points for attaching those ropes, cords, or straps. This will protect your load even more. The 25GN also has 1-1/4” pipe chain spools between tie down pockets.

Break-A-Way Kit 

There is a complete electric breakaway kit with a charger on the Big Tex 25GN HDTS. The breakaway system is designed to bring your trailer safely to a stop by activating its electric brakes if it becomes disconnected while being towed. 

Tie Down Pockets

The Big Tex 25GN HDTS has tie down pockets along the sides of the trailer. The tie down pockets is 24 inches on the center. Instead of tying ropes, cords, or straps to the trailer’s side rails or greasy undercarriage, tie down pockets provide much better anchor points for attaching those ropes, cords, or straps. This will protect your load even more.

Safety Chains & Chain Spools 

There are safety chains on the Big Tex 25GN HDTS. The purpose of safety chains is to retain the connection between the towing vehicle and trailer in the event of separation of the trailer coupling from the ball of the ball from the trailer hitch, long enough to bring the vehicles to a stop. Hopefully, no hotshot trucker has to worry about this happening, but this trailer is equipped.  

The pipe chain spools are round pieces of pipe added between the stake pockets for several reasons. Pipe chain spools give added support to the rub rails and lesson the problem of bending your rub rails. Pipe chain spools also make it easier when chaining down your load. It is obviously easier to run your chains around a smooth rolled surface rather than a sharp edge of a stake pocket causing the links of the chain to snag and have slack in the securement.

Spare Tire & Wheel

The Big Tex 25GN HDTS has a spare tire mount (at the top of the neck) and comes equipped with a spare tire and wheel. You hope you never are in need of a spare tire, but if you are, it is nice your trailer is already equipped. This way you can be back on the road in no time.

 The gooseneck is equipped with a spare tire and spare wheel. 

Radial Tires 

The Big Tex 25GN HDTS has radial tires, and they distribute the weight of the payload evenly. This allows for improved stability when hotshot truckers are hauling larger loads. Some trailers come with cross-ply tires. Cross-ply tires are an older design, but almost all tires manufactured today are radial type tires. Radial tires utilize a symmetrical radial pattern for the base tire ply. This design requires a much higher level of quality control and design calculation.

Radial tires have many benefits. The first being they reduce rolling resistance. This optimizes fuel economy and it reduced the wearing on the tires. Radial tires also improve control and it betters reduced traction in inclement weather. It is great for a hotshot trailer to be in radial tires.

Hotshot truckers travel all across the United States and Canada. Hotshot truckers might encounter snow or ice, but their tires will help with traction. Since the tires also reduce rolling resistance, it improves mileage and the life of the tires.

Wiring Harness 

The wiring of the Big Tex 25GN HDTS is protected in a modular sealed wiring harness. There are various wires that allow the transfer of power for the lighting, as well as auxiliary functions such as an electric trailer brake controller, backup lights, or power supply for a winch, or interior trailer lights. If your gooseneck trailer is not equipped with a preformed wire harness, the wires are susceptible to being ruined.

When your wires are ruined, your trailer cannot function properly. You cannot use the brake controller, backup lights, power supply, or the trailer lights. That can be dangerous for you and other drivers on the road. The sealed wiring harness will resist any harsh weather.

9-foot Dovetail with 6-inch Channel Side Rails 
Diamond Plate Knife Edge on Rear 
Cleated Dovetail with Wood Between Runners 
Collapsible Rear Bumper
Innovative Sled-Design Locking and Lifting System
Lockable Side Mount Toolbox Houses Power Unit
2-5/16-inch Ball Adjustable Coupler – Square Crank Type 
Dual Speed Landing Gear 50K Capacity (Bolted-On) 
102-inch Overall Width 
Low Profile Bed, Pierced-Beam Frame
Lockable Toolbox Between Gooseneck Uprights 
(2) Side Bed Steps & Handles 
3/8-inch Heavy-Duty Rub Rail 
Tie Down Pockets Along Sides, 24-inches on Center 
1-1/4-inch Pipe Chain Spools 
Dexter Brand Axles 
Oil Bath Hubs 
Forward Self-Adjusting Brakes 
Heavy-Duty 30,000-pound Adjustable Suspension by Dexter Axles
Torque Tube 
Grommet Mount Sealed Lighting 
LED Lighting Package 
Modular Sealed Wiring Harness 
Spare Tire Mount (Top of Neck) 
Complete Break-A-Way System & Charger 
Radial Tires 
Spare Tire & Wheel 
Dovetail Lifting Capacity Approximately 8,000-pounds 
Dovetail Carrying Capacity Approximately 4,000-pounds 
GVWR: 25,900 pounds 
GAWR: 12,000 pounds 
3/8-inch Safety Chains Grd. 70 with Safety Latch Hook (2 Each) 
12-inch I-Beam 
3-inch Channel Crossmembers 
8-inch Channel with Rub Rail, Tie Down Pockets on 24-inch center, & Chain Spools 
2-inch Treated Pine or Douglas Fir 
Professional Finish
Available Lengths: 35 and 40 feet

Dual Electric Over Hydraulic Jacks 
Air Brake Assembly 
Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes (Drum) 
Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes (Disc) 
Tire Upgrades 
Spare Tire Upgrades 
Wireless Remote for Power Unit 
5-Watt Solar Charger 
Removable Deck on the Neck (Bolt-On) 
Blackwood Rubber Infused Lumber 
Low Profile Toolbox 
12-inch X 18-inch X 36-inch Side Mount 
Sliding Winch Track 
4-inch Sliding Winch 
4-inch Weld-On Winch 
4-inch X 30-feet Strap (Each) 
B 40 5/8-inch D-Ring (Each) 


The steel of the Big Tex 25GN HDTS is cleaned to ensure a smooth finish. After that, a quality finish is applied to be decorative and protective. The trailer comes in black, red, silver, green, gray, dark blue, and black. Specialty colors and camouflaged are available, but they will cost you additional money.

Big Tex Dealers 

Big Tex Trailers has made heavy duty professional grade quality trailers for more than thirty years. Big Tex Trailers pride themselves on understanding what customers want and need, and this has allowed Big Tex to grow. Their manufacturing locations are now in Texas, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Georgia.

While you cannot purchase a Big Tex Trailer from the manufacturer, you can purchase a Big Tex Trailer at dealerships all across the country. As the manufacturer, Big Tex provides dealers with all the necessary resources, and Big Tex Trailer dealers have access to the nation’s largest inventory. Big Tex Trailer dealers do have access to the industry’s shortest lead times. You can find a Big Tex dealer near you on their website.

Editor’s Rating: 8.5/10 

The Big Tex 25GN HD Tandem Dual Axle Gooseneck is a quality trailer. Unfortunately, it does not have Big Tex’s Mega Ramps or powder-coat paint. Both of these features would benefit hotshot truckers, and they would also lengthen the life of the trailer. With that being said, there a lot of great features that come standard with the trailer. Plus, you can conveniently get one at a dealer.

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Let us know what you think about the Big Tex 25GN HDTS in the comments below. 

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