The 14GP is one of Big Tex’s most popular pipe top equipment trailers. It combines some of the best features of their goosenecks plus a heavy-duty 3-inch square tube top rail. This feature offers extra strength, toughness, durability and security when hauling your load.

This trailer has many other features that may suit your trucking needs. 


Big Tex 14GP comes with 5″ x 3″ x 5/16″ angle frame. Although angle frames are not as heavy duty as tube or channel frames, this trailer compensates by adding a pipe top. Moreover, to make the frame more durable, it uses a 3-inch channel on 16-inch centers.


This trailer uses a 2-inch wood for floor. Choices include a treated pine or Douglas Fir. Treated pine requires low maintenance and is durable. As the pine is treated, it can handle the extremes of outdoor use. Douglas Fir, on the other hand, has the highest strength-to-weight ratio compared to other wood species. It is also world-renowned for its durability.


A 12,000# drop leg jack comes as a standard equipment of this trailer. This allows for easy hitching and unhitching. Moreover, the jack also helps keep the trailer stable when it is unhooked from a vehicle.


Another standard feature of this gooseneck is its 4-foot slide-in ramps. While this may be a short ramp, its addition makes loading and unloading easier and more convenient.


The 14GP has a quality decorative and protective finish for a good-looking trailer. However, a decorative finish is not the best finish available for trailers. A powder coat is considered far superior because of its durability and long-lasting effect. 


This trailer has two 7,000# cambered Dexter axles. Dexter is reputed to be the best brand in the industry. Dexter axles outperform other brands and they also last longer.


If you get this trailer, you don’t have to worry about DOT compliance for the lights as they are already equipped with DOT-approved stop, tail, turn and clearance lights which are all LEDs. LED is a good choice since this type of light provides better illumination and they also last longer than regular bulbs. All the lights are protected with grommet-mount seals.

Moreover, the wiring in the 14GP is protected by a modular wiring harness. This prevents exposure of the wire to the elements, thereby extending its life.


The 14GP is fitted with a multi-leaf spring suspension with a built-in equalizer. This type of suspension works best in absorbing shocks and bumps, reducing the wear and tear of the trailer. Moreover, a multi-leaf spring suspension also keeps the trailer level even when the surface is uneven. That makes this trailer ideal even on bumpy or unpaved roads.

Safety Features

To ensure your safety and to reduce the risk of accidents, this trailer is fitted with reliable safety features. These features include Nev-R-Adjust electric brakes on all hubs, which increase the stopping power of the trailer. What’s good about this type of brakes is that it automatically adjusts to appropriate clearances as the trailer moves.

Additionally, it also comes equipped with a complete Break-A-Way system with charger. This feature is designed so that you have a way of stopping the trailer in case it gets unhooked from your vehicle.


This trailer has 3/8″ Grd. 70 safety chains with two latch hooks on each. It is a redundancy feature so that if the coupler fails, the chains will keep the trailer attached to the towing vehicle.

Radial Tires

Also part of this trailer’s standard equipment are ST235/80 R-16 Load Range E tires. These radial tires produce a smoother ride and they also last long. There is also a spare tire mount on top of the neck.

  Stake Pockets on Outside Frame
  Gooseneck with 2-5/16″ Adjustable Pipe Coupler
  12,000# Drop Leg Jack – Side Wind
  EZ Lube Hubs
  Dexter Brand Axles
  Nev-R-Adjust Electric Brakes on All Hubs
  Heavy Duty 3″ Square Tube Top Rail
  Grommet Mount Sealed Lighting
  L.E.D. Lighting Package
  Protected Wiring
  Spare Tire Mount (Top of Neck)
  4 Slide-In Ramps (Channel)
  Complete Break-A-Way System w/Charger
  Zip Breakaway Cable
  Radial Tires

  1/8″ Diamond Plate Steel Floor
  2 High Sides (Open)
  3 High Sides (Open)
  4 High Sides (Open)
  Blackwood Rubber Infused Floor
  Enclose Sides w/ Expanded Metal
  Enclose Sides w/ Sheet Metal
  Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes (Drum)
  Additional Stake Pockets
  B40 5/8″ D-Ring
  Lockable Tool Box Between Gooseneck
  Risers (Dual Jacks Required)
  Dual 12,000# Drop Leg Jacks
  4 Heavy Duty Integrated Ramp Gate w/Gas
  Shock Assist in Lieu of Ramps
  5 Heavy Duty Integrated Ramp Gate w/Gas
  Shock Assist in Lieu of Ramps (Split Gate)
  5 Stand up Ramps in Lieu of Slide In
  Spare Tire (ST235/80 R-16 LR-E)
  Spare Tire Upgrade (ST235/85 R-16 LR-G)
  Tire Upgrade (ST235/85 R-16 LR-G)


Big Tex Trailers has more than 400 dealers across the US, Canada and select international locations. If you are interested to get this 14GP Heavy Duty Pipe Top Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer, simply visit or contact the nearest dealer in your area.


The 14GP Heavy Duty Pipe Top Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer has some of the heavy duty features you would want in a typical gooseneck flatbed. Among the features you will like are its Dexter axles, DOT-approved LED lights, wood deck and reliable safety features. The tube top rail and slide-in ramps are also a great addition to this trailer as they improve its functionality.

While this trailer has many great features, there are also a few features that need improvement or an upgrade. One of them is the type of finish. A powder coat finish is considered as the most durable and longer-lasting finish than regular paint. The ramps could also be a bit longer than 4 feet.

Overall, the 14GP Heavy Duty Pipe Top Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer is worth checking out if you are looking for a small-to-medium-sized gooseneck lowboy.

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