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These 5 Mistakes Could Put You Out of Business Overnight!

Be sure to avoid doing these top five things so you can continue running a healthy, profitable hotshot business.  1.) Not Keeping Good Records  Well-kept records are fundamental to a thriving business. Proper record keeping comes in handy for tax reasons, budgeting, and planning. Not knowing how your business is doing can be very stressful. Are you making enough money? Did you get paid on time? What about taxes? Do you need to renew your insurance? Do you even have insurance? Insert instant panic attack.  Proper record keeping can relieve your stress. With a simple routine and a good record keeping system,...

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PJ Trailers Low-Pro Flatdeck with Duals Review

The Low-Pro Flatdeck with Duals (LD) from PJ Trailers is a tough, dependable gooseneck trailer. That is something every hotshot trucker needs.  PJ Trailers was established in 1991, and it has become a premier trailer manufacturer in the United States. PJ Trailers build high-end, well-constructed trailers. Weight Specifics  The Low-Pro Flatdeck has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 25,000 pounds. The Low-Pro also has a gross axle weight rating is 10,000 pounds per axle. There are two axles. PJ Trailer’s Low-Pro has been designed to haul large loads. This allows hotshot truckers to haul loads of all sizes....

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Big Tex 22GN HD Tandem Dual Axle Gooseneck Trailer Review

This 22GN HD from Big Tex Trailers has unique features, and it is a great value in gooseneck flatbed trailers. Big Tex Trailers has invested tens of millions of dollars in automated assembly line systems and robotic welding and cutting to ensure the quality of construction and best-in-class paint finishes. Each Big Tex gooseneck trailer is manufactured with repeatable quality and tested in their state-of-the-art coating facility. This manufacturing process represents more than 1.2 million square feet across the United States. All of these components are assembled in hopes that your trailer will provide long-lasting service.  Low Profile &...

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Gatormade 24.9K Tandem Axle Gooseneck Trailer Review

The 24.9K  Tandem Axle Gooseneck is a part of Gatormade’s elite trailer series. It was built with the concept that: a wise investment is much more than a low price. A wise investment is what you get for the dollar spent. The elite series is engineered and built using the top materials in the trailer industry. The  24.9K Tandem Axle Gooseneck was engineered and designed with hotshot truckers and their freight in mind. Gatormade’s Big Ramps Gatormade pioneered their big ramp system on their gooseneck trailers. In the eight years of this big ramp system, the Gatormade company has...

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Top 10 Gooseneck Trailers for Hotshot Trucking

A durable, dependable goosneck trailer is paramount in the hotshot industry. Here are the top 10 Gooseneck Trailers for the Ultimate hotshot trucker! 10.) PJ Trailers Low-Pro Flatdeck with Duals (LD) The PJ Trailers Low-Pro Flatdeck with Duals has Department of Transportation (DOT) approved reflective tape. This DOT reflective tape is legal in the United States and Canada.  The Low-Pro Flatdeck also has 2-Dexter Oil Bath Brake Axles. It also has 2 Drop Leg Jacks.  The Low-Pro trailer has 8 dual wheels. The dual wheels are 16 inches, 8 on 6.5 inches in a bolt pattern.  Pros: Powder-coat Finish.Powder-coating...

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