Author: Hotshot Warriors

8 Bad-Boy Trucks for Hotshot Trucking

A good truck is integral to how a hotshot business operates. Every hotshot trucker needs a dependable truck. Below, we’ve listed our eight of our favorite heavy-duty, commercial grade trucks we believe provide the best value for those in the hotshot hauling business.  1. Ford SuperDuty Commercial F-250 XL The key features of the F-250 include the STX appearance package, the quad-dual beam halogen headlamps, and the AdvanceTrac with roll stability control. With the STX appearance package, the F-250 has a bright chrome grille, chrome bumpers (both front and back bumpers), and 18-inch cast aluminum wheels. This gives it...

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A Hotshot Trucker’s Guide to Load Boards

What is a Load Board? It goes without saying that that hotshot truckers depend on loads for their success. Load boards are online bidding sites for truckers. The site provides a place for companies to post a listing of the freight they need to be shipped, and truckers looking for loads can bid to carry them. Since a customer base is vital in the hotshot industry, load boards are a great way for hotshot truckers or any small trucking company to maintain or grow their business. Load boards are especially helpful if you are just starting out as a hotshot...

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