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A tilt bed is ideal for freights that are difficult to load using a conventional ramp. If you are looking for a trailer with that feature, the Gatormade Tilt-Bed Gooseneck is one of the best options you may consider. This trailer is designed and engineered with heavy-duty components that will last for many years. Some of its stand-out features are as follows: Low-profile Flatbed The entire bed measures about 20 feet, 4 feet of work as a stationary staging deck while the rest can be titled. It’s low profile design gives the trailer added stability. Access to the flatbed...

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Gatormade Gooseneck Trailer with Hydraulic Dovetail Review

This gooseneck trailer is one of the best sellers from Gatormade. It comes with a number of unique features including its 10-foot dovetail and aerodynamic open headboard for load protection. It also has many other heavy-duty components that make it stand out among other trailers in the market. Low-Profile Flatbed A low-profile design makes a trailer more stable because the bed is closer to the center of gravity. This trailer has a low-profile pierced frame design with only 35 inches of deck height. The bed is made from 2 x 8 pressure-treated wood flooring which offers good traction to...

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Backhaul vs deadhead: What’s the tipping point?

When you can’t find a high-paying load, would you accept a low rate to avoid driving empty? I asked that question in a quick poll on the Rate Per Mile Masters group for truckers on Facebook, and the vote was overwhelming: No way. Almost 400 respondents said they’d rather deadhead, compared to 23 who would take the low rate and 14 who might do it if it worked with their schedule. Brokers take note: That’s more than 9 out of 10 independent truckers who refuse to haul anything they consider to be “cheap freight.” This was not a scientific...

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The Gatormade +2 Series 14k GVWR is one of the top-rated trailers available in the market. It has an ergonomic design that is suitable for a wide range of uses. It also has many top-of-the-line features, giving you the best value for your money. Powder Coat Finish One of the popular features of Gatormade trailers is that they have a powder coat finish. This is different than regular paint as it produces a more consistent and uniform finish, free from imperfections such as bubbles, drips and runs. Moreover, powder coating also lasts longer than regular paint. It makes the...

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The Flatbed Car Hauler Trailer with Slide-In Ramps is one that you can use for many different tasks. You can use it to haul building materials, equipment, cars, atvs, and lawn mowers among others. It is made from quality materials and designed with the safety of its user in mind. Its standout features include: Powder Coat Finish When it comes to esthetics and quality finish, powder coat is one of the best options available. It is far better than liquid paint as it offers superior consistency without the usual imperfections of regular painting jobs such as bubbles, drips, sags...

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