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DAT Frequently Asked Questions

What is a load board? Why do truck drivers and trucking companies need a load board?      A load board is an online match-making service where drivers can find loads and post their trucks. Similar to an online dating site, truckers connect to meet brokers and online. Load boards are used by all sizes of companies, from owner-operators to the largest shippers and brokers in the industry, as an essential tool for finding loads and trucks. Some companies use the load board for the majority of their business and some use it once in a while, but always to...

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Best New Gooseneck Trailers for 2019

With freight forecasts showing continued growth for trucking this 2019, it might be a good idea to consider getting a new gooseneck to cope with the demands. We have reviewed dozens of trailers in the market to come up with this top 10 goosenecks that offer the best bang for your buck. 10. LoadTrailGH14 – Gooseneck Heavy Duty Loadtrail has also its own heavy duty gooseneck. The GH14 – Gooseneck Heavy Duty 14,000. This flatbed comes with a 12′ I-Beam. I-beam is typically more stable and superior in long-beam bending than a C-channel. It also comes with a treated...

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What Every Trucker Should Know About Deadheading

Running on an empty trailer is a major problem in the trucking industry. Commonly called as deadheading, this scenario typically happens when you drive to and from the shipping and unloading points. The distance traveled while the trailer is empty is called deadhead miles. These miles burn gas and wear out your tires, pulling down your potential profit. A reduction in deadhead miles can significantly help your business achieve its financial goals. You can calculate the actual deadhead miles by getting the total miles driven less the miles that are paid. The difference will be deadhead miles. Safety Problem...

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5 Tips to Get High-Paying Freight Loads

When finding loads, the ultimate goal is to maximize your earning potential. Getting high-paying loads involves careful planning and strategies. Here are tips to help you get started. 1. Find a niche. The high-paying freight loads are usually with direct shippers. This will save you between 10-20% that goes to brokers or load board fees. However, it can be a challenge to find a direct shipper especially if you are an owner-operator and are new to the business. One effective way to finding direct shippers is to find a niche and become a go-to person for that niche. It...

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5 Ways to Prepare your Fleet for 2019

December is a busy time for holiday parties and festive events. Aside from that, it is also an ideal time to prepare your fleet for the coming new year. These preparations are a must to ensure smooth operations as the new year arrives. Review the maintenance records of your trucks and trailers. Ideally, you need to perform regular fleet maintenance throughout the year. But with the typical busy schedule of hotshot truckers, this is often forgotten or neglected. Now is the time to review your records and perform necessary maintenance procedures on your fleet so that they are ready...

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