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Best Practices to Keep Your Load Secure

For hotshot truckers, getting the cargo to customers is always the priority. But this is easier said than done as it requires extra time and precautions to keep the cargo secure and safe the entire trip. It can be tricky too as there are government requirements that you need to comply with. Improper loading and disregarding the standards for securing cargo can significantly affect the trailer and vehicle performance. This may cause speed control, braking and steering problems which can lead to serious road accidents. Common loading issues that require special attention 1. Loading heavy equipment Trailers and vehicles...

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Best Practices When Using Load Boards

If you are still struggling in finding loads, there are a lot of places online where you can find one. I’m talking about load boards that allow you to easily search for loads that match your criteria or specifications. But before you start scouring, here are the best practices that can help you land a good paying load. Choose your load board carefully. Not all load boards have the same features. Before you sign up, make sure you initially did your homework of checking what your fellow hotshot truckers have to say about the platform by checking review sites...

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Steel vs. Aluminum Trailers: Which One is Better

If you’re in the market to get a new trailer, you might have already seen the wide range of options available for you. Among these options, you can find that many of the trailers are made from either aluminum or steel. Your choice of materials can have an overall impact on the stability, security and durability of your trailer. To answer the question on which one is better, you’ll need to check a series of factors: Weight Lightweight trailers generally have higher payload capacities. On average, aluminum trailers are about 10-15% lighter than steel trailers. This means that you...

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The Future of Women in Hotshot Trucking

The country has a massive shortage of truck drivers. America needs about 51,000 more drivers to meet the demand from companies like Amazon and Walmart, according to the American Trucking Associations in an article by Heather Long published in The Washington Post. It added that the ATA predicts that this shortage is likely to get worse in the coming years. With the increasing need for drivers and truckers, women can greatly help fill in the gap. Many women are skilled drivers with a huge potential to succeed in the trucking industry. However, according to the 2017 data of the Bureau...

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Healthcare Options for Owner Operators

Trucking is one of the most dangerous jobs, in fact, the bureau of labor statistics classify it as a high-risk profession. Truck drivers typically suffer from sleep deficit and tiredness which lead to reduced mental awareness that could ultimately cause serious errors and accidents on the road. Apart from accidents, many truck drivers also suffer from serious health problems. Staying healthy while you spend long hours on the road can be a struggle. Many drivers eat fast food or drink more than their daily dose of caffeine to stay awake. With various safety and health concerns, truckers need a...

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