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6 Ways Truckers Can Eat Healthy On the Road

Maintaining healthy eating habits and fitness is hard enough for anyone, but it is especially hard to maintain them while being on the road. As one can imagine, a commercial truck driver’s health often suffers. Making good diet choices is next to impossible, but there are different choices that hotshot truckers can make. Here healthy eating tips any trucker can follow.  1.) Eat More Meals with Smaller Portions  Eating smaller meals more often not only keeps drivers awake and alert, but it also keeps their metabolism going to the maximum throughout the day. Eating fewer, larger meals slows metabolism...

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The 10 Qualities of a Successful Trucker

With the proper training, most people can manage to drive a truck and trailer. Commercial truck driving is more than getting a truck, trailer, and a load from one destination to the next. Great truck drivers are much more than steering-wheel holders. Successful truck drivers possess these qualities.  1.) Be Reliable A trucker does what they say they are going to do, how and when they promise to do it.They know that employers and customers have schedules that depend on the timely performance of the trucker. A great trucker aims to be the solution to shipping and cargo challenges...

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8 Legal Documents You Need for Your Hotshot Business

  Trucking is a heavily regulated industry. Before your hotshot business can begin operating, there are numerous government requirements you will need to meet and also maintain. Here are eight documents you need for your hotshot business.  1.) Commercial Driver’s License  In order to haul heavy loads, you will need to obtain your commercial driver’s license (CDL). The purpose of a commercial driver’s license is to pull loads weighing over 26,001 pounds.  To be eligible for a CDL, you must be at least 21 years old and do not have any disqualifying criminal records. Do research to see specific requirements...

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Independent Drivers Versus Signing with a Company

A customer base is integral to a successful hotshot business. A lot of truckers opt to sign with a trucking company that already has built those connections. That poses the question: should you sign with a trucking company or just be an independent driver?  Signing with a Company A lot of trucking companies that need their goods delivered quickly to specific destinations choose to contract truckers to haul their freight. If you choose this route, you may find it easier to get cargo to haul, and you will also be free from the responsibility of dealing with billing and paperwork. ...

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A Hotshot Trucker’s Guide to 123Loadboard

Load boards are necessary for any hotshot trucker. Load boards allow for different companies to post a list of hauls, and hotshot truckers can bid on them for work. For truck drivers to conduct a successful load search that delivers the best results, they should work with a robust load board database. One popular load board with a variety is 123Loadboard. What is 123Loadboard? 123Loadboard was established in 2004 to fill a niche for a freight matching marketplace where carriers, brokers, and shippers can move freight all across North America.  Since its inception, 123Loadboard has enabled owner-operator and broker organizations to affordably find loads and equipment types and create...

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