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Top 5 Truck Stops Rewards Program for Hotshot Truckers

Regardless of the size of your fleet, it’s a good idea to join hotshot truckers rewards program. Most of the major truck stop chains have reward programs that allow you to earn points for fueling or purchasing supplies. You can then redeem your points for discounts on products or services. Signing up for a rewards program is generally free so it will not hurt if you register for one. Here are the top 5 truck stops rewards programs that you may consider:   1. MyRewards by Pilot Flying J Travel Centers Pilot Flyin J truck stops offer a rewards...

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6 Best Dovetail for Hotshot Trucking

Are you looking for a flatbed with dovetail? With numerous options available in the market, choosing the right one can be tough. We have rounded up 6 of the top dovetail hotshot trailers to help you make the right choice. 6. Top Hat GOOOSENECK 159 Top Hat is also one of the brands that make some of the best dovetails in the market. With 36-inch deck height, their Gooseneck 159 features a dovetail that is equipped with fold-over-spring assist ramps if you are getting +5 models. For the mainframe and neck, it utilizes a 12-inch I-beam which is considered...

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8 Hotshot Truckers Money Saving Tips While on the Road

In hotshot trucking, life on the road can be expensive. Food and gas as well as your lodging costs can eat your paycheck very fast. These money saving tips can help you save as much of your hard earned money as possible. 1. Prepare a budget and stick to it This seems very basic but it’s on top of the list for a reason. Having a budget is important to give you an overall picture of how much you can spend without breaking the bank and still living comfortably on the road. Sticking to your budget can help you...

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5 Tips to Survive Your First Year as Owner-Operator

Why do many startup hotshot businesses fail? Some attribute it to lack of loads, negative cash flow and too much competition. While there are risks that you may encounter not only in your first year but as long as your business exists, there are also ways on how you can avoid them. We can get inspiration from those who have ended their first year of operation well. Their success stories are no secret. So here are five tips that you can do to massively improve your chances of survival as you enter the hotshot trucking industry: 1. Master your...

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13 Hotshot Trailer Features that Make a Difference

In search for a new trailer but not sure what specs to consider? Checking this list is a good start. We have rounded up 13 hotshot trailer features that can make a big difference in how your trailer will perform and how long it will last. 1. I-beam neck and main frame I-beam reduces metal fatigue and frame flex which in turn extends the life of your trailer. It is also considered stronger than the commonly used C-channel. It’s an advantage if you have found a trailer that comes standard with an I-beam frame rather than just an upgrade....

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