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8 Long Distance Driving Tips for Hotshot Truckers

Many hotshot truckers drive long distances across different states. This could mean spending long hours on the road. Unlike short hauls, long distance driving can be challenging even for experienced drivers. It requires exceptional vigilance and knowledge on some basic tips to make your trip safe and successful. 1. Recognize the challenges of driving long distances. Knowing the challenges that you my face to reach your destination allows you to prepare early on and do something to overcome those challenges.  Some of the common challenges to long distance driving are: Driving in unfamiliar routes. Driving in road conditions you...

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ELD Comprehensive Guide for Hotshot Truckers

Many of you might have already heard about the ELD mandate or ELD Final rule. It affects most of the trucking industry including those in the hotshot business. This article will tell you more about this mandate as applicable to hotshot truckers. The ELD mandate is a regulation by the U.S. federal government requiring operators of commercial motor vehicles subject to this law to use electronic logging devices (ELDs). The ELDs will replace paper logs and other earlier types of recorder known as Automatic On-Board Recording Device (AOBRD). By December 16, 2019, all motor carriers that still use the...

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The Big Tex 16ET Super Duty Tandem Axle Equipment Trailer provides versatility and exceptional value due to its many heavy-duty features. With this trailer, you can haul equipment, big and small, with confidence.  Durable Deck This trailer is available in different deck lengths from 15 to 24 feet. A 3-foot cleated dovetail is available for trailers with on +3 models. The deck is about 83 inches wide between fenders. Most trailers are just 82 inches wide between fenders. For the floor, it uses 2-inch treated pine or Douglas Fir. These materials are highly durable. Lights and Wiring For proper...

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If you are looking for a trailer that will make it easier and quicker for you to load and unload equipment, the Gatormade Tilt Bed 16k Aardvark is one engineered for that purpose. This big muscle trailer has heavy duty parts and fittings for longer lasting use. Tilt Bed The 16-foot tilt bed of this trailer is engineered for freights that are difficult to load and unload with a traditional ramp such as load man lifts, solid tire forklifts and low profile vehicles, among others. It is also great for just about any type of load and equipment.  The...

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How to spot good loads in bad markets

I have been a spot market pirate for almost nine years. As a pirate, you want to get in and get the good stuff. This means I use lots of tools to know where the most demand is for the trailer I pull. If you look at entire Lower 48 states as a whole, then you will find that most of the time the market is not flooded with more loads than trucks, but you will find that there is always a good market somewhere. And it’s always changing. This is what makes the spot market scary and exciting....

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