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Tax Scams: How to Identify and Avoid Them

Tax scams are prevalent during tax season from January to April, but they can also happen any day of the year. Many people, including those in the trucking industry have lost millions of dollars to tax scams, and we don’t want to be counted as one. Scammers will try to get your hard-earned money or gather your personal information for their personal gain. And they use different schemes to lure you into their trap. As hotshotters where income comes from long drives and days away from your family, it’s vital not to let your guard down against these scammers....

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What You Should Know About Tire Chain Laws Across the United States

Tire chains can be useful when driving during inclement weather as they help you control the vehicle that would normally slide on the ice. Each state has different laws when it comes to using tire chains. These laws govern when you can and should use tire chains and when using them is not permitted. If you travel through the northern states, it’s important that you are aware of these tire chain laws to avoid getting penalized due to non-compliance. Alabama The use of tire chains is permitted on any vehicle when required for safety due to snow, rain and...

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5 Practical Driving Tips to Cut on Fuel Consumption

Many of you would probably agree that fuel cost is on top of your operating expenses. The cost of fuel is no joke, regardless if you are using gas or diesel. Fuel costs can eat up your potential earnings if you are not careful about it. Thankfully, there are driving techniques that can significantly reduce your fuel consumption. 1. Drive at a steady speed When your speed frequently goes up and down, chances are you are also burning more fuel than you should. Based on tests, accelerating and decelerating every 18 seconds between 75 and 85 kilometers per hour...

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How to Choose the Best CDL School

It’s true that you can be a hotshotter even if you don’t have a CDL. However you can get more job opportunities (or loading opportunities for owner-operator) if you have one. In most states, you’ll be required to have a CDL if your vehicle and trailer have a combined GVWR or more than 26,000 lbs. If you don’t have a commercial driving license, imagine all the lost opportunities you’ll have. Before choosing a school, it’s important to first meet the following requirements: Age –  The age requirements vary per program but most truck driving programs require you to be...

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Top 10 issues for truck drivers in 2019

The American Transportation Research Institute has released its annual survey of the top 10 critical issues facing the trucking industry. The non-profit institute polled more than 2,000 carriers and broke down the results into two categories: concerns of motor carriers and concerns of drivers. Below are the results of the survey, along with snippets of commentary from ATRI that was included in the full report. The above graph shows the top 10 issues for both commercial drivers and motor carriers, according to a survey conducted by the American Transportation Research Institute. 1. Driver Compensation – While drivers are benefiting from increased pay,...

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