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Want a car hauler with a high weight capacity and heavy duty parts? Load Trail’s CH16 has 16,000 lbs GVWR and has extra durable components as part of its standard equipment.  It is a versatile trailer that you can use, not just for loading cars but also other heavy equipment. Some of its standout features include: Flatbed The CH16 is available in different flatbed lengths, from 16-foot to 40-foot flatbeds, allowing you to choose one that suits the type of cargo you frequently haul. Moreover, the standard flooring is treated wood, but you have the option to upgrade to...

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LOAD TRAIL GE21 Tilt Deck Review

A tilt deck makes your work more efficient since it eliminates the need to slide out or lift the loading ramps. You can also avoid heavy lifting because you have to simply slide the cargo in or out of the deck. Moreover, it also saves you the space that would otherwise be occupied by the ramps. You can then utilize that extra space for additional loads. If you are looking to buy a tilt-deck trailer, you may consider checking out Load Trail’s GE21. This trailer has the following features: Frame The GE21 gooseneck uses 10-inch I-beam (12 lbs/ft) for...

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If you have a CDL and are looking for a heavy duty trailer with high GVWR, Load Trail’s GH30 is worth considering. It has a GVWR of 30,000 pounds, one of the highest we have seen for hotshot trucking. You know that it is built tough and designed for heavy duty use due to its durable construction. These are some of its best features: I-Beam Frame This trailer has a tough and sturdy frame as it uses a 12-inch I-Beam (22 lbs/ft). This material handles flexing well, which in turn reduces the wear and tear on the trailer. The...

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LOAD TRAIL CH21 Car Hauler Review

Looking for a reliable car hauler with high weight capacity? Check out Load Trail’s CH21 car hauler. It has a GVWR of 21,000 lbs, allowing you to load a wide range of vehicles, heavy equipment and cargo. Thanks to its long bed, you can also use it for transporting long equipment that would not otherwise fit in short trailers. Here are some of the stand out features of CH21: Flatbed The CH21 is available in different deck lengths, starting from 14 to 40 feet. The standard material for flooring is treated wood and it is a good choice since...

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If you are looking for a gooseneck trailer for hauling long equipment or cargo, the Load Trail GH22 is a good option. This trailer is available in different lengths from 16 to 44 feet to suit your needs. The GH22 has a number of quality features that will give value to your money. Frame You can tell that this trailer is pretty stable as it uses a 12-inch I-Beam (19 lbs/ft) frame. This type of frame resists bending better than other types of frames. It is also considerably more stable. A stable frame that does not easily bend offers...

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