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The Trends Freight Brokers and Carriers Need to Know for 2018 and Beyond

The transformations in the transportation and logistics industry are widespread, and they continue to create far-reaching impact for all parties involved in moving products from one location to the next. Among licensed freight brokers, carriers, shippers, and customers, new trends for 2018 and beyond are of particular importance. Growth in the transportation industry, shifts toward technology use, updated regulations, and new challenges are all on the docket. Here’s what freight brokers and carriers need to know about the changing landscape of the business to best prepare for success in the future. Industry Growth According to the most recent reports...

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Strategies for Checking Freight Broker Legitimacy

The role freight brokers play in the transportation and logistics industry cannot be understated. As intermediaries between shippers and carriers, the connection brokers are able to make can save their customers both time and money while ensuring products are delivered on time and in good condition. However, the more than 17,000 licensed freight brokers operating in the United States alone can make it a challenge to know which intermediary is the best fit for the job. Checking the legitimacy of your freight broker before agreeing to partner together for shipping needs is crucial to the process. Here are the...

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10 Things Freight Brokers Love and Hate

Freight brokers are an integral part of the transportation and logistics industry. They work diligently to connect shippers and carriers to ensure deliveries are made on time and in budget. With more than 18,000 licensed freight brokers currently operating in the United States and a landscape poised for increased competition in the years to come, it can be a challenge to know which broker is best fit for business, and how each prefers to work with customers. Each freight broker works differently with shippers and carriers, but there are standard rules of thumb to follow when working with them...

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Trailer Fishtailing: How to Gain Control

A hotshot driver can drive for years without a serious incident of fishtailing, but a perfect storm or a bad road condition can put even the most experienced driver into a serious sway problem. Awareness of what causes trailer sway and how to gain control can make a big difference to improve your safety on the road. Causes of Trailer Sway There are several factors that can cause trailer swaying but most commonly, it can be set off by a strong gust of wind brought by side winds or the passing of big rigs. Swaying may also happen when the...

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Tips to Keep your Truck and Trailer Bed in Tip Top Shape

The truck and trailer beds are both important for hauling. A truck bed serves a wide range of purposes such as for carrying a large toolbox or for storing some items that you can’t otherwise put into the trailer. The trailer bed, on the other hand, takes a lot of beating throughout its life. Because of their vital role in the business, it’s a good idea to learn the basics of how to keep them in good condition. Truck Bed Maintenance Tips Pickup trucks are one of the most common vehicles used for towing trailers. And while you don’t...

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