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10 Practical Hotshot Tips for Good Mental Health

Driving a commercial vehicle involves high levels of risk. If you get involved in a road accident such as a collision, it can cause devastating damage not just to your truck or trailer but also to other vehicles. That is why proper mental health is important if you have to be a hotshot trucker.  Mental issues among truck drivers Many truck drivers including hotshot truckers spend long hours alone along monotonous routes. It is no surprise that they suffer from loneliness and other emotional and mental issues. In a study participated in by 316 drivers and published in the...

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8 Hotshot Trucker Health Risks and How to Avoid Them

Hotshot truckers are at risk of certain health conditions because of their work environment. Many truckers have to endure sitting for a long period of time, not having adequate sleep, skipping meals, lack of exercise, and unavailability of healthy food on the road. If one or all of these factors are part of your regular routine, you’ll be vulnerable to health issues that you could have easily avoided.  Knowing the health risks associated with your work, as well as being able to determine its early symptoms and ways to avoid them, can greatly help improve your overall health. Here...

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Distracted Driving: What You Need to Know

In 2017 alone, distracted driving accounts for 3,166 deaths, according to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It is a dangerous activity, yet many drivers do not take it very seriously. What Is Distracted Driving? Distracted driving is when you are doing any activity that diverts your attention on the road, putting you at risk of crashing. This may include texting or talking on the phone, drinking, eating, talking with your passengers, and fiddling with your vehicle’s navigation or entertainment system. These distractions can be grouped in three categories: Visual – taking your eyes off the road Manual...

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8 Crucial Hotshot Tips to Avoid Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is a centuries-old problem that brings trouble to many who transport goods and equipment from one part of the country to another. This type of crime has greatly evolved along with the methods the cargo is being transported, from horse-drawn carriages to trucks and trailers. And thieves are also becoming more organized as they now use more sophisticated tools and equipment than ever before. We can’t predict when cargo thieves will strike. However, having some background information on how they operate and knowing some crucial hotshot tips can help you avoid them.  Most Commonly Stolen Items Food...

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10 Essential Mountain Driving Tips for Hotshot Truckers

Driving in mountainous areas is unavoidable if you are in the hotshot trucking business. It’s already challenging to drive uphill and downhill with just a vehicle, so much more if you are towing a fully loaded trailer. Mountain driving can be challenging even among experienced drivers as it requires a specialized skill set. If you get intimidated, these safety driving tips can help you gain confidence: 1. Check the weather before the trip.  Weather conditions along mountainous roads can quickly change from bad to worse, and failure to plan ahead can be tragic. If the weather is already bad,...

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