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7 Things Truckers Should Do In Case of an Accident

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, nearly 6.2 million police-reported motor vehicle crashes occurred on the U.S highways in 2005, that is one every 5 seconds. With such numbers, we couldn’t help but worry that we might be next, considering the nature of hotshot trucking. Since accidents are inevitable, it would be good to stay prepared and know what you should do when involved in an accident. 1. Stop your vehicle and remain calm If you get involved in a minor accident and you did not suffer any serious injuries, move your vehicle and trailer to the safe...

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Top 10 Hotshot Trailers for 2020

Before you kickstart your hotshot business for this new year, we thought it’s a great idea for you to check out our top 10 hotshot trailers for 2020. Whether you are buying your first trailer or getting a new one to expand your business, you may find what you are looking for from our list.   10. PJ TRAILERS 10″ PRO-BEAM SUPER-WIDE EQUIP (H7)   Some hotshot truckers prefer a bumper pull while others choose a gooseneck. If a bumper pull is your thing, you should check out this trailer. PJ Trailers’ H7 is a wide trailer, measuring about 102...

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How to Reduce your Variable Costs this 2020

A variable cost is a cost that increases or decreases depending on your level of activity. Say, if you will not drive your trailer, you will have almost zero variable cost. Variable costs include fuel, lodging, parking fees, food on the road, scale fees and vehicle maintenance. Unlike fixed costs which are more predictable, variable costs tend to differ or change on a weekly or monthly basis.  Your variable costs can easily add up to a significant amount, decreasing your potential earning. If you want to increase your profit, you should check on your variable costs and see how...

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Trucking Industry: What Lies ahead in 2020

Lately, there seem to be a lot of headlines predicting a downtrend in the transportation industry which includes hotshot trucking. At the same time, there are also positive predictions that are really promising. With all these speculations going on, it’s hard to tell which one to believe. The trucking industry has always been dynamic. From time to time, we hear of new changes in technology, regulation and economy that are relevant to truckers. Given the dynamic nature of the industry, we need to be always abreast of what’s happening and to use that information to stay on top of...

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11 Common Citations Truck Drivers Get Pulled Over for by DOT

Unlike private cars, the DOT can pull trucks over for routine inspections even if you have not committed a moving traffic offense. If you know that you have not violated any regulations, there is nothing to worry about. However, it’s a different story if you have compliance issues as it may cost you hundreds of dollars on fines. Here are some of the most common citations that truck drivers including hotshot truckers get: 1. Following Too Close If your vehicle is less than a truck length behind another car, there’s a big chance of you being stopped and getting...

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