The suspension system plays a vital role in the vertical acceleration of the trailer and in keeping the tires on the road as much as possible. A trailer needs a reliable suspension to help minimize the bumps and vibrations while on the road, thereby protecting your freight. As the suspension can greatly affect the overall load-carrying ability of the trailer, it should be one of the many things you need to consider when buying a new addition to your fleet.

Many trailers come with an air-ride suspension or have that option for an extra cost. This kind of suspension uses flexible air-spring bags typically made of woven rubber and polyurethane materials that are inflated by a compressor. Air-ride suspensions offer significant advantages over the traditional leaf spring system.


1. Fuel economy

Higher suspension equates to wind resistance for both the truck and the trailer. With an advanced air-ride suspension, you can easily adjust the trailer height depending on your load weight and road condition. For instance, for a long and smooth motorway and with a light load, you can lower the suspension to reduce the wind resistance, thereby improving the aerodynamics of the trailer and your fuel efficiency.

2. Versatility on different types of terrain

Having a suspension that is height adjustable helps in tackling different types of terrain. Some air-ride suspensions come with features such as “kneel” mode which is useful during loading and unloading and a “raise” mode which is useful when navigating through rough terrain and bumpy roads.

3. Ideal for fragile loads

Air suspension is more reliable in keeping the trailer even for all four wheels. This can help reduce the possibility of your load rolling in corners, thus reducing the risk of breakages and other accidents when transporting fragile loads.

4. Less wear and tear on trailer components

With reduced vibrations during trips and with lesser tendency to bounce if the trailer is empty or with light load, it all means less wear and tear on the tires and other components of the trailer.

5. Reduces road damage

Trucks and trailers with air-ride suspension transmit less vibration into the road and other roadside structures, which greatly reduces possible road damage.

Points to Consider

Air-ride suspension has many great features but is not without some drawbacks. For one, it is more expensive to fit and it also requires a higher maintenance cost than other types of suspension. If you are in a hotshot business, it is worth the investment especially when it helps keep your load safer and reduce the wear and tear of the trailer.

Additionally, you can only optimize the benefits of the air-ride suspension if you use the correct settings. This means that the driver must have a good understanding of how air-suspension works; otherwise, you won’t be enjoying its benefits.

Air-Ride Suspension Trailers

1. Gatormade Air Ride Gooseneck Trailer

This trailer allows you to serve a broader customer base as well as give you an extremely smooth-pulling gooseneck trailer. It is a perfect addition to your hotshot trucking fleet as it is versatile, well-crafted and built to last.

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2.  Load Trail 40′ Air Ride Hotshot Flatbed

This trailer measures 102″ x 40′ and it comes with under frame bridges and pipe bridge which minimize frame sagging especially if under heavy loads. For easy loading and unloading, you can use its 8′ slide-in-ramps. The floor is made of treated wood which is quite durable, lightweight and with superior moisture protection. This gooseneck flatbed also has a front tool box for added storage space as well as LED lighting for maximum visibility.

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3.   PJ Trailers 14″ I-Beam Low-Pro with Duals (L3)

This versatile air-ride trailer has a GVWR of 30,000 lbs. which allows for high load capacity. Some of its important features include 8’ ramps with holders which are very handy during loading and unloading. It is also fitted with several safety features such as safety chains to keep your load in place and DOT reflective tape and LED lights for maximum visibility. Moreover, it has a powder coating finish which lasts longer than regular paint. On top of these features, you have the option to fit it with a self-contained air-ride suspension to improve the quality of your loading experience.

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4.  Big Tex 22GN-HDTS 

The Big Tex 22GN-HDTS is one of the best-value dual axle gooseneck trailers in the market because of its many excellent features including an adjustable air-ride suspension system. Not only that, you’d find that this trailer is versatile as you can use it to haul dozers, tractors and other types of loads. Its versatility can be attributed to its ergonomic design and high GVWR of 23,900 lbs. It has a treated pine floor which is known for durability and DOT lighting for excellent visibility.

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