For hotshot truckers to make the most money and haul the most loads, they need to be using load boards. Load boards are online bidding sites where shippers post a load, and then truckers can bid against one another for the job. A popular load board among trucker is TruckStop. 

What is was founded in 1995 by Scott Moscrip. Moscrip started offering a better way for truck drivers to find loads than by posting signs on the side of their trucks or gathering around a bulletin board. 

Nearly two decades later, Moscrip’s vision has grown and’s dedicated partners work to help truck drivers and their trusted freight partners grow their businesses. does have over 400 partners, over 20 years in the commercial truck industry, and 5 locations. also is the proud sponsor in of The Ronald McDonald House, Broadway in Boise, The Idaho Shakespeare Festival, and Women in Trucking. 

How Does it Work? works as an online marketplace where truckers can have access to over 600,000 loads. Truckers can find reliable brokers and the best-paying loads with Once they find the right load, they can bid on it, and then if they win, they can haul the freight.’s goal is to get better-paying freight, eliminate deadhead miles, and work with vetted brokers. 



While it is so tempting to just start up an account and start bidding on loads, it is recommended you have prepped beforehand. Make sure you have obtained all proper licenses and permits for your vehicle and shipments. This way you are hauling each load and participating in the community legally. 

What is the Cost? 

Basic Plan
$35 (per user) per month
Includes basic searching and posting on 

Advanced Plan
$125 (per user) per month 
Includes basic load board with access to broker credit and days to pay information. 

Pro Plan
$149 (per user) per month 
Includes access to real time load board plus Rate Mate, best paying loads, route planning, broker credit, and days-to-pay information. 


The carrier package with additional tools has proven to help grow and organize your business. The tools include: 

TMS allows truckers to communicate with dispatch. 

RateMate allows you to amp up your negotiation skills and compare rates. 

LoadPay allows you to get paid in four easy steps. 

Mobile App 
The app allows you to be in constant communication with the app. You can access loads, receive payment, and make handsfree calls to the shipper from the app. 

 Load Tracking 
Load Tracking allows you to accept load tracking, upload documents, drive your route, and get paid easier. 

To learn more about, visit their website. Have you ever used If so, let us know about your experience in the comments below.