Due to the increasing demand for truckers of all kinds, there are new drivers are being trained every day. They review the basics and are instructed in safe driving, but in the rush to send them out on shifts, new truckers often miss out on learning the common courtesies of the commercial trucking industry. 

Here is a helpful guide to trucking etiquette while on the road. 

1.) Say Thanks

If another vehicle lets you merge into traffic, it is polite to thank the driver. You can do this by turning on your opposite turn signal, quickly alternating the left and right turn signals, flash your four ways, or use the marker interrupt switch.

Different states have different laws about these measures, but the odds of getting a ticket are low. You should also show thanks whenever a driver is courteous.

2.) Flash to Pass 

It is often difficult for drivers to know if they have passed you by looking in their rearview mirror, so you can quickly flash your lights to signal that the driver is clear. 

Do not flash your bright lights at night because that can impair the driver’s vision and temporarily blind them. 

3.) Help Other Truckers Merge

Drivers on the interstates have the right of way and vehicles coming up the ramp have to yield. Getting up to speed is more difficult for a large semi, so you should allow your fellow trucker to merge by moving over to a lane or slowing down. 

4.) Take Proper Steps While Reversing

Backing up can be a tricky job, even for experienced drivers. It is especially difficult for newbies. Follow the proper steps to make the experience safer and easier: 

 Look at the truck before getting in the cab. Check to see what is behind. 

Turn on your CB Radio just in case another trucker tries to warn you a potential obstacle. 

Allow other cars to pass unless you have already pulled too far backward to stop. 

Turn on your flashers to warn other vehicles that you are backing up. 

Some drivers honk their horn to alert others they are backing up, but this can be startling and annoying to others. 

5.) Double-Turn Protocol 

Truck drivers are required to turn from the furthest right lane in double, triple, or other multi-turn lanes. This applies to both right and left-hand turns. If you end up in the wrong lane, have no fear. Just allow for other vehicles to pass to avoid a collision. 

Trucker etiquette can help keep you safe and courteous. Do you have any trucker etiquette tips that we did not mention above? Let us know what they are in the comments below. 

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