What is a Load Board?

It goes without saying that that hotshot truckers depend on loads for their success. Load boards are online bidding sites for truckers. The site provides a place for companies to post a listing of the freight they need to be shipped, and truckers looking for loads can bid to carry them. Since a customer base is vital in the hotshot industry, load boards are a great way for hotshot truckers or any small trucking company to maintain or grow their business. Load boards are especially helpful if you are just starting out as a hotshot trucker.

Free Load Board versus Paid Load Board

There are free load boards, and there are also paid load boards. Free load boards are perfect when you need a quick return load, and they are great for starting out. You can test it out, and get your feet wet. Paid load boards usually require a monthly fee, and fees usually cost $30-$100. Paid load boards do have more options.

Free Load Boards

Each free load board is unique. Some come with videos to troubleshoot any problems hotshot truckers might have. Some are very basic. All you have to do is register. Here are some free load board sites:

Paid Load Boards

Paid load boards are popular among hotshot truckers and owner-operators. Some of them do have free trials, and this is great if you want to try a particular load board. Sign up for free trials, and if you do not like that particular load board, it is no big deal. Here are some paid load boards:

Are Load Boards Worth It?

One thing you do not want as a truck driver is deadheading. Deadheading is when a trucker is operating without actually carrying any hauls. If a trucker is deadheading, they are not making any money. The purpose of load boards is to eliminate deadheading. They probably should not be your only method of finding loads. The best way to grow your hotshot business is to find clients, and then work with them on a regular basis. It is important to put yourself out there and promote your business. This is the best way to get potential clients and build a customer base.

Load Board Tips

  • Be Money Conscious. There are free load boards, but if you are using a paid load board, be looking at how much you are spending for the service. If you are not getting lots of loads, you might want to switch sites.
  • Avoid Over Booking. It is important to pay attention to the size of the load and the distance of the haul. Be sure to not take on more than you can handle.
  • Be Patient. Sometimes finding the right load might take you hours. Do not get frustrated.
  • Use Multiple Load Boards. If you sign up for more than one load board, it can help you get the best load. One load board does not have all the information you need.
  • Create a Company Profile. By creating a company profile, you can provide any potential customers more information about you. Share your fleet size, location, types of freight you haul, and how far you would drive.  This is a great way to promote your hotshot business.
  • Protect Your Privacy. While you do want your profile to be detailed to draw in customers. Be aware of the amount of information you put online. Whatever you put on a load board, be sure you are comfortable sharing publicly.

Using load boards is a great way to get loads to haul. With a number of load boards to choose from, our favorite is the TruckersEdge. This load board gives you access to over 600,000 loads daily. It also has an easy user interface where you can do unlimited searching and posting and alarm matching. You can also check broker’s credit scores, days to pay, market rates, mileage routing and more.

Sign up for your 30-day free trial with TruckersEdge and find your next high paying load today.

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