Load boards are necessary for any hotshot trucker. Load boards allow for different companies to post a list of hauls, and hotshot truckers can bid on them for work. For truck drivers to conduct a successful load search that delivers the best results, they should work with a robust load board database. One popular load board with a variety is 123Loadboard.

What is 123Loadboard?

123Loadboard was established in 2004 to fill a niche for a freight matching marketplace where carriers, brokers, and shippers can move freight all across North America. 

Since its inception, 123Loadboard has enabled owner-operator and broker organizations to affordably find loads and equipment types and create load hauling contracts to grow businesses and improve revenues. 123Loadboard wants to provide innovative and affordable solutions with support to meet their customer’s needs.

How Does123Loadboard Work?

It all starts with you searching for loads by typing in your route’s starting point, final destination, and your equipment type. Then the 123Loadboard database will search and display truckloads that match your request.

What is the Cost? 

There are three different plans for 123Loadboard users:

The Standard Plan is $35 per month, but it does include a 10 day free trial. The standard plan allows you to find loads, get real-time load alerts, and have the website and mobile app access. This plan is only for one user. 

The Premium Plan is $45 per month, but it does include a 10 day free trial. The premium plan allows you to find loads, get real-time load alerts, have the website and mobile app access, document management, have a load planner, shows a basic mileage map, and allows for credit scores and days-to-pay. This plan is only for two users. 

The Premium Plus Plan is $55 per month, but it does include a 10 day free trial. The premium plus plan allows you to find loads, get real-time load alerts, have the website and mobile app access, document management, have a load planner, shows an enhanced mileage map with tolls, and industry freight rates. This plan is only for three users. 

The Prep Work 

While some might find it tempting to just start up an account and start bidding, but it is recommended you have prepped beforehand. Make sure you have obtained all the proper licenses and permits for your vehicle and shipments.

This way you are hauling each load legally, and it takes the stress and confusion away. Once you have your correct paperwork and permits, you can create a 123Loadboard account, and start finding loads to haul.

How Payment Works 

All fees, rates, schedules, routes are issues between the shipper and the carrier. Some postings already have rate details. 123Loadboard does not provide quotes or rates per mile. 

You can expect payments to be put into your bank account in 7 days. With QuickPay, you will see payments the same day as you deliver a haul. 

Rules & Regulations 

123Loadboard wants to create a positive community. They have enacted these terms of service for their subscribers: 

Subscribers need to be at least 18 years old. 
Subscribers is or represents a bonafide owner-operator, carrier, shipper, freight broker, 3PL, freight forwarder, or trucking industry consultant. 
Subscriber’s access to 123Loadboard is for commercial purposes only and is limited to finding loads and/or trucks through the use of our freight matching service and/or taking advantage of the other services offered on 123Loadboard. 
Subscriber’s commercial purpose in accessing and using 123Loadboard is not to directly or indirectly compete with or gain competitive advantage in relation to 123Loadboard. 
Subscribers will not allow non-registered users to use subscriber’s password and/or username to access subscriber’s account without the express written consent of 123Loadboard. 
When submitting content to the 123Loadboard’s Website, subscriber warrants and represents that the information is accurate, that subscriber is authorized to submit the information and that the information content, format, and delivery method are appropriate.

Should a subscriber violate any provisions for subscriber qualifications, 123Loadboard may terminate the subscriber’s account without notice or warning, in addition to being subjected to any and all other legal remedies that may be available under these Terms of Service (TOS), including but not limited to civil and/or criminal actions under state/provincial and/or federal law. Should 123Loadboard be forced to institute legal action against subscriber to enforce these TOS or for any other violations of state and/or federal law not specifically enunciated herein, subscriber expressly agrees to bear any and all costs associated with such action, including but not limited to actual attorney fees incurred by 123Loadboard.

Loadboard Tools

123Loadboard provides tracking tools to help professional truckers find loads and increase profit. You can use 123Loadboard’s rules to find loads, compare and negotiate rates, and plan the best truck route for your haul.

Website & Mobile App 
There is a free mobile app and load board to help truck drivers find loads. With the app, you can find loads by GPS, city, state, or zip code. You can also make calls from the app, find backhauls from anywhere, and get mileage and maps.

Load Planner
The purpose of the Load Planner is to search and plan your trip. You can easily book multiple truckloads, find the highest paying loads, automatically calculate revenues and fuel costs, and view deadhead miles.

Mileage & Routing 
This allows you can get accurate truck mileage, turn-by-turn trucking directions, drive tile, and toll costs. You can also get an IFTA Fuel Tax. 

Rate Check Calculator 
This allows you to view industry rates to calculate revenues, negotiate better rates, and better estimate your load revenues. 

Credit Scores/Reports 
You can review your company payment trends before you book and haul a load. This also lets you confirm days-to-pay, review trade experiences, view last payment date, and download credit reports. 

 Alert Notifications
This allows you to be immediately notified of any new load matching your truck. You can book better loads before others and get alerts tailored to your truck and equipment. 

Quick Pay
You can get paid with for your load instantly through 123Loadboard’s factoring partner, Thundering Funding. Quick Pay allows for free fuel cards, fuel lives of credit, working capital loans, and fuel advances seven days a week. There are additional costs associated with this. 

Fuel Cards 
It is free to enroll, and there are no set-up or monthly fees. You are able to get discounts of 10-25 cents per gallon, and it is accepted at 14,000 locations. You can also get fuel lines of credit available. 

To learn more about 123Loadboard, visit their website. Let us know what you think about 123Loadboard in the comments below. 

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