In the hotshot trucking business, you know you need to find loads to haul. Hotshot businesses are based on running as many loaded miles as you can in order to maximize your profits and mileage. One great way to find is through load boards.

Load boards are online freight matching services. These online marketplaces can save you a lot of time scheduling loads, so you have more time for delivering loads and making money. 

1. Choose a Load Board with a Low Cost

There are a variety of load boards out there, and it is important to make sure you find one that fits within your budget. Each load board has sections of payment plans and each payment plan is different. Do your research and calculate how much you are willing to spend. The right load board will pay for itself after a few loads. 

2.) Search ANY Type of Trailer 

When you are searching for a load, be aware if you select ONLY one trailer type, you will be eliminating trailer loads that have been posted that can go on several different kinds of trailers. For example, if you search ONLY UTILITY trailer, you will not see loads that can be hauled on a utility trailer or a gooseneck trailer. 

3.) Reverse Search

It is always better to be in a market that has more loads leaving than coming in. Leave the origin blank and include the city names that you are searching for in the destination. Then run the search and compare the inbound loads versus outbound loads. This is an easy way to see what the market looks like where you are or where you are headed so you can avoid deadheading. 

4.) Do Not Overbook 

Pay attention to the size of the load and the distance of the haul. You don’t want to take on more than you can handle, and then you have limited space on your trailer for loads you can already committed to hauling. 

5.) Use Multiple Load Boards

You do not want to put all your eggs in one basket. If you sign up for more than one load board, it can help you get the best load. One load board does not have all the information you need. Consider using a variety of load boards so you can keep delivering loads and making money. 

6.) Be Patient 

You are not going to stumble upon the right load immediately. Sometimes it might take you an hour before you find the right one. That is just the way it works, but it is important to not get frustrated. The right load will come about eventually. 

7.) Take Advantage of the Load Board’s App 

Most load boards have apps. Some are included when you sign up, but sometimes you have to pay for them. Research that when you sign up for a load board.

Apps are very convenient for when you are on the road, and you need a load on the spot. While it may be hectic, using the app will help prevent deadheading, and that can mean more money in your pocket. 

8.) Create Profiles 

By creating a company profile, you can provide any potential customers and brokers more information about you. It also allows them to put a face with the company. You are able to share your fleet size, location, types of loads you haul, and how far you are willing to drive. This is a great and easy way to market and promote your trucking business.  

Have you had any success with load boards? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments below.