As a hotshotter, it is important to stay up to date on what’s going on in the trucking industry by checking the latest news and trends. Staying up to date can help you make better decisions for your current and future operations. And when it comes to getting the needed information, it’s also important that you get it from a reliable source.

If you are still looking for a good source of hotshot news and trends, here are some of the best places to check:

1. Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ)

The Commercial Carrier Journal is a business publication for fleet professionals and the trucking industry as a whole. It focuses on providing business solutions and up-to-date information that can aid you in running your trucking business. Their website has different categories that include News, Equipment, Business, Tech, Products, Blogs, Top250 (info about the top 250 trucking companies in America), Reviews and Tech Toolbox. 

Like many other business publications, CCJ also offers a free online newsletters and subscription to the CCJ’s magazine. 

2. Land Line Magazine

Land Line Magazine is the official publication of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association. Its resources are written to provide up-to-date news and updates for truckers and various groups and agencies that are related to the trucking industry. They regularly feature articles on industry legislation, important activities and trends. This magazine is a member of the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM).

Land Line Magazine was first launched in 1975. Today, it has a direct mail circulation of over 214,000 which include small fleet owners, owner-operators and truck drivers.

3. Transport Topics

When it comes to giving you a scoop of the latest major issues, new developments and industry events, you can rely on Transport Topics. This publication is designed so that its readers will be aware of all aspects of the trucking business to make better decisions. Their website has different topic categories such as Government, Business, Technology, Equipment, Safety, Fuel and Logistics, among others.

A one-year all-access subscription to the Transport Topics costs $139 as of this writing. It comes with 52 digital and print issues, as well as website and mobile-friendly newsletters.

4. Overdrive 

Overdrive Magazine started back in 1961 and is devoted to supporting owner-operator truck drivers. They have also numerous helpful resources for hotshotters. What’s best about this magazine is that you can subscribe to it (hardcopy and digital) and access their website, newsletter and other social media resources for free.

There are tons of articles, guides and tips on the website that are helpful to the trucking industry in general. Their topics are sorted into different categories including News, Blogs, Life, Custom Rigs, Equipment, Business, Regulations and Gear.

5. 10-4 Magazine

This magazine has been around since 1993 and it is available in both hardcopy and digital format. Their resources are informative, entertaining and useful to owner-operators, drivers and small fleet owners. You can also check their 10-4 website for any news related to truck shows and events. 

What’s great about the 10-4 Magazine is that it is a free publication, although you have to pay an annual postage if you want it delivered to your address. They also keep their issues as entertaining as possible by including fun games and articles. Each issue also comes with a word search, crossword puzzle, number search and a trucking-related cartoon.

6. RoadKing Magazine

RoadKing Magazine has been around for over 50 years, offering the latest information and entertainment for truckers. Each issue of this magazine features tips, entertainment, driver profiles and truck parts, among others. 

RoadKing Magazine is published every two months. You can subscribe for the hardcopy of the magazine or access it digitally through their website for free.

7. Truckers News

Truckers News is one of the leading lifestyle magazines for truckers. They don’t publish a magazine but you can browse their website for many useful contents which are organized based on different categories. Their categories include Trucks, News, Features, Fun, Health, What’s Hot, Videos, Jobs, She Drives and Gear. Some of their contents are also in videos.

Aside from visiting the Truckers News website, you could also subscribe to their newsletter to get regular updates.

8. Heavy Duty Trucking

Heavy Duty Trucking magazine is one of the oldest publications for truckers, with an early start around the 1900s, documenting the rapid changes in the moving business. Today, their circulation reaches over 115,000.

You may also want to visit their website as it contains articles, videos and blogs about the trucking industry. They also have resources on fleet management, ELD and safety, among others. It is also the best place to check if you want some updates on the latest trucking events, webinars and whitepapers.

Many of the resources we listed above are for the trucking industry in general. It’s never a bad idea to get your information from a combination of these resources. And if you would like to read topics that are more relevant for hotshot truckers, you could visit the Hotshot Warriors website and subscribe to our newsletter. We also offer Free Hotshotting Course ($297 Value).