Maintaining healthy eating habits and fitness is hard enough for anyone, but it is especially hard to maintain them while being on the road. As one can imagine, a commercial truck driver’s health often suffers. Making good diet choices is next to impossible, but there are different choices that hotshot truckers can make. Here healthy eating tips any trucker can follow. 

1.) Eat More Meals with Smaller Portions 

Eating smaller meals more often not only keeps drivers awake and alert, but it also keeps their metabolism going to the maximum throughout the day. Eating fewer, larger meals slows metabolism down and send signals to the body to store calories rather than burn them, which leads to weight gain. Nutrition is important when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and steady energy level. 

2.) Be Careful About Beverage Choices

Some people gain weight because of what they eat, but much more gain weight because of what they drink. When trying to maintain a healthy weight, avoid sugary drinks. You should also watch out for diet drinks. While they are mixed reviews on whether or not artificial sweeteners are healthy, artificial sweeteners do not send the same signals of fullness to the brain. This causes you to continue to feel hungry and overeat. 

3.) Pack in Advance 

Nuts, trail mix, fruit, vegetables, peanut butter, hummus, and similar healthy choices can be packed in advance as snacks or a light meal on the road. Planning ahead with healthy foods are great for driver health and saving money. Truck drivers will not have to worry about stopping to get something along the way. 

4.) Avoid Processed Foods 

Driver health and fitness levels benefit most from fresh, unprocessed foods and proteins. Protein and carbs provide fuel to the body, but only protein helps maintain muscle mass, while the other – carbs – can quickly lead to weight gain. Protein and fresh, unprocessed foods can also help keep drivers more alert. Highly processed carbs and sugars, which may provide a short boost of energy followed by a crash-like feeling. 

5.) Plan Stops Ahead 

If a driver has been on the road for six hours without eating, chances are he or she is ready to stop at the first available fast food restaurant and chow down. When on the road, it helps to plan in advance. Rather than being stuck without options on a deserted interstate, drivers can plan ahead for a healthy meal, such as a stop at a grocery store or deli. While there, pick up the next small meal which might include fresh deli meat, baby carrots, and hummus, for the road.

6.) Stock Up

It is a great idea to stock up snacks like nuts, granola bars, trail mix, and other healthy snacks that do not perish as quickly. A trucker can easily pack the snacks with them, and eat them whenever on the road. By buying bulk, the trucker will not run out. This eliminates the temptation of eating fast food. 

Maintaining your health while on the road is not easy. It is sort of like trial and error, and it is all about what works for that individual. Health and fitness is a lifestyle, and it involves making healthy decisions when possible. 

What are your tips for eating well on the road? Let us know in the comments below! 

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