Fuel accounts for approximately 30% of a hotshot trucking company’s expenses. You obviously cannot operate without it. There are various options when it comes to conserving fuel use. Here are five ways to save fuel. 

1.) Look For a New Truck

Buying a new truck is obviously the most expensive option, but one of the most effective ways to save on fuel is to use the latest technology. For people and hotshot companies that are in the market for a new truck, finding a super-duty pick-up with a greater fuel economy is a fast way to achieving better savings. 

It is important to do your research to see what truck is the best for you and your business. Click here to see a list of super-duty pick-ups

2.) Be Mindful of Your Driving 

Being mindful of your driving is a little different since it does require mindfulness of your driving at a given moment. Be aware of the road conditions, your speed, and traffic lights. Things like how often you are braking will take a toll on your fuel consumption, and there is not much you can do about it as you approach a destination and traffic lights appear. 

Keeping these things in mind can help you know where and when you are wasting fuel. 

3.) Check Your Tires 

Proper tire pressure can actually save you fuel. Research has shown that tires that have deflated by 25% or more will cause a truck to use up to 2% more diesel. 

The use of radial tires can also help save fuel. Radial tires also reduce rolling resistance. This will help improve fuel economy and it reduces the wearing on the tires. Radial tires also improve control and it helps with traction in inclement weather. 

4.) Avoid Deadheading

Deadheading is when you are operating, but you are not hauling anything. Since you are not hauling anything, you are not making any money.

Deadheading results in using unnecessary miles and wasting fuel. Usually, you might have to deadhead to go get another load, but it is important to keep it to a minimum. Try to use a load board, so you can pick up loads in close proximity to one another. This will help avoid unnecessary mileage. 

5.) Obey the Speed Limits 

You are going 20 miles over on I-75. Not only are you getting the dreaded speeding ticket, you are causing additional stress on your engine, an increased risk of an accident, and low fuel economy. 

Speeding decreases the fuel economy of a vehicle. When you are constantly speeding up and slowing down, you are wasting your vehicle’s fuel. Cruise control can be useful on long journeys, particularly on the interstate, to maintain a steady speed. 

By just following a few simple steps and being more conscious about how you are expending your fuel, you can save diesel and make up the difference in profit!

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