Long hours of driving, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits… These are just some of the reasons why many hotshot drivers are obese. In fact, the number of obese long-haul drivers is twice as high as the national working population according to a survey conducted in 2014 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with 1,670 drivers interviewed. It is important to note that obesity increases your risk of serious health problems including fatty liver disease, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes among others.

Looking at the prevalence of obesity among hotshot drivers, you can make a big difference now. Here are top 5 tips to lose weight while on the road:

  1. Exercise at least 15 minutes daily.

Make no excuse to make exercise a daily habit. Workout doesn’t have to be in a gym. You can do it anywhere and anytime of the day. A vigorous workout involving multiple muscle groups of at least 15 minutes daily will maximize fat burning.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast.

Some drivers try to save time by skipping breakfast and instead just munch on doughnuts or whatever they can grab along the way. This is not a good idea as breakfast is a good way to kickstart your metabolism, helping you burn more calories during the day. It will also give you the extra energy you need for your long trip.

When you skip breakfast, your energy level will be low and before you know it, your body will need a pick-me up. This means unnecessary truck stops for snacks to keep your body going. A 10-minute healthy breakfast of whole grain, boiled egg and other healthy foods will save you time down the road.

  1. Pack healthy snacks.

At truck stops, there are very limited options for healthy snacks so the best thing that you can do is to pack yours. Nuts, raisins, fruits, and protein bars are great substitutes for high-calorie snacks that dominate many truck stops.

  1. Choose water over high-sugar drinks.

We know that high-sugar drinks increase your risk of obesity, but still many drivers rely on energy drinks and sodas to stay awake. High-sugar drinks can only provide temporary energy spikes. If you want a healthier way to feel energized and avoid sleepiness on the road, drink more water. According to studies, dehydration causes a person to feel drained and fatigued. Additionally, it will also help if you eat a handful of nuts every time you feel weary. Nuts are rich in folate and magnesium which are essential for cell and energy production.

  1. Log your nutrition and fitness.

In this advanced age, monitoring your nutrition and fitness is much easier with smart apps. Download one that allows you to log your daily food and exercise routine. This will let you to easily spot your weaknesses and correct them.

Losing weight when you spend most of your time on the road can be a challenge, but nothing is impossible for those who are determined to maintain a healthy weight. Achieving your ideal weight is not just about what not to eat but is a combination of simple healthy daily routines. Try the tips we listed above and let us know if they work for you.