Whether you like it or not, if you are into hotshot trucking, accounting will be a part of your day-to-day operations. Thankfully, there are software products that can make accounting a lot simpler and easier and without all the paperwork.

Advantages of Accounting Software for Hotshot Trucking

1. Easy to use

The hotshot trucking software in our list are easy to set up and use: you don’t need to have a bookkeeping or accounting background to use them. Also, their interface is user-friendly.

2. Online access

Some hotshot software products come with mobile apps, allowing you to access your files, anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet.

3. Ability to do trucking-specific functions

Hotshot software products are also able to do trucking-specific functions including load tracking, vehicle maintenance tracking, trip planning and tax computations.

4. Less paperwork

The trucking software handles all your bookkeeping and accounting needs so you don’t have to manually prepare ledgers, spreadsheet and financial statements manually.

5. Saves you time and money

If you are paying someone to do your bookkeeping or you are currently doing it on your own, trucking accounting software can save you time and money. If you have a small business operation or you operate as owner-operator, you can easily handle the daily bookkeeping tasks and at the end of the reporting period, the software will prepare your necessary financial reports. 

5 Best Accounting Software for Hotshot Trucking

1. Truckn Pro

This accounting software is ideal for owner-operators or small fleet trucking businesses. It comes with payroll which is not available in other accounting software products. It also includes features for managing vehicle maintenance and trips.

Pricing and Features

Truckn Pro is available in three editions: 

  • Basic Edition – This plan costs a one-time fee of $79 per user and it comes with features for tracking trips, expenses, revenue, monthly per diems, IFTA logs and vehicle maintenance. It also has functionality for planning trips. The Basic Edition is ideal for company drivers.
  • Owner Operator – If you own and operate your truck, this plan is more suitable for you. It costs a one-time fee of $149 per user and it has all the features that are available in the Basic Edition plus functionalities for tracking accounts payable and accounts receivable. You also get a digital cabinet where you can scan and store all your receipts, invoices, and other documents, electronically.
  • Small Fleet – This plan comes with all the owner-operator features plus drivers database where you can keep your drivers’ documents including their contact details and trucking insurance. It also allows you to manage payroll for drivers and other employees. Small Fleet costs a one-time fee of $219 per user.

Good to Have Features

Truckn Pro is only accessible in the computer where it is installed. This means that you cannot access it online.


2. TruckBytes

TruckBytes can meet your accounting needs if you are an owner-operator or small fleet business owner with no employees. It is the only software on this list that offers a free plan. And unlike Truckn Pro, it allows you to access your data online and on your mobile devices. 

Pricing and Features

  • Free – The Free plan includes that ability to manage customers and vendors, track loads and expenses, prepare invoices as well as expense and income reports, track receivables, and handle trip reports. Not only that, you also get unlimited free email tech support with this plan. 
  • Standard Edition – For a monthly cost of $15 per month per truck, you get all the free features plus more such as the capability to manage the quarterly Int’l Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reports. It also has functionalities for automatic trip report verification, truck performance analysis, loads completed verification, and profit and loss statement preparation. With the paid plan, you also get unlimited and free phone and email support. 

Good-to-Have Features

One important feature that this software is missing is payroll. If you have employees working for you, you’ll have to get a separate solution to handle payroll which could mean additional expense.


3. ProTransport

This software is more cost-effective if you operate a small-to-large fleet of trailers. It has an impressive list of features that can help with your business operations and decisions. ProTransport also integrates with QuickBooks.

Pricing and Features

ProTransport does not publish their pricing as they customize their software to meet your needs. If you are interested to use this software, you’ll have to visit their website and complete an online form with your contact details and a representative will get in touch with you to discuss your business needs. 

As for the general features, this software has a comprehensive list of features for your accounting needs from invoice preparation, bills management, and expense tracking for each driver among others. Moreover, with this software, you can easily manage your accounts receivable and accounts payable.  

  • QuickBooks and fuel card integrations

One of the stand-out features of ProTransport is that aside from its QuickBooks integration, you can also integrate it with the major fuel card providers, making it easy to automatically import fuel expenses for all drivers. This data allows you to easily monitor fuel costs even without having to wait for your credit card statements. 

  • Generate accounting and management reports

ProTransport also allows you to generate various reports for accounting and management purposes which include balance sheet, profit and loss statements, and bank reconciliation. For the management side, you can generate truck economy and MPG reports as well as fleet productivity reports by driver and by truck. 

  • Allows for easy document management

Just like Truckn Pro, ProTransport lets you scan all paperwork including invoices, bills and receipts directly into the software for easy organization. 

Good to Have Features

While it seems that this software has many good features, it does not include other necessary trucking management functionalities such as trip planners and maintenance logs for your fleet. 


4. RigBooks

RigBooks is ideal for hotshot businesses with a small fleet of five or less trucks or trailers. It is an online software which means that you can use it on your computer and mobile devices as long as they are connected to the Internet. This software has one of the most expensive pricing plans in this list but it has features worth checking. 

Pricing and Features

  • Leased – This plan costs $129 per month and it’s only good for 1 truck. It has features for tracking trips, revenue, expenses, vehicle maintenance and monthly per diems. Moreover, it also keeps IFTA logs and generates various financial reports.
  • Independent – More expensive than the Leased plan and costing $149 per month, you can use this plan for up to five trucks. It comes with all the features of the first plan but with additional capabilities including an electronic Rolodex that allows you to access contact information anytime. It also lets you do 1099 payroll.

Apart from the two pricing plans, Rigbooks also offers a 30-day free trial.

Good to Have Features

RigBooks seems to have a number of good features and seems not to be missing any key features. However, their pricing plan is really expensive when you compare it with the rest of the software products in this list. 


5. TruckingOffice

TruckingOffice is a cloud-based technology that can help you coordinate your business and operating side. It has a wide range of features that can make your everyday operations more manageable.

Pricing and Features

  • Basic – The Basic plan handles FTL (Full Truckload) hauling and comes with four pricing schemes: $20/month for owner operation with up to 2 trucks, $45/month for mid-size businesses with 3 to 7 trucks, $75/month for a larger fleet of 8 or more trucks, and should you need unlimited broker dispatches, it costs $45/month. This plan allows for IFTA reporting and it also tracks dispatches, invoices, vehicle maintenance, expenses and truck records.
  • Pro – The Pro plan has a more flexible workflow and it can handle LTL (Less than Truck Load) and FTL (Full Truck Load). You’ll have to add the loads individually into the Load Planner and from there, create a dispatch by assigning loads into your trucks to make a trip. The Pro plan starts at $30/month for owner-operator, $65/month for mid size and $110/month for a large fleet.

Aside from having all the features of a Basic plan, it also comes with FileSafe which lets yo keep digital copies of your paper documents. It also allows for easy load planning and handling of billing details. Moreover, Pro lets you track fees related to factoring and handle driver settlement records.

Good to Have Features

TruckingOffice has a long list of great features but it does not come with payroll.

Trucking accounting software can greatly help with your operations. While getting one may mean extra cost, if you have chosen the right software for your needs, in the long run, it could mean additional savings in terms of time and money.