Starting a new career of any kind can be stressful – especially one in the hotshot industry. Here are four tips to make your transition as easy as possible. 

1.) Familiarize Yourself With the Trucker Lingo

If you choose to participate in a conversation on a CB radio or with other truckers, you will (more than likely) hear some unfamiliar terms being thrown around. Truck drivers have developed their own unique trucking language, which allows for covert discussions. 

Becoming fluent in the language of truckers can be difficult because many terms are specific to certain types of drivers or situations. For instance, a trucker may say “10-6” to indicate that they are busy. Learning commonly used terms is helpful for new hotshot truckers as they start their trucking career. 

2.) Beware of Industry Trends & Stereotypes

It is no secret that the trucking industry is predominantly male. However, more and more women are becoming drivers for the benefits hotshot trucking has to offer. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for women to have sexist encounters, whether it be from fellow drivers or from the public. 

If you are a woman looking to make your way into the hotshot industry, do not let this scare you off. Fight the stereotypes and enjoy the career! 

3.) Seek Help When Needed

Adjusting to the hotshot lifestyle can be overwhelming at first. If you are struggling with aspects of the trucker lifestyle, seek guidance from more experienced truckers. Some companies have mentoring programs for new drivers. 

Ask around, do research, and take advantage of these opportunities. 

4.) Have a Positive Attitude 

Hotshot trucking can be frustrating at times, but it is important to maintain a positive attitude when you are with customers and other truckers. Do not get discouraged because the trucking industry is full of growth. 

Learning how to adjust to the trucker lifestyle can be a fun and humbling experience. What tips do you have for fellow truck drivers looking to adjust to their new career? Let us know in the comments below. 

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