Truck drivers spend the majority of their time on the road. Truckers are all about efficiency and want to make the most of their time. Since they cannot always have company with them and they need to focus on the road, it is important for them to find some quality listening material. That poses the question: What do truckers listen to on the road? 

The Radio

The radio is still the pinch-hitter when it comes to truckers, even in the twenty-first century. There are a lot of radio programs that are tailored to drivers like Red Eye Radio. 

There are many programs that are syndicated across the entire United States. Terrestrial and satellite radio are perfect for drivers because they are on-demand, and they will not cost you anything. 

A lot of drivers are getting access to the radio through apps like iHeart Radio. The app allows you to subscribe to your favorite local station and hear their programming anywhere you have phone service or wifi. The app is free and it is easy to get started. 


A podcast is a downloadable audio format that allows for uninterrupted, informative listening from a mobile device. Drivers can download hundreds of hours of their favorite programs and listen to them wherever they want. There are also many radio shows that have their episodes in podcast format. 

Trucking Podcasts: 
Red Eye Radio: It shares news, opinions, and politics in the trucking industry hosted by Gary McNamara and Eric Harley. 
Trucker Dump: It offers humor and insights on various topics in the trucking industry. On the podcast’s homepage, there are also accompanying blogs of varying topics that truckers might want to read on driving breaks. 
Truck Driver Host Big Ken shares his experience on trucking driver, and he helps drivers who are new to trucking. 
Trucking Podcast: A podcast that talks about trucking and mechanics. It is hosted by a father-and-son team, Buck and Don Ballard. 

Music Streaming Apps 

As the Internet becomes more affordable and advanced, music streaming services will keep improving. Most apps are free from Apple, Android, and Google Play stores. The best part is you can tailor the app to your liking. You can listen to the music you like. 


What do you listen to on the road? Let us know in the comments below. 

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